Top 10 Opening Ceremonies In Olympics History

The 2020 Olympics Are By No Means Ordinary And Simple. The Tokyo Olympics Have Been Delayed For A Year Due To The Severe Outbreak Of The Coronavirus, And Now It Has Begun Its Work With All The News, Protests And Applause Around It.

As you know, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics are always an attractive sign of the culture of the host countries and the value of these countries for sports, the Olympics and hosting other countries of the world, which is undoubtedly one of the most attractive parts of the Olympics.

However, when you are not enjoying the amazing competitions and performances of the amazing athletes of 205 countries of the world, you may want to know what years and countries the best Olympic opening ceremonies were from. In this article, we will introduce some of them to you.

10. Tokyo – 1964


Notable performances: None

Reason for attending this event: You may be interested to know that this is the second Olympics to be hosted by Tokyo. The first Tokyo Olympics in 1964 were the first in many ways: the first Olympics in Asia, the first in Japan, and the first to have satellite images broadcast on color television. This meant that fans of various sports could see images of thousands of colored balloons, 8,000 white doves, and five jets drawing Olympic rings in the sky.

Memorable Moments: Yoshinori Sakai, or “Hiroshima Baby,” born in Hiroshima just one day after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima 19 years ago, lit the Olympic torch.

9. Atlanta – 1996


Notable performances: Gladys Knight, Celine Dion, John Williams

Reason for attending this event: The first and only Olympics hosted by a city in North America. The event was filled with performances from the American-themed area: Knight and the stunning performance of “Georgia on My Mind,” 90-year-old James Earl Jones reciting quotes from famous writers, and finally a stunning rebirth-themed dance.

Memorable moments: Olympic torch lit by Mohammad Ali, a gold medalist who had Parkinson’s disease, after the torch was handed over to Atlanta by 10,000 torchbearers.

8. Turin – 2006


Notable performances: Lucio Pavarotti, Sophia Loren, Yoko Ono, Peter Gabriel

Reason to be on the list: Italy had only one word for the world with this Olympics: A leader in every art form. It does not matter what kind of art you are talking about or when. From Pavarotti and his stunning performance to Dante and even a Ferrari F2005, they all showed the Italians’ love of art.

Memorable moments: The unique performance of Lucio Pavarotti that no one knew at the time would be the last performance of this great artist in front of the public.

7. Los Angeles – 1984


Notable performances: Etta James, John Williams

Reason for the list: This opening was one of those ceremonies that gave a lot of importance to American music. The classical anthem written by the famous John Williams seems to have been the official Olympic anthem since the Greek Empire. 800 and 410 ensembles with performers from all over the United States, 84 grand pianos, and famous jazz pieces were other Olympics highlights.

Memorable moments: Bill Sweater flies with a hydrogen jet pack over the venue.

6. Rio de Janeiro – 2016


Notable performances: Gilberto Gil, Citano Velzo

Reason for appearing on the list: The second director of the ceremony decided to hold the ceremony in a country with severe economic problems on a lower budget. Attendees may not believe that the event spent only one-tenth of the budget for the 2012 London Olympics. The event had a broad emphasis on indigenous Brazilian cultures.

Memorable moments: Anita joins Gilberto Gil during the performance.

5. Salt Lake City – 2002


Notable performances: Lian Reims, Christy Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton

The reason for the list: The ceremony, which took place just five months after the 9/11 attacks, was clearly moody, but the Americans showed a good sense of patriotism. In addition to all this, during the parade of the countries, the athletes held the American flag in their hands to show their unity.

Memorable moments: The American national anthem was sung as the American flag, which recovers from the wreckage of the Challenger, the space shuttle exploded, was raised.

4. Athens – 2004


Notable performances: Bjork, Tisto

Reason to be on the list: Athens, happy with the return of the Olympics to its beginning, showed this joy with a historic display of all its history. From the beginning of the first Olympics to the Greek gods and even Alexander the Great. To their surprise, the countries took part in a parade of names in the Greek alphabet.

Memorable moments: Opening the skirt of Bjork 10,000 square feet and showing the world map on it.

Bronze medal. Sydney – 2000

Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge during closing ceremonies of the Olympics games in Sydney, Australia. Fifteen U.S. Department of Defense personnel participated in the Olympics, from coaches and support staff to athletes competing in various venues.


Notable performances: Human Nature, Olivia Newton-John, John Farnham

Reasons to be on the list: If you haven’t been to Australia before, you would definitely love to visit the continent after seeing the opening ceremony. A ceremony that was, in fact, a tour to all parts of the continent and finally welcomed thousands of competitors to competing countries.

Memorable moments: The Australian runner lit the torch despite a small problem that caused the whole world to hold its breath for four minutes.

Silver medal. Beijing – 2008


Notable performances: Leo Huan, Sarah Brightman, Long Lang, Jackie Chan

Reason for listing: Everything in China is bigger than normal. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics drew 14,000 people and cost China more than $ 100 million. Astronaut-inspired acrobats, dancers with hidden pens, and 897 people performing for an amazing show.

Memorable moments: 2008 performance of the Fu player, an ancient Chinese instrument, with extraordinary coordination.

Gold medal. London – 2012


Notable performances: Paul McCartney, Ravan Atkinson, Synagogue Prang, JK Rowling

Reason to be on the list: This event showcased all the historical achievements of England. From the Industrial Revolution to the country’s popular children’s music and literature (with huge dolls by Captain Hooke and the Queen of Hearts). Also, during the ceremony, Ravan Atkinson (the famous Mr. Bean) performed a repetitive note in a classical piece with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Memorable moments: James Bond jumps out of a helicopter over the stadium with the Queen of England. The Queen of England was really present throughout the film before she jumped from the helicopter.