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The World's First Color E-Ink Monitor Was Introduced

The World’s First Color E-Ink Monitor Was Introduced

A Chinese Company Called Dasung) Recently The First E-Ink Type Monitor Has Introduced A World Color That Can Give The User The Same Experience Of Ink Printed On The Paper Of Electronic Ink Monitors.

If you are interested in reading e-books or are familiar with e-reader devices, you will undoubtedly be interested in using E-Ink displays.

(electronic ink) you are. E-InkIt is a display technology that replicates the appearance of ink printed on paper to provide an exciting reading experience and increase the device’s battery life.

An E-ink type display An E-ink type display

Therefore, devices connected to the E-Ink monitor are equipped; they can only display black and white color. Of course, this issue is changing, and a Chinese company called Dasung) is busy transferring this technology to computer monitors.

The world’s first color E-Ink monitor

According to Tomshardware, Dassung recently launched a fundraising campaign for a second E-Ink monitor has launched, a product that, if released, will be the first E-Ink color monitor the world will be described.

This monitor has a 25.3-inch screen with 3200 x 1800 pixels (considered a high resolution for a 25-inch monitor) and can display 4096 colors.

The world's first color E-Ink monitor

Other features of this color electronic ink monitor include ergonomic stands with adjustable height, which allows the user to use the monitor vertically.

To keep pace with other products on the market, the E-Ink monitor, the new Samsung, has an image refresh rate ( Refresh Rate).) that is extremely high, which makes the performance close to LCDs normal.

The world's first color E-Ink monitor

For this new monitor, five different display connections are considered, including HDMI USB Type-C port and Display Port support for wireless connection in Miracastand AirPlayApple,

Perhaps in some people’s opinion, using E-Ink monitors is not so interesting; however, a large market for this type of technology has developed over the past years, and sales of e-readers, tablets, or even laptops equipped with this type of monitor have increased dramatically.