Unnecessary Windows Apps You Should Uninstall

Don’t know which Windows programs to uninstall? In the following, we will introduce you to the programs and unnecessary items of Windows 10 and 11, which, if you do not use them, it is better to get rid of them.

Windows is the most popular and widely used operating system in the world, which its users never want to abandon for various reasons. From access to various parts of the system to the abundance of various programs in any field. Although in the last few years, the competition between macOS and Windows has become more intense than ever; Again, users who have been using Windows for a long time can hardly go to other systems.

Using Windows with all its advantages; still brings problems. Saving extra files, default non-utility programs, and the like are problems that make it difficult to work with Windows after a while. Because the device’s speed has been greatly reduced, it will no longer be as efficient as it was on the first day.

Of all the software on your system, how many do you use regularly? Most people install a significant amount of unnecessary software on their system that they may never use. While some of these programs are outdated, others are malicious programs that can harm your system! Therefore, getting started as soon as possible is better to remove this useless software from your system.

How to check installed programs in Windows 10 and 11?

Checking the programs installed on Windows 10 and 11 is not difficult, and the process is the same for both operating systems. Open the settings menu; Go to Apps and then Features. Here, you will see a list of everything installed on your system.

In Windows 11, click the three-dot button and select Uninstall to remove a program. In Windows 10, click on the entry to display the Uninstall option. Users using Windows 8.1 or 7 can see a similar list by searching for the Apps & Features option in the Start menu, where you can see all the programs installed on their system and, if needed, delete

Depending on the software you intend to remove, The Uninstall process may start immediately, or the system may ask you to proceed in other ways, such as using some dialog boxes. Of course, the final decision is yours, and users’ usage differs from each other. A program may be useless for one user and necessary for another. However, Microsoft’s programmers and engineers are not idle to spend their energy on useless goals.

Now we will introduce you to the programs you should delete from your system. Depending on the region in which you installed Windows and, of course, the type of Windows you have, You may have different plans. So don’t be surprised if some of these programs are missing from your system. This article is comprehensively prepared to cover all versions of Windows.


QuickTime is Apple’s video player. Although this program is still active on macOS systems, the company that produced this software stopped supporting Windows in 2016. Therefore, it has no logical justification to be on your system.

Shortly after Apple announced that QuickTime would no longer be supported on Windows, Trend Micro announced that this software is highly vulnerable and may cause problems to the user’s system. But since Apple doesn’t pay much attention to correcting these things, It is no longer safe on Windows-based systems.

Removing QuickTime in Windows is quite simple and will not cause any problems. In Apple products, removing this program should not cause disruption; Because iTunes doesn’t rely on it. If you are a macOS user and need an alternative to QuickTime, Use VLC software, which plays almost any format.


CCleaner was once a reliable program for cleaning junk and raw useless files in Windows. But its reputation and performance plummeted after Avast acquired it. Problems included forced updates without the desire and, of course, unauthorized users came to this program and caused the collection of data that was an additional burden on Windows. A program that was used to clean corrupted files; Because of the high volume of data he regularly received in the form of updates, he became a problem!

Although the performance of CCleaner in 2020 was much more optimized and better than before, it still cannot be as good as before. This software is still unnecessary, and having it will decrease the RAM space and thus decrease the speed of your system. You can also find suitable cleaning tools in other programs, among the tools built into Windows.

In addition to CCleaner, other programs installed for cleaning are also not very useful. Windows used not to have an option for cleaning by default. But Today, this option is embedded in Windows 10 and 11, which has an acceptable performance. To uninstall the programs, you have installed for cleaning. From MyCleanPC to PC Optimizer Pro, they are all extra burdens on your Windows that will mess up your system more. To clean your system as best as possible, follow the instructions.

