Training whmcs settings

As you know, complete automation and training for whmcs settings can be provided in dozens of tutorials. In the following, you will be taught other whmcs settings to work well with whmcs.

  • How to change whmcs license key
  • Training on how to activate the Sign-In Integrations smart integration system
  • Training to delete additional or useless files and modules of whmcs automation
  • How to block an IP in whmcs by Banned IPs
  • Training Link Tracking in whmcs
  • Teaching Integration Code in whmcs
  • Training to work with System Clean Up in whmcs
  • Training to work with Database Status in whmcs
  • Teaching how to translate words and phrases in whmcs in principle
  • Teaching how to define and create hooks in whmcs
  • How to activate Google Recaptcha for whmcs
  • How to install SSL security certificate for WHMCS
  • How to install the custom font on WHMCS
  • Learn how to change or customize the WHMCS menu

The tutorial for the above items is being prepared and will be linked as soon as each one is completed.

Introduction and training of new features of WHMCS

WHMCS creates new features and capabilities for its users with each update. Currently, whmcs automation version 7.7 is available in beta form and includes the following features:

  • Completion of WHMCS Marketplace by Apps & Integrations Center
  • Improving the performance of the intelligent search system called Intelligent Search
  • Added Drag & Drop feature in WHMCS management dashboard
  • Addition of paid CodeGuard Website Backup module for data backup
  • Added possibility to hide inactive users
  • Adding the ability of the Google Recaptcha system in an invisible way or Invisible captcha protection
  • And a few more…

Summary and conclusion of whmcs settings tutorial

Fa host group has always been trying to provide you with the best and most complete training. As you can see, the Fa Comtelrin host has provided you with training in WordPress, whmcs, and other things. But if you feel that something has been missed, please let us know in the comments section so that the training can be prepared and made available to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation