Top 25 Records In The History Of The Summer Olympics

Most Major Sporting Events Are Held At The Summer Olympics. These Competitions Are A Good Opportunity For Athletes To Show Their Abilities And Attract Everyone’s Attention. 

It is a great honor to win a medal at the Olympics, but breaking a record in its various disciplines is a double honor for athletes. In this article, we will introduce the top 25 records in the history of the Summer Olympics.

25) Women’s 800 meters (Nadezhda Olizarenko)

Bildnummer: 03286324 Datum: 24.09.1988 Copyright: imago/WEREK
Nadejda Olizarenko (Sowjetunion); 800m, 800 m, Meter, Mittelstrecke, SU Nadia Nadja Vdia, quer Olympische Spiele Seoul 1988, Sommerspiele, Nationaltrikot Seoul Leichtathletik OS Sommer Damen Einzel Porträt Randmotiv Personen


Nadezhda Olizarenko holds the record for the fastest female runner in the history of the Summer Olympics. At the 1980 Summer Olympics, he covered the 800 meters in just 1.53 minutes and won the gold medal. Olizharenko also finished third in the 1500-meter sprint at the same event. So far, no female athlete has been able to break Olizarenko’s record, and she still holds the record for the 800-meter sprint at the Summer Olympics.

24) Weightlifting (Ryan Kreuzer)


American Ryan Krooser holds the record for the longest throw in weightlifting in all summer Olympics. He broke the indoor weightlifting record in January 2021 and the 2016 Summer Olympics record. At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics, Krauser won the gold medal and broke the record by throwing 22.52 meters. He is also the third greatest thrower in history.

23) Obstacle jump 3,000 meters (Counselors Kiproto)


Kenyan Cyprioto, a Kenyan runner who competes only in the 3,000-meter hurdles, has won gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics, the 2017 Winter Olympics, and the 2019 World Championships. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, Kiproto competed in the 3,000-meter hurdles in 8.3 seconds, setting a record for the Games. He broke the record to 8.1 seconds in 2019 but did not break the record at the Olympics.

22) The oldest gold medalist (Oscar Swan)


Swedish shooter Oscar Swan has won three Olympic gold medals and a total of six medals. He is the oldest athlete to win a gold medal, the oldest Olympic medalist, and the oldest participant in the history of the Summer Olympics. He won his gold medal in archery at the 1912 Summer Olympics and became the oldest medalist at 64 years and 258 days.

21) Women’s 200m (Florence Griffith Joyner)


Florence Griffith Joyner, better known as Flow Joe, was an American track and field athlete. She set two different Olympic records, but she is also the fastest female runner in history. Flojo broke the record for the 1988 Summer Olympics in athletics with a distance of 200 meters in 21 seconds. This historical record is still standing in the Olympics and other competitions, and no one has managed to break it.

20) Most gold medals in the women’s section (Kristin Otto)


German swimmer Kristin Otto holds the world record in the 100m and 200m freestyle Olympics. She is also the first female athlete to swim 100 meters backstroke in less than 1 minute. Otto also holds the record for six gold medals at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. During these competitions, he set a record of 50 meters freestyle and 100 meters butterfly in his name.

19) Defeat of three consecutive Olympic champions (Roland Gardner)


Greek Roland Gardner is a retired Olympic wrestling champion. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, he did something extraordinary and made the impossible possible. Gardner reached the final of the tournament against Alexander Carlin Ross. Carlin was undefeated at the World Cup for 13 years and did not concede a single point six years before the final. Gardner defeated Carlin, who had just finished college.

18) Most points in a game (the USA vs. Nigeria)

Basketball is one of the most popular Olympic and world sports. No team is better at basketball than the United States, and in this particular case, the United States has shown its power to the world. The team faced Nigeria in the 2012 Summer Olympics and eventually won the game 156-72. No team has even come close to this record yet.

17) The best performance in bowling (Arian Chardnia)


Arian Chardinia has a record that will never seem to be broken again. The 1988 Summer Olympics were the only bowling alley. Cardinia won first place in the event and became the first female athlete to win the medal in bowling.

16) Men’s 200m (Usain Bolt)


Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is considered by many to be the best runner in history. This runner holds 3 world records and wins 8 Olympic gold medals. Bolt is the only runner to win three consecutive Olympics in the 100m and 200m (2008, 2012, and 2016). No runner has yet managed to get close to his record, which will likely remain for a long time.

15) Most medals in the Women’s Olympics (Maria Gurokhovskaya)


Maria Gurokhovskaya was a Soviet gymnast who won the most medals in a single event at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Finland. Kurokhovskaya set the record with seven medals and then said goodbye to the world of sports in 1954. The 1952 Finland Olympics was the first time the Soviet Union had competed.

14) Most medals in an Olympic period (USA)


The United States holds the record for most medals in a Summer Olympics. The United States hosted the 1904 Olympics in Missouri, winning 239 medals (78 gold, 82 silver, and 79 bronze). The tournament saw the participation of 530 American athletes in 16 different disciplines. The Soviet Union is next with 195 medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics.