We have compiled the Windows cleaning guide in a separate written format for you, which you can read here.


uTorrent was once considered the gold standard of torrent software. But Today and with the passing of years, many problems have arisen which are no longer reliable. In addition to advertising, uTorrent constantly shows the user; It also changes the performance of other apps, which is annoying. Its worst violation occurred in 2015. When reported, this program uses users’ information to mine digital currencies without their permission. This will waste your system resources in the background. A process that will be in your name and to the liking of that company. Of course, after these controversies, the company announced that it had given a part of this income to charity.

There is no reason to bother your Windows with uTorrent software on your system. Clear it without any fear. If you need an alternative program, qBittorrent is a better choice.

Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player

Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported as of January 2021. Although now all updated browsers block it, you still need to uninstall the versions of this program that are on your internal memory. Since the parent company (Adobe) no longer updates it and has completely stopped supporting this program, Its presence on your system may cause your Windows to have security problems in the future. It may become a malicious program that can access your device and damage it. Of course, the number of sites that need such a program is also small.


Java is another program that is not very practical to use Today. This program includes two parts; Java on the desktop and Java plugins in browsers (notorious for security issues). Although the Java plugin was once widespread, Today, few sites use such a plugin. A reliable source called W3Techs has stated that less than 0.02% of websites currently use Java.

If you are not an Android developer or do not work with specialized applications that rely on Java, Uninstall this app and all its plugins. New and updated versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox no longer support it. Even if Java has fewer security problems than in the past, it will have no place in your system.

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight, like Adobe Flash Player, is a web-based framework. Both sometimes display quality media content in your Windows browser. So many years ago, the presence of these plugins was necessary for many sites. But now, they are obsolete and useless. Looking again at W3Techs, we see that as of the beginning of 2022, less than 0.03% of sites are using Silverlight.

New browsers have not included this extension in any of their sections. Not only Chrome and Firefox, but even Edge is not compatible with it. The only browser that officially supports Silverlight, Internet Explorer, will likely be removed from Microsoft systems in mid-2022. So wherever you hear the name of this browser, Check first and then delete it completely.

All unwanted browser toolbars and extensions

When the question arises in the minds of users, what other things should be deleted in their Windows; Crash files are available in their system browser. Of course, fortunately, modern browsers, such as updated versions of Chrome, remove these files. But there are still many files that may not be recognized correctly.

Look at the list of your programs in the toolbar of browsers such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, Firefox, etc.! If you see a tool or tools with the Babylon name, Delete them. Then check other plugins installed in your browsers. Note that unauthorized plugins can also be a way to steal information.

Additional Windows files and programs

So far, programs have been mentioned that users installed and, for whatever reason, did not delete from their system. Some of these programs may have been on your system for years without you knowing about them. Therefore, it is better to do a house cleaning in your Windows at least every month and throw away the things you don’t want.

Other than the mentioned programs, there is another category that you should remove from your system. These programs are installed by default with your Windows. The only reason to keep such a program is to use Microsoft’s own professional devices, Or you have just installed Windows, and there are no problems with its performance. The devices you buy will most likely come with many useless files and programs, some of which you may never use! HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc., laptops are prone to this problem.

Some pre-installed programs with names like photo apps, game tools, or anything that interferes with Windows applications; are practically unnecessary and should be deleted. But there are other important programs or files (like drivers) that you need to keep. It was mentioned earlier that cleaning or keeping programs and files is entirely up to you. You are the one who should decide which apps to keep and which ones to delete based on your performance.

Although some default apps like Xbox and Weather are useful for some people, many users do not need them! Or games like Candy Crush Saga are garbage that you should delete. To remove these unnecessary and annoying programs, go to the Storage section of the settings so that you can remove anything you like from that section.


The programs and files mentioned above; are unnecessary. So there is no reason to have it on your system and bother Windows. You can easily remove the mentioned items, and if you feel you need any of them, you can simply reinstall them, and it won’t be difficult. But when installing again, make sure you don’t install many other useless files and programs with that program!

It’s a good idea to regularly clean up your system to remove old or unwanted Windows programs. Some may be “malware” that poses a security risk.