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Top Resume Tips for Attracting an Employer’s Attention

Top Resume Tips for Attracting an Employer’s Attention

How to write a good resume? This is a question that the answer to which will greatly affect your hiring because writing a professional resume is the first step to getting hired. A good resume should express your information in a comprehensive and understandable way and make you stand out from other applicants.

What is the standard structure of a resume?

A resume usually contains several sections that mention things such as your profile, education, work experience, skills, etc. Therefore, it is better to divide your resume into different sections and start each section with a specific title. Also, use a simple and legible font and make sure your resume is easy to read. In the following, we will examine the different parts of the resume.

Personal information

This section should include your name, surname, address, contact number and email. Also, you can add links that refer to your user account in social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to this section.


In this section, you should mention your education in chronological order. For each degree, write the name of the degree, the name of the university and the year of graduation. If your education is not related to your desired career, you can shorten this section.


Work experiences

In the resume, you should mention your work experiences in chronological order. For each job, write the job title, company name, start and end dates, duties and accomplishments. You can also write short and concise jobs in this section that are not related to your desired job. Those who are really concerned about how to write a good resume and want to write their resume professionally and properly, should pay attention to all these points.


This section of the resume is for you to express your abilities and skills. Skills that are relevant to your desired career are given priority. Also, skills related to English and other foreign languages can be listed on a separate line under “Foreign Languages”.


If you have references from people who can talk about you and your work experience, mention them in this section. For each reference, write first and last name, job title, company name, contact number and email.

Important tips for writing a resume

If we want to answer the question of how to write a resume, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure your resume is concise and comprehensive and includes all the information relevant to your desired job.
  • Use simple and concise language and avoid complex terms and words.
  • Use simple and legible fonts and ensure proper alignment and use of sufficient spaces between sections to avoid spoiling the look of the resume.
  • Before sending your resume, check it carefully to make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Also, ask a friend or acquaintance to review your resume and give feedback.

In response to how to write a good resume, we must say pay attention to details. You may have good experience and work history, but not paying attention to details, such as spelling mistakes, will question your knowledge and have a negative impact on the employer’s judgment.

How to write a Good Resume?

Writing a good resume is not a difficult and complicated task, but to make a strong resume, you need to pay attention to a series of tips and rules. When you follow certain principles for writing a resume and consider the dos and don’ts, you will get the answer to the question of how to write a good resume, and you can do it in the best way by knowing how to write a resume. Now let’s check together how a professional resume should be written.

Describe what you have done

In the work experience section, describe what you did during each job using key words related to that job. Also, try to match these testimonials with your achievements.

Statement of achievements

To attract the employer’s attention, it is better to state your achievements. For example, if you had an internship at a company, mention how you helped improve the company’s processes, or if you collaborated on a project, say how you completed the project.


Diversity in the use of words

Try not to use repetitive words frequently in your resume, instead use a variety of appropriate words. Also, use words and phrases that are common in your desired job.

Attention to detail

Writing a professional resume means paying attention to details. Make sure that all your information, such as dates, company names, and university names, are correct and correct. Also, before sending your resume, check it carefully to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Submit your resume in the appropriate format

It is better to send your resume in PDF format, because this format is more reliable and readable, and it makes your resume look the same in any system. Also, if you are using Word format, make sure that the fonts and settings are not messed up.

Paying attention to these things can help you attract the attention of the employer, get the job you want and get the answer to the question of how to write a good resume. Also, it is better not to use ready-made templates in writing your resume and instead, create a simple and personalized template for yourself. Finally, it is better to review your resume with friends or people who are experts in your field of work and hear their opinions.


Teaching how to make a resume in word

One of the most common tools for creating a resume is the word program, which is considered very practical and easy for resume writing. In the following, several steps are mentioned for creating a resume in Word:

How to write a resume in Word?

  1. Open the Word program: First, open the Word software and create a new document.
  2. Choosing a template: In Word, you can easily use designed resume templates. For this, you can go to the “File” section and select the “New” option. Then, in the “Search for online templates” section, search for the term “Resumes and Cover Letters” and select the format you want.
  3. Content editing: After selecting the template, you can edit the content of your resume. For this, you need to replace the template texts with your information and change the template to your taste. Also, you can use various text editing and design tools in Word to make your resume beautiful and attractive.
  4. Storage: After designing the resume, it is better to save it with a suitable name so that you can easily access it. To save the resume, go to the “File” section and select the “Save As” option.
  5. Print your resume: If you want to print your resume, you can go to the “File” section and select the “Print” option. In the print section, you can change the settings and then get the resume output.

With these explanations, now you know how to write a good resume and you can easily create a professional and beautiful resume in Word.

How to write a professional resume that is visually appealing?

Remember that the purpose of writing a resume is to show your skills and experience in an effective and efficient way, so don’t forget the following points in designing your resume:

Use a good template

Using a suitable template can help you design your resume. You can find online resume templates from websites like Canva, Behance, Zety, etc. These templates include different designs such as simple and stylish designs, colorful designs, etc.

Use the right colors

Using appropriate and harmonious colors can add beauty to your resume and make it more visually appealing. In this regard, it is better to use simple colors in harmony with your field of work.


Use the right font

Appropriate and legible font can help your resume readability and make it more beautiful. In this regard, it is better to use simple and readable fonts such as: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, B nazanin, etc.

