The winners of the 2020 creative images of the Siena Festival have been announced

The winners of the 2020 creative images of the Siena Festival have been announced

The Winners Of The 2020 Creative Images Of The Siena Festival Were Announced, And They Competed In Different Categories Such As Fashion, Abstract, Nature And Landscape, Architecture, Animals And Pets, Experimental, Free Theme, Beauty, Production, And Food And Drink.

The creative images competition is a part of the big international competition held by the Siena International Photography Festival. The purpose of this festival is to encourage photographers to experiment with different and creative subjects and post-processing methods. In this part of the competition, there is no limit to digital image manipulation.

In 2020, eleven jurors selected the winning and runner-up images from twelve categories: fine art, abstract, nature and landscape, open subject, and architecture. The final winner of 2020 and the recipient of the “Panagia” award was a person named Hardijanto Budiman, who received 50,000 euros and photography equipment from this festival for his picture of ping pong players in Indonesia.

Winners and runners-up usually participate in the annual Siena Awards, and their work is displayed in the “I’d be surprised if you could” outdoor exhibition. Currently, the winning images can be seen through the website of this competition and in the online gallery.

The works of all the photographers who won this award will be exhibited in Siena, Italy, at the Siena Awards Festival in November. Siena is a city in Tuscany, Italy, and the capital of Siena province.

 UNESCO has declared the historic center of Siena a world heritage site.

An opening reception for artists invited media, photo editors, and industry insiders for an appreciation evening for art and networking at one of the world’s most significant international events dedicated to photography.

Award winners from this festival are covered by the press coverage of publications and media worldwide. This encounter can lead to global recognition and fame of their works. Winners and nominees of the Siena Awards are featured in influential publications such as The Guardian, El Pais, Internazionale, Corriere Della Sera, The Times, