Training To Recover Instagram Direct Messages

Training To Recover Instagram Direct Messages

If You Have Deleted Instagram Direct Messages And Need Them Now, The Good News Is That You Can Recover Deleted Direct Messages.

Explicit message on Instagram has the same features as other online chat apps. Instagram users can send messages to other users using the direct message feature from their accounts. Users can send and delete messages in Direct; there is also an option to delete the entire chat.

If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your messages and are now looking for a way to recover them. Deleting a conversation deletes the chat only for you and not the other user while deleting any message (Unsend) deletes it for both parties. This article will teach you how to recover deleted Instagram messages.

How to recover deleted direct messages from Instagram?

There are many third-party programs or tools to recover Instagram messages, But we don’t recommend any third-party apps for security reasons. The only efficient and proven method to recover deleted Instagram direct is to use the download data feature. You will learn more about this method.

  • Open your internet browser, go to the Instagram website and log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

Deactivate Instagram account

  • Try to select Privacy and Security from the left menu.

Instagram privacy settings

  • On the Privacy and Security page, look for Data Download and click Request Download below.

Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-3

  • Enter your email address in the box and click Next after choosing the download format (HTML or JSON).

Download Instagram information

  • Enter your password to authenticate yourself, then click Request Download.

Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-5

  • Check your email to find the Instagram message with the subject Your Instagram information. Click on the Download information button. The link will take you back to Instagram to download your data. Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-6
  • Enter your account information and click Log In.
  • On the open page, click on Download information to download the data.

Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-7

  • After downloading, unzip the file.
  • All the messages you have sent on Instagram so far will be available in the messages folder of the downloaded zip file. If you chose HTML as the download format, you should go to messages > inbox. You can see folders containing all the conversations you have had so far, according to the ID name of the other party in the chat.

Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-8

  • After selecting the desired chat and entering it, click on the HTML file titled messages. The opened file should display all messages stored on Instagram servers in HTML format.

Recovery of deleted directs on Instagram-9

  • If you chose JSON as the download format, there is a file called messages.json in the chats folder that you can open with a text editor. To do this, right-click the file, click Open With, and select a text editor (for example, Notepad++).

Instagram direct messages in JSON format

Using the above method is also helpful in saving a copy of the direct messages in your account. If the old direct messages are accidentally deleted, you can access the news through the offline version of your Instagram data.

  • Sending information to your email may take up to 48 hours. If you do not receive the email immediately, you should wait until this time. When using this method, pay attention to the following points:
  • The link sent to you in the email will expire four days after you receive it. If you click on the link four days after receiving the email, it will not work, and you will have to repeat the above steps.
  • You must wait 14 days to request your Instagram information again.


We hope this tutorial article has helped you recover deleted Instagram direct messages. If you have any doubts or encounter problems while testing the above steps, share them with other users and us.