Use images and icons

Using images and icons can help make your resume more beautiful. Here are some tips for the best use of images and icons in your resume:

  • Related images and icons

Using images and icons related to your job and work experience can make your resume more beautiful and attractive and display the content in a better way.

  • High quality images

Your resume will look more professional when you use high-quality images. Therefore, if you use images, be sure to pay attention to their quality and high resolution.

  • Images and icons in the right size

Using images and icons cautiously and with accurate measurements can add more appeal to your resume. Just be careful not to use too many images and icons.

According to these points, the best way to use images and icons in the resume is to use them appropriately and intelligently. Relevancy of the content and image in the resume is also very important. The images and icons that you use in your resume should be relevant to the content of the resume and evoke the important information of the resume. In fact, images and icons can help you convey the most basic information to your audience while making your resume more attractive. For example, if you are talking about work experience in the field of education in your resume, you can use pictures of training classes, holding seminars, etc. Also, it is better to use images that have a proper place for them in your resume format and improve the overall structure of the resume.

Have a picture of your face in your resume?

Depending on the type of job and industry you’re applying for, there are rules for using photos on your resume. Knowing how to write a good resume requires that you know all these points and take them into account when writing your resume. In some industries, such as the hotel industry, welfare and management services, etc., it is usually acceptable to use a photo on a resume. But in some other industries, such as the IT industry, it is generally not recommended to use a photo on a resume. In any case, if you decide to use a photo on your resume, choose a high-quality, professional photo. Also, it is better to choose a photo with a simple and pale background. Finally, make sure your resume photo helps you look like a good candidate and better showcase your job qualifications.


Multilingual resume writing training

Writing a multilingual resume is one of the most important points to pay attention to, because in today’s world, different languages are being used and you might be looking for a job in another country. In these cases, having a multilingual resume can help you be seen better and have a better chance of finding the right job.

To write a multilingual resume, it is better to use a standard and professional format for each language. In this format, you should write personal information, educational and work history, skills and achievements and any other information that is related to you and the work you want to do in whatever language you want to design your resume. In designing a multilingual resume, it is better to use professional translations to make sure that the information you put in your resume is correctly translated into all the languages you need. Otherwise, a translation error can cause misunderstanding and lose your job opportunity.


How to write a resume that attracts the employer?

How to write a good resume that will attract the attention of the employer? This is the question of many job seekers, especially those who are new and do not have much experience in this field. In the following, we will share with you the most important tips to make your resume attractive and write a strong resume.

  • Having an attractive and concise title and summary: In the first part of your resume, choose an attractive and short title for yourself. Also, write a brief summary of your experience and skills. This will help employers to get to know you faster and decide to read your resume completely.
  • Use of appropriate space: Use appropriate and optimal space in designing your resume. The right space will help you design your resume in a beautiful and attractive way and attract employers to you.
  • Using keywords and appropriate phrases: Use keywords and appropriate phrases in writing your resume. This will help employers quickly scan your resume and access it for keywords related to the job they are looking for.

With these methods, you can design your resume in such a way that you attract employers and have more opportunities to get a job.



Linking in the resume

Linking to social networks and other sites in your resume can help you provide more information about yourself to the employer. Here are some tips for linking to social media and other sites in your resume:

Choosing appropriate social networks and sites

You should be careful in choosing social networks and other sites that you link in your resume. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are suitable for many jobs such as text content production (writing), digital marketing, photography, editing, graphic work, etc., but there are sites such as GitHub and Stack Overflow that are suitable for other jobs such as application programming. are.

The choice of social networks and sites to link in your resume depends on the type of job and the industry in which you operate. Below are some examples for some jobs:

  • IT and programming related jobs use social networks like LinkedIn and GitHub.
  • For jobs related to marketing and sales, social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter are suitable. You can share your work experience in this field by watching the tutorial on how to create a
  • professional LinkedIn profile.
  • For graphic design and art related jobs, sites like Behance and Dribbble are popular.
  • For photography-related jobs, platforms like Instagram and Flickr are good.
  • If your job involves producing audio content in various forms, programs like SoundCloud and Spotify can be suitable for you.
  • For jobs related to scientific research, sites like ResearchGate and Google Scholar are suitable.


Place the links in the appropriate section

It is better to include links to social networks and other sites in a section of your resume that will help you showcase your skills and professional expertise. For example, you can put your links under “Work Experience”, “Education” or “Skills”.

Use of clickable links

To link to social networks and other sites, it is better to use clickable links. For this purpose, you can insert the text related to the link using the “Link” tool in Word and enter the link address.

Ensuring that links work properly

After placing links to social networks and other sites on your resume, be sure to make sure the links are working properly. To do this, you can click on any link and make sure that you are directed to the desired page.

Overall, linking to social media and other sites on your resume can help you attract employers and show more information about yourself. Also, if you are known to be active on social media, this can help you stand out to employers.



Writing a strong and professional resume is not easy and it takes time, but it’s not like you can’t write a good resume or think it’s too difficult. Currently, there are many internal and external sites that you can use to write a professional resume with the help of them and also according to the points we mentioned. In addition, in this article, we answered the question of how to write a good resume and guided you so that you can write a good resume, attract the attention of employers and get hired in the best organizations. Right now, based on this information, design your resume or edit it if it needs to be edited so that you can get your dream job as soon as possible.