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Treatment of constipation: 51 home remedies for severe constipation that are definitive and fast

“Stool problems” is something we avoid talking about in our everyday conversations. While you may easily talk about the  pain you suffer from a sore throat, you may rarely go to work and report that you have had severe constipation for five days and your stomach has not worked.

 However, constipation is not something you should be ashamed of, and if you have experienced it before (and we have all probably experienced it), you realize that it is not funny at all, and can actually be quite annoying. 

This article  discusses 51  home remedies for constipation that are very effective and fast for treating constipation at home.


Before going to the pharmacy to buy a laxative pill that solves the problem quickly (but often makes it worse), try some of the simplest home remedies for constipation and prevent it from recurring.

 Here are 51 home  remedies for constipation .

1. Oil… Oil does not just start the car!

Constipation treatment

Pure olive oil is more than just a healthy, tasty fat. This nutrient can also help relieve your constipation. This does not seem surprising when you consider the texture and consistency of olive oil. This oil is practically a clear example of home treatment of constipation . Olive oil stimulates your digestive tract, thus helping things move in your large intestine. Regular consumption of olive oil prevents the recurrence of constipation.


1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional)

Method of Use

Eat a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning. It is best to do this on an empty stomach, so eat it before eating anything else. If you forget, wait until some time has passed and you have not eaten anything. If you like, you can mix it with a little lemon juice to make it taste better (lemon juice also acts as a home remedy for constipation).


16 home remedies for constipation۲. Get fresher and fresher with lemon!

The smell of fresh lemon … Have you ever thought that your stomach should enjoy it as much as your nose? Citric acid in lemon juice acts as a stimulant for your digestive system. It can also help flush out toxins and undigested substances that may remain along the wall of the large intestine. Mixing lemon juice with water not only softens the aroma and taste of the lemon, but also helps you get the fluids you need and thus everything moves back to normal.


– A fresh lemon
– a cup of warm water


Drain the lemon juice into a cup of warm water. Drink this mixture little by little until it is finished.


3. Do not forget the plum…

16 home remedies for constipation

Perhaps one of the oldest treatments for constipation is plum or plum juice . This fruit acts as a natural laxative because it contains large amounts of fiber, and also contains sorbitol. Sorbitol softens the stool because it is a natural carbohydrate that is not easily absorbed, and thus absorbs a large amount of water as it passes through the intestine, increasing the volume of the stool. Be careful, however, that too much sorbitol can cause gas and make the stool too soft.


-2 glasses of plum juice (220 g)


Drink a glass of plum juice in the morning and another glass at night to relieve your constipation. Plum juice should work within a few hours, so it is important to let the first glass pass through your intestines before eating another; Otherwise you will be at risk of diarrhea. You can also eat some plums instead of drinking plum juice, if you like.

4: Soaked raisins move the intestines

Raisins are rich in fiber. In fact, the human body cannot digest fiber, so fiber increases the volume of feces and makes it easier to move through the digestive tract. Therefore, consumption of raisins helps to absorb water from the digestive tract and softens the stool and substances that are difficult to move in the intestines due to stiffness and dryness. It is recommended to drink some water with soaked raisins to increase the amount of water in the gastrointestinal tract. In the continuation of this section, we refer to the step-by-step instructions for benefiting from the properties of raisins in the treatment of constipation:


a. 1 cup ordinary raisins
b. A bowl of
p. One and a half cups of fresh drinking water

Complete instructions:

a. Soak the raisins in water overnight.
B. Eat raisins tomorrow morning.
P. After tasting the raisins, drink the water in which they are soaked.
ت. Do this every day.


5: Fennel seeds are versatile in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Fennel seeds are very useful and effective in treating digestive disorders such as bloating, indigestion , irritable bowel syndrome , and constipation; Because it causes smooth movement of muscles inside the gastrointestinal tract.

In this section, we will refer to the step-by-step instructions for treating constipation with fennel seeds:

a. First, prepare 1 cup of fennel seeds.
B. Then roast them without using water or oil.
c. Chop the roasted fennel seeds, then sift.
d. Store the powder from this process in a glass container; This delicious powder can help in the process of digestion.
e. Finally, once a day, pour half a teaspoon of this powder in warm water and drink.


6: Add figs to your diet

Figs  (fresh and dried) are rich in fiber. This popular and delicious fruit also acts like a natural laxative. People with chronic constipation can add figs to their daily diet. In addition, you can use both dried figs and fresh figs to treat constipation. If you have fresh figs in your house, you should eat them whole with the skin, because fig skin is also full of calcium and fiber.

To treat constipation using figs at home, you should follow these instructions:

a. Prepare 2 to 3 dried almonds and figs.
B. Then soak them in cold water for a few hours.
c. Peel an almond and grate it.
d. Then, chop them and mix well.
ثeEat the dough from the combination of almonds and chopped figs with 1 tablespoon of honey once a night.
f. Repeat this for a few days to achieve great results.

7: Castor oil improves defecation

Castor oil is a laxative stimulant that can help stimulate the large and small intestines, as well as improve bowel movements.

The easiest way to treat constipation with castor oil is to drink 1 to 2 teaspoons of it every morning on an empty stomach. In addition, if you do not like the taste of castor oil, you can mix it with your favorite fruit juice. By consuming castor oil, you will see a significant improvement in your digestive condition within a few hours. However, you should not use this treatment for a long time and frequently, because continuous and excessive consumption of castor oil has side effects.


8: Grapes are like raisins

Grapes contain insoluble fiber , which can help with proper bowel movements and defecation.

Just eat a small bowl of fresh grapes or half a glass of fresh grape juice every day. You can also add about 10 to 13 seedless dried grapes to the milk, and heat for a few minutes. Finally, you can enjoy the combination of dried grapes and milk as one of the evening snacks. You can also use this treatment for children with constipation.

 9: Raw and cooked spinach cleans and regenerates the gastrointestinal tract

Spinach is very good for the health and proper functioning of your digestive system; Especially when you have constipation. Raw spinach contains many compounds that can cleanse, repair, and regenerate your entire digestive tract. Adding spinach to your daily diet is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation in adults, which we should mention in this list. You can use spinach raw or cooked, depending on your taste or food. If you suffer from severe constipation, you need to drink a combination of half a glass of raw spinach juice and half a glass of cold water twice a day. Keep doing this for a few days to get rid of constipation.

10: Sesame facilitates excretion

Constipation treatment

Grain sesame are rich in dietary fiber , which can soften the contents of the intestine, increase stool bulk, and to facilitate disposal operation. To properly use sesame in the treatment of constipation, you must follow the step-by-step instructions:

a. You should consume about 35 grams of sesame daily.
B. Then, drink plenty of water with sesame seeds.
P. In addition, you can add sesame seeds to your salads or meals (but try not to weigh more than 14 grams).


11: Have a natural diet (fiber, fiber and again fiber)

You have probably heard people talk about the effect of a natural diet on treating and preventing constipation in general. A healthy diet really does improve everything. Our bodies know how to process fruits, vegetables, grains, and raw foods such as bran, while refined or artificial foods are not easily excreted.

More specifically, natural foods are high in fiber – magic words that end the pain of going to the toilet. In a word, fiber is a substance that is not digested, and acts like a sponge. The fiber takes water from around it, turns it into air, and softens the stool, giving it volume and helping it out of the body. Like coffee, some types of fiber (such as beans) can affect constipation, so always drink plenty of water. Some good fiber-rich foods include:

– Beans
– Apricots
– Bread made from wholemeal flour
– Berries
– Broccoli
– Plums, pears and apples
– Nuts
– Potatoes (Of course, we do not mean fried potatoes!)

12: Use a little flaxseed oil

Constipation treatment

Flaxseed oil is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for constipation. This nutrient partially covers the intestinal wall, as well as the stool, and increases the number of bowel movements. When constipation occurs, if you consume flaxseed oil with orange juice, its effect is doubled because oranges have the right amount of fiber (be sure to eat orange juice with its meat, because it has the highest amount of orange fiber in its meat Is.)


-1 glass of orange juice with its meat (220 g)
-1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil

Method of Use

Mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil with 1 glass of orange juice. Drink this drink whenever necessary, but give it time (up to 5 hours) to take effect, so you do not overdo it.


13: A mixture of seeds and nuts (nuts) will save you

The combination of edible seeds will have a tremendous effect on the intake of fiber in them and help treat constipation. In this section, we will give you complete instructions for making a mixture of grains useful for treating constipation:

a. Mix some sunflower seeds , flax seeds, sesame seeds and some almonds.
B. Then grind them all to get a soft powder.
P. Take 1 tablespoon of this powder every day for a week.
ت. You can use this high-quality powder in breakfast or in preparing salads.

 14: Coffee is our friend (sometimes)

Many people love their morning coffee, but this drink gives you more than just a heavenly scent and helps you stay refreshed. Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the digestive system, so drinking a cup of coffee will get you in more than a few ways. 1-2 cups is good, but make sure you do not drink too much coffee because drinking too much coffee can actually have the opposite effect. Coffee is a diuretic and causes you to urinate frequently, and if you drink too much coffee, you may become constipated due to dehydration and water that is needed to soften your stools.

16 home remedies for constipation15. Baking soda completes the task.

Baking soda is the most important part of home remedies. This material is extremely versatile, and 95% of the time it works well. Its effectiveness in treating constipation (and abdominal pain in general) is extraordinary because it is bicarbonate , which allows air to escape from your body, and relieves pressure pain. Baking soda also alkalizes the stomach, neutralizes acid a little, and helps the waste pass through the intestines and out.


– 1 teaspoon of baking soda
– 1/4 cup of warm water

Method of Use

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with 2 cups of warm water. Apply the mixture at once, it seems that the sooner you finish it, the more effective it will be.


16. Be mobile!

Constipation treatment

If you want fire and debris to move in and out of your body, you have to move yourself! Our lifestyle these days not only includes dietary changes that increase constipation, but the length of time we sit is longer than when we are active. Although there is no exact scientific reason why lack of exercise is associated with constipation, we can assume that mobility also causes the smooth muscle of the large intestine to move. However, keep in mind that you should wait an hour after the main meal and then exercise. There are also special stretching exercises that help the number two to get out easily.


17. You need some yogurt bacteria.

16 home remedies for constipation

A healthy gut flora is vital to maintaining the proper functioning of our digestive system, especially in this day and age when our stomachs are full of sugars and processed foods. If we keep the good bacteria in our body strong and adequate, we will prevent constipation, and even if this problem occurs again, it will be less severe. There are ways to boost stomach bacteria, but one simple way is to have a cup of yogurt, rich in probiotics , with breakfast and during the day .


1 to 3 cups of plain yogurt


Have a cup of yogurt with your breakfast, after which you can eat yogurt alone or with your snacks throughout the day.


18. Figs, almonds and honey account for constipation

Figs and almonds are rich sources of fiber, which may be useful in treating digestive problems. If you suffer from constipation, it is better to add figs and almonds to your daily diet. You can eat both fresh and dried figs.

– You can use two or three almonds with three dried figs.

– Next, you can pour the ingredients into a small bowl, which is full of water and leave it for two or three hours.

You have to grind all the ingredients to get the extract.

Next, you can add three to four tablespoons of honey to the extract.

– You should eat this dough every night about an hour before bedtime.

19. Fish oil also softens the abdomen

This home remedy is good for treating constipation and stimulates the gut to perform its normal activities. Fish oil contains a large number of omega-3 fatty acids, which are useful in improving blood circulation and digestive system.

It is best to add fish oil to your daily diet or consume it at least four times a week.

– You can also give fish oil and supplements to your body in different ways.

You can choose from freshwater fish that live in cold water, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and spotted fish.

20. Beans are magical for constipation

Beans are rich in fiber, which is useful to help treat gastrointestinal problems. The protein properties of green beans may greatly contribute to the growth of units in the body. You can easily buy all kinds of beans from the supermarket at a reasonable price. For many people, beans are a good choice if they do not like eating vegetables.

It is best to add beans to your meals as much as possible.

– You can use your creativity and make different dishes using beans.

Properties of apple juice

21. Apple juice is available and effective

Among the many natural home remedies for constipation, apple juice can be a good treatment. The ingredients in apples can soften stools, especially in your intestines. Therefore, the normal activities of your intestines will be stimulated. You will easily feel the need to defecate.

Eat one or two apples a day to help keep your body healthy and strong.

It has long been said to eat an apple one day so that your feet do not open to the doctor’s office.

– You can also eat a glass of apple juice every day. You will soon feel that your constipation is gone.

22. Be sure to try milk and dates

Prepare three or four dates and 250 ml of milk.

Next, soak the dates in milk for five to seven minutes.

– Then, mash the dates to get a soft dough.

– You should use this treatment every night before bed for up to a week.

23. Kermanshahi oil and milk are among our Iranian traditions

This is one of the traditional Iranian treatments for constipation. The combination of Kermanshahi milk and oil will help improve the condition of your digestive system. Therefore, it will reduce the severity of your constipation.

– You should prepare a teaspoon of Kermanshahi oil and a glass of hot milk

Next, mix these ingredients together to get a mixture.

– You can drink this mixture every night one hour before going to bed. The next morning you will notice that your constipation has decreased.

24. Cabbage juice is rich in fiber

Cabbage is known as one of the good remedies for digestive problems.

You can add cabbage to your meals to provide the fiber your body needs.

Or you can drink a glass of cabbage juice every night before bed.

Ginger tea

۲۵. Tea or ginger tea works fast

Ginger tea may be one of the oldest treatments for constipation. Ginger contains many substances that are very useful for stimulating digestion and blood flow. When your digestive system improves, your bowel movements will be stimulated. As a result, your constipation will go away very quickly.

– You can use a little ginger or fresh ginger leaves and add it to your daily meals.

You can also use fresh or dried ginger or dried ginger roots, and then pour it in 200 ml of warm water.

After that, you should drink a cup of ginger tea every morning after eating breakfast. You can drink another cup of ginger tea the night before bed.

– You should repeat this treatment during a week. Your constipation will decrease very soon.

26: Dandelion flower is a unique laxative and detoxifier

Dandelion grass is really annoying, but when it helps relieve constipation, you probably change your mind about it. Dandelion compounds make this plant act as a mild laxative as well as a detoxifier. A cup of dandelion tea will be very helpful for those who suffer from constipation due to lack of activity or eating a lot of processed foods (although drinking it does not mean that you should not exercise or eat healthy food anymore!)


1-2 teaspoons of dried dandelion leaves
– 1 glass of hot water


Put 1-2 teaspoons of dried dandelion leaves in a glass and pour hot water on it. Cover the glass with something and let it brew for 6-10 minutes. Drink this drink up to 3 times a day.


27. Honey is effective in treating and preventing constipation

Constipation treatment

Honey is also very useful for treating constipation because it acts as a mild laxative. To treat and prevent constipation, you should consume honey every day.

The following are complete instructions for consuming honey in the treatment of constipation:

a. Drink 2 teaspoons of honey three times a day; Repeat this until you get the desired result.

B. In addition, you can mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water.

P. Drink a mixture of lemon juice, honey and water every morning on an empty stomach.

28. Do not miss the consumption of anti-constipation fruits and vegetables

To treat constipation with fruits and vegetables , you should eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. To enjoy the unique benefits of such foods, you should consume different types of fruits and vegetables; Including apples , sour cherries and cherries , sweet potatoes, apricots , pears , oranges, peaches , plums, carrots , tomatoes , corn, peas, spinach, cauliflower and broccoli . 

In addition, it is better to eat whole fruits and vegetables instead of juices; For example, a glass of orange juice contains only one tenth of a gram of fiber, while a glass of orange brings about 9.2 grams of fiber to your body.

Here are some simple ways to properly consume fruits and vegetables to treat constipation:

a. Apple

To prevent constipation, you should eat apples about an hour after the main meal.

B. Apple juice and apple cider vinegar

These foods are natural laxatives that you can enjoy their many benefits.

c. the banana

This fruit helps treat constipation, so it is recommended to eat two ripe bananas with your diet. However, you should avoid eating raw bananas, as raw bananas make your constipation worse.

d. Raisins

Have a handful of raisins with you daily and enjoy eating them about an hour after a meal.

e. Rhubarb

This edible vegetable is also a natural laxative that you can cook with honey and drink. In addition, you can use rhubarb in baking cakes . You can also make a delicious drink with rhubarb puree, honey, and apple juice.

 29: Oranges relieve constipation

Constipation treatment

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin C ; This popular and delicious fruit is also rich in fiber. To use oranges in home treatment of constipation, just eat two oranges a day – one in the morning and one in the evening; This will get rid of constipation.

30. Pear specializes in colon lubrication

Pear is a popular fruit for many people because of its properties and taste. You should eat one or two pears every day. This fruit is known as a laxative that is very useful for the large intestine. Eating it will make it easier for you to digest any food. Your constipation will no longer exist.

31 . Hot water helps the intestines

A glass of hot water every morning is a great choice for many people who suffer from constipation. Drink a glass of warm water before eating breakfast. You can also add a little salt to warm water to make it more effective. When your stomach is empty, warm water helps clear all the bad bacteria and normal functioning of your intestines. And in this case, your constipation will decrease very quickly.

32. A warm water bath stimulates blood flow

Hot water may be a good treatment for many common ailments. Hot water will be very useful to stimulate blood flow; Therefore, your digestion will improve. You can try a hot tub and lie down in a tub full of hot water. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil, rose oil or a pinch of salt to make it more effective. You should stay in the tub for at least fifteen minutes and relax. You should use this treatment every day to reduce the effect of constipation.

33. Do not forget to drink water

Drinking water may be the simplest of the 51 home remedies for constipation introduced here. Water plays an important role in the activities of organs such as the stomach, intestines, urinary tract, and abdomen. If you provide enough water for your body, your body will be able to excrete all the toxins through your feces and urine. Otherwise, your body organs will not be able to function normally. This situation later causes many serious problems. Therefore, it is better to provide enough water for normal activities of your body.

– Each person should consume at least one and a half liters of water per day. Drinking less water will damage your body.

– You can meet your body’s fluid needs with various fruit juices such as lemon juice, sour lemon juice, apple juice, or carrot juice .

– In addition, you can add a little salt to the juice and drink. This method will improve your bowel movements and will soon reduce your constipation.

34. Vaseline is a emollient

You can use Vaseline at home as an easy remedy for your constipation. The slippery and slippery nature of Vaseline helps to soften the skin around the anus. Therefore, you will find that the pain caused by your constipation is greatly reduced. You can use a little Vaseline and gently rub your anus with it. You will never suffer from the symptoms of constipation again.

35. Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking enough fluids is also one of the healthiest home remedies for constipation. Most adults need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of cold water or decaffeinated beverages daily . However, you should avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages ; These drinks dehydrate your body. If you have heart or kidney failure, be sure to consult your doctor before deciding to increase your water and fluid intake.

36: Molasses handles everything

Black molasses has been a sweet savior to many who suffer from constipation, either chronically or occasionally. The reason black molasses is so good for treating constipation is the way it is prepared. Molasses is basically pure sugarcane water that is boiled, concentrated and crystallized. When sugarcane juice is boiled for the third time, black molasses is produced, which is crystallized but contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, and in particular magnesium, which helps relieve constipation. Molasses is a natural and delicious food. While you should be thankful for someone who once decided to boil sugar over and over again, your body will be thankful for this natural remedy.


1 teaspoon black molasses
– hot water or tea (optional)


Take a teaspoon of black molasses. If you do not like the flavor of molasses, start with small amounts. You can add it to a cup of hot water or tea to soften the taste a bit. If you see that one teaspoon does not work, you can consume 1-2 tablespoons, but try to consume less in the beginning.


37. Establish a regular routine for going to the bathroom

Having a schedule for going to the bathroom is not only good for puppies, it can also be a great way to eliminate and prevent constipation in humans. Setting a schedule for going to the bathroom will also regulate your bowel movements. Wherever you are, make time for this for 1 to 3 minutes a day, 15 minutes at a time, even if nothing happens. Be sure to sit back and relax, as your body eventually learns what to do.


38: Use Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to get rid of waste

16 home remedies for constipation

Magnesium sulfate is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation for two main reasons: First, it absorbs water around it, softens the stool, and makes it easier to pass through and out of the gut. Second, the magnesium in this salt increases the contraction of the intestinal muscles, making it easier to pass waste products. Table salt can absorb water around it, but it lacks the magnesium that Epsom salt has, so try to use Epsom salt if possible.


– 2 teaspoons of magnesium sulfate (for adults) or half a teaspoon (for children)
– a glass of water or fruit juice


Dissolve 2 teaspoons of magnesium sulfate in a glass of water or fruit juice and drink it whole. If you do not see any signs of defecation within 4 hours, you can take another dose. Use only 1 teaspoon for children. Check the label on the package to know the allowable dose.

 39: Squat in the bathroom

This may sound a bit daunting, but squatting down the toilet can literally help relieve constipation and open up your large intestine. This is a natural situation and our body knows it means that “the time for action has come! ”

The United States spends just under $ 1 billion a year on laxatives, which ultimately only help solve this problem, but cause a lot of problems in the body. You need to know that you do not have to have defecation every day – this is a myth that leads to your dependence on laxatives. Some people defecate once every few days, which is normal for them, while some people defecate several times a day. Each of us is the same, and there are many factors that determine how often each person should defecate, just know your body and use your intellect.

40. Amla powder and warm water

Amla powder can be a great treatment for your constipation. This powder is very useful in stimulating the activities of your stomach and intestines. It is also used as a laxative.

– Prepare a teaspoon of Amla powder and 250 ml of warm water

– Then you have to mix them well to get a soft mixture

– You should eat this mixture every morning before eating breakfast or every night before going to bed.

Remember to use this treatment once a day for only a week. After the first use, you will see significant results.

41. Aloe vera – Its properties are not just for the skin

Constipation treatment

Aloe vera is known to soothe minor cuts and burns, but it can also soothe your stomach. It is better to use pure aloe vera gel extracted from this plant. The gel that you remove directly from the plant is thicker than commercial aloe vera juices, so do not use more than 2 tablespoons. If you do not have aloe vera, eating drinks containing this gel can have similar effects on you.


2 tablespoons pure aloe vera gel or 1 cup of aloe vera gel drink


Mix two tablespoons of pure gel with fruit juice and drink it in the morning, or drink a cup of aloe vera whenever necessary.

42. Listen to your body!

This is a precautionary measure to help prevent future bouts of constipation, and it’s very easy. Go to the bathroom whenever necessary! There is a reason your body is signaling to you, so you better listen. The longer you hold yourself, the more water is absorbed from the stool, and the harder it becomes. Your body sends a signal for a limited time that your intestines are moving. For this reason, if you really need to go to the bathroom but do not, you will not feel the need to go to the bathroom after a while. If you hesitate to go to the bathroom, there may be no news for a while, and this will make your constipation worse.

43. Guava


This plant may be well known for treating some common ailments. Guava kernels contain fiber and antioxidants, which are very useful for stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.

You should prepare four to five guava kernels and a glass of hot water

Next, you should soak the guava kernels in warm water for ten to thirteen minutes.

– After that, you can take the liquid and drink it every night before going to bed. Your constipation will go away very soon.

44. Papaya

You can use papaya as a wonderful fruit to relieve your constipation. This fruit contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that are very useful in treating digestive problems. You can eat a papaya every day to help your stomach and intestines become more active. You should only eat three papayas a week, no more. If you have another disease, you should not use this fruit.

45. Linen bran bran


1 cup whole plantain Linen

1 glass of water

How to use:

1. Add a pinch of flaxseed bran to a glass of cold water

۲. Mix it well and consume immediately

You should do this twice a day

Why it works: Linen leaf bran is a rich source of dietary fiber, and when mixed with water, acts as a laxative and helps soften stools. This in turn relieves constipation and its symptoms.

46. Aromatic oil of lemon or peppermint


1 to 2 drops of lemon / peppermint aromatic oil

– 1 teaspoon of any type of carrier oil (olive oil or almond oil)

How to use:

1. Mix aromatic oils with a carrier oil of your choice

۲. Apply this mixture on your abdomen

– You can do this once a day

Reason for being effective:

Aromatic massage using peppermint or lemon essential oil can help soften hard stool masses and treat constipation.

Properties of kiwi: 36 amazing benefits of kiwi for health, skin and hair

47. Kiwi


– 1 kiwi

Eat this fruit once a day

Reason for being effective:

The high water and fiber content of kiwi can cause bowel movements and soft bowel function, making it one of the best treatments for constipation.

Properties of coconut

48. coconut oil


1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil

How to use:

1. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil daily

2. You can add this oil to your salad or eat it alone.

Do this at least twice a day.

Reason for being effective:

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural remedy for constipation. This oil contains medium chain fatty acids that energize intestinal cells and boost metabolism, thus causing defecation.

Chia seeds and flax seeds

49. What a seed


– 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds

– 1 cup of juice or milk

How to use:

1. Let the chia seeds soak in water for 30 minutes

2. Add soaked chia seeds to your favorite beverage and drink.

Do this once a day

Why it works: Chia seeds are a rich source of dietary fiber. This fiber increases the volume of your stool and helps with bowel movements. In addition, when chia seeds are absorbed into the water, they acquire a jelly-like consistency, which facilitates the movement of feces in the intestines and thus relieves constipation.

50. Cranberry juice


– 1 glass of sugar-free cranberry juice

How to use:

Drink a glass of cranberry juice a day.

Drink this solution once a day

Why it works: Cranberries are a good source of dietary fiber, which makes this fruit an effective natural remedy for various digestive problems such as constipation. This fruit also has a high water content that can help keep your body hydrated and facilitate your bowel movements.

51. Green tea


– 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves

– 1 cup of water

– Honey (optional)

How to use:

1. Add green tea leaves to a cup of hot water

۲. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes

3. Strain and consume before it cools

4. You can also add honey to flavor it

You should drink this solution once or twice a day

Reason for being effective:

Green tea has been used for many years because of its many benefits. The caffeine in it has mild laxative properties and relieves constipation.

Concluding remarks

Constipation may be something that people like to keep a secret, but whether you share it with someone or announce it on a loudspeaker on graduation day, the fact is that constipation can be a troublesome problem in anyone’s daily life. Be. Fortunately, this problem is often treated naturally and at home. In addition, many lifestyle changes that treat constipation (diet, exercise, etc.) can easily help you be healthier and happier.