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Training loops in programming R – A loop command allows us to execute a phrase or group of phrases

A loop command allows us to execute a phrase or group of phrases multiple times. The following is the general form of a loop phrase that exists in most programming languages:

There may be a situation where you need to run a block of code several times. Generally; Commands are executed sequentially. The first command in a function is executed first;

 Then the latter is executed and so on.


Programming language for managing loop requirements; Requires the following types of loops. Click on the links below to check out their details.

Row The type of ring and its explanation
1 Repeat loopExecutes a sequence of commands multiple times and manages the code of the loop variable; It seems short and concise.
۲ While loopWhile the condition is true; Repeats a command or group of commands. Before running the ring body; Tests the condition to be met.
3 Ring forIs like a while statement; Except that; This loop checks the conditions at the end of the loop.

Loops control commands

Loop control commands change the execution from its natural sequence when the execution is out of range; All automatic objects created in that domain are destroyed.

The R programming language supports the following control commands. You can click on the links below to check their details.

Row Control commands and their explanation
1 Break commandThis command; Ends the loop command and immediately takes the execution to the next loop.
۲ Next commandNext phrase Simulates switch R behavior.