Types Of French Press And Applications + Purchase And Use Guide

Types Of French Press And Applications + Purchase And Use Guide

French Press Is A Very Practical Device That Is Often Used To Brew Coffee Or Various Teas. This Device Has Other Interesting Uses That You Do Not Know.

Please get to know the French press and its uses.

Ninety percent of people misuse the French press. French press is one of the most popular ways to make coffee, and it is straightforward to do as long as you follow a few simple rules. In this part of the lifestyle and secrets of wet housekeeping, in addition to the complete introduction to the French press, we will teach you how to use the French press.

What is the French press?

The French press is a simple and efficient tool for brewing coffee. Brewing tea, green tea, and tea are other uses of the French press machine. The French press filters tea and tea dregs well and accurately, so it is a better product for brewing tea, green tea, and tea than tea glasses.

French Press

History and Inventor of the French Press

The inventor of the French press was an Italian named Attilio Callimati, who invented it in 1929. This tool spread after World War II, especially in France. During the World War, they mostly prepared coffee with this device, making coffee with it produced by this device known as French coffee.

French press components and types

This type of coffee maker consists of the following parts:

  • Device stand or base
  • The glass tank is where the coffee powder is placed, and the final coffee is formed.
  • French press door
  • The lever is used to separate the coffee powder from the drink.
  • A filter separates the coffee powder from the drink.

The parts of the French press are connected. This teapot does not need electricity and paper or fabric filters. Coffee tables have sizes for two and six people and more. The coffee prepared in the French press is thick and fragrant, with natural coffee oil, due to not using paper filters.

French press components

How to choose a good French press?

Remember, to use these glasses well, and you must first buy a suitable model. Usually, the standard size of the French press should be between 4 and 8 cups.

Pay attention. We mean a cup; you could not compare it to 8 mugs. Fortunately, you can use trim, large, metal, and electric types.

Metal french presses retain more heat than glass ones, so if you’re going to use these mugs somewhere that’s cold, it’s better to buy the metal ones.

All types of French electric presses are suitable for busy people because they heat water quickly, brew coffee and tea faster, and remain hot for a long time after preparation.

Large French presses usually deliver between 8 and 12 cups of coffee or tea. So, it is more suitable for those with high consumption, but French presses in small sizes usually provide you with between 3 and 4 cups of coffee.

Selection of the French press

How to use a French press

The French press has a tank and a lever. When you want to brew coffee or tea, you need to heat the French press a little first and pour some boiling water into it to heat it.

Pour the required materials into the tank. For example, you can prepare coffee or some of the plant’s leaves that you will brew and pour into the tank. If you use coffee, it is better to use coarse coffee because the refined grains are highly powdered and enter the coffee water and make it taste too bitter.

After you pour the desired ingredients into the tank, you pull it up and wait for your coffee or tea to brew. After brewing coffee or tea, you push the lever down so that the grounds, coffee beans, and plants go to the bottom of the glass, and you can enjoy your drink.

It is usually recommended not to empty the coffee beans or tea from the glass because the longer it remains in the mirror, the more flavor will enter your drink.

How to use the French press

Application and creative tricks for using the French press

Making thick cream

You all love heavy cream, especially when you want to make a dessert. You can’t ignore it. Fortunately, a French press can help make heavy cream. You only need to fill half of the French press with cream and then use the lever to push it up and down.

Do this quickly, and within 5 minutes, it will deliver a thick cream to you, and no dessert will be more delicious than this.

Foam or milk foam

it is enough to boil the milk. To create foam or milk foam, pour it into the French press and move the lever up and down several times until the milk foams. Milk foam is usually used on coffee and cappuccino.

milk foam

Taking the juice of all kinds of raspberries

If you need a quick and easy mix and want to juice small fruits like raspberries, just put some in the tank and pull down the lever to let the juice out and enjoy this drink.

Extracting oil or water from the material

If you love delicious olive oil, you can use a French press. It is enough to put the vegetable matter you want inside and press using the levers until the oil comes out.

Moisturize dried food

If you love dried vegetables or noodles, one of the best ways to moisten these foods is to use a French press, which can slightly moisten them to make them easier to eat.

Put a small number of dried vegetables in it and add some water. The water should completely cover the vegetables. Then move the lever down to moisten the material.

French press for vegetables

Taking fresh vegetable juice

What could be better than drinking fresh vegetable juice and doing it quickly through a French press? Please put your favorite vegetable in it, press it with the lever to extract the excess water, and enjoy.

Keeping plants fresh

If you are a vegetable grower, you can use a French press to create a way to store and keep vegetables fresh. A French press is ideal for keeping fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, parsley, etc. It is enough to put the stems of the vegetables in the French press and pour water on them until it covers them and maintains these types of vegetables fresh.

Wash to clean the French press

To clean the French press, wash it in warm water; passing this machine with dishwashing liquid is unnecessary.