13) Men’s 100 meters (Usain Bolt)


Usain Bolt needs no introduction. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist completed the 100-meter dash in 9.63 seconds, setting a world record. In 2009, Bolt broke the record to 9.58 seconds.

12) Most Gold Medals (USA)


The US national team has had an outstanding performance at the Summer Olympics, winning a total of 1,022 gold medals. The Soviet teams are in second and third place with 395 gold medals and the British team with 263 gold medals. The United States has almost three times as many gold medals as the second team.

11) Men’s 5000 and 10,000 meters (Kennisa Beckle)


Ethiopian runner Kenenisa Bekle holds the record for the men’s 5,000 and 10,000 meters. He set a record of 5,000 meters in 2004 and a record of 10,000 meters in 2005 but improved both records at the 2008 Olympics. He is also considered the most successful athlete in the history of cross country competitions. His 5,000m record is 12.49 minutes, and his 10,000m record is 27.1 minutes.

10) Diving competitions (Greg Logan is)


American Greg Louganis won a gold medal in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics in diving. He is the only male athlete in Olympic history to have won the event for several consecutive years. Logan is named Athlete of the Year in 1988 and is considered by many to be the best diving athlete in American history. Louganis was the first athlete to receive a full score of 10 out of seven referees, and his score of 754.41 is still unattainable.

9) Most gold medals in table tennis (China)


No country has been as successful in table tennis as China, and it has had complete control over the sport since its introduction in 1988. China has failed to win a medal in this field only once and has won a total of 53 medals in this field. With 28 gold medals in table tennis, the country is unrivaled, and it is unlikely that another country will be able to break this record of China.

8) Winning a gold medal after 24 years (Burjit Fisher)


German athlete Bridget Fischer has won eight gold medals at the Olympics. He is also the youngest and oldest kano champion in the history of the Olympics (18 years and 42 years). Fisher also holds the record for the longest distance between the first and last gold medals. He won his first gold medal in 1980 and his last gold medal in 2004.

7) Softball team score (USA)


The US national team won one of the most one-sided games in the history of the 2004 Summer Olympics. Softball, along with rhythmic swimming and rhythmic gymnastics, was one of the disciplines that only the women’s team could participate in. The team defeated Australia 5-1 in the final of the softball tournament. In its nine games, the United States conceded just one point to the opponent in the final and finished the match with a total score of 51 to 1. This result has never been repeated in history.

6) Most participation in the Olympics (Ian Millar)


Ian Millar, a Canadian athlete, is a two-time World Horse Jumping Champion. He has also earned the title of “Captain of Canada” to succeed and consistent horse jumping competitions. Millard holds the record with 10 Olympic appearances. However, he never won an Olympic gold medal and only won a silver medal in 2008.

5) The youngest hero (Mariori Gosling)


American diving Mariori Gosling won gold medals in three national finals as well as the 1936 Summer Olympics. Gastric is the youngest Olympic gold medalist at 13 years and 268 days. The name Gosling is also listed on the National Swimming Hall of Fame and the Stanford Hall of Fame.

4) Complete score of 10 (Nadia Komachi)


Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci has won five Olympic gold medals. Kumanchi was the first athlete to score a full 10 at the Olympics. He also received six full points for his other three gold medals. Comanche, meanwhile, achieved his first full score at the 1976 Olympics, when the stadium scoreboard did not show the number 10 because no athlete had ever received that score.

3) 7 world records in 8 days (Mark Spitz)


The legendary former American swimmer Mark Spitz won nine Olympic gold medals during his career. Spitz set Olympic records that only Michael Phelps, another American swimmer, broke 36 years later. He was the most successful athlete at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. Spitz won seven gold medals in eight days, all of which broke his record. Spitz broke 35 different records between 1968 and 1972.

2) Most Gold Medal (Michael Phelps)


The legendary Mark Phelps, the former US national team swimmer, is the most successful and proud athlete of all time in the Olympics. Phelps also broke Mark Spitz’s record of seven first-place finishes by reaching the top eight by 2008. He also holds the record for most gold medals in Olympic history with 23 gold medals. Phelps also holds the record for most gold medals and most medals in a tournament.

1) Men’s long jump (Bob Simon)


Bob Beamon was an American track and field athlete who will always remember his record-breaking 1968 Summer Olympics. His record is the longest in Olympic history that no one has yet broken. Beamon surprised everyone by moving the previous record of 55 cm (21 inches) at the 1968 Olympics. He set a record that has never been broken by jumping 8.90 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is the proudest team in the Summer Olympics?

The United States is the proudest team in the 27 Summer Olympics, with more than 2,500 medals.

  • What is the most-watched Olympic sport?

According to various statistics and polls, gymnastics is the most-watched sport at the Olympic Games. Athletics and swimming are also the next most-watched Olympic sports.