Training to activate the two-step authentication of Direct Admin

Considering the progress of the technology world and the increase in the risks related to the security of user accounts, one of the measures that people should take in order to increase security is to activate two-step authentication. By doing this, it can be ensured that no one can access the information of your user accounts, such as the information of DirectAdmin hosting accounts. Because every person after making purchases and receiving their direct admin account information, by activating two-step authentication, must go through two-step authentication for subsequent logins. In this article, from the Fa host knowledge base , we intend to activate the two-step verification of Direct Admin you, dear companions, how to

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • What is the two-step verification of Direct Admin?
  • How to activate two-step verification in DirectAdmin

Direct admin two-step verification

Two-step verification, known as two-step authentication, is actually the second layer of security that is used to protect hosting control panels. This will increase the security of logging into online accounts, which in this article is the DirectAdmin panel. Because you need to enter a second password in addition to entering the specified password, which obviously can play a significant role in increasing the security of your account.

If you activate the two-step verification of Direct Admin, even if your login information is stolen, no one can gain unauthorized access to your account. This will definitely greatly reduce the chances of unauthorized people stealing the information on your panel.

In the following, we will teach you step by step how to two-step authentication in DirectAdmin.

How to activate two-step verification in Direct Admin

In order to activate the two-step verification feature of Direct Admin, you must first log into your Direct Admin control panel.

Training to enter the direct admin

Then, as shown in the image below, click on the Advanced Features option and select Two-Step Authentication from the available options.

Direct admin two-step verification

In this step, you will enter the page related to the two-step verification settings of Direct Admin. This section of yours is bilingual with the names Settings and Scratch Codes, which we will explain each of them below. You have two techniques for direct admin two-step authentication.

  1. Direct admin authentication with Google Authenticator
  2. Two-step authentication using Scratch Codes

1- Direct admin authentication with Google Authenticator

  • In order to use the Direct Admin two-step authentication feature, you must install Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.
  • This program will show you a code that you must use to enter the Direct Admin host.
  • In addition to using the QR scanning program, you can use Scratch Codes.
  • These one-time codes will be suitable for when you do not have access to your mobile phone.

In this step, you have to choose a name for your account. For this, you must proceed through the Description section. In fact, you will be able to enter any description you want. This is important when you have multiple accounts in Direct Admin. In this case, using this explanation, you can view the account you want in the Google Authenticator program.

In the next step, it’s time to enter the Direct Admin account using the scan program installed on your phone. You can do this using the Secret section. With its help, you can see the code related to two-step authentication of Direct Admin. For this, you need to click on the Generate Secret button.

How to confirm the two-step identity of Direct Admin
This will display a QR code for you.

Direct admin two-step authentication training

Now you need to scan the displayed code with your phone using the Google Authenticator app. For this purpose, enter the mentioned program and click on the Begin button.

Direct admin two-step verification

Then, from the displayed options, click on Scan a barcode as shown in the image below.

Direct admin two-step verification

With this, you will see the generated code on your phone.

Direct admin two-step verification

To make sure that the generated code works correctly, you can test it through the QR Code section. To do this, enter the code you see on your phone in the empty field in front of the QR Code. Then click on the Test Code button. If the generated code is correct, you will see a successful login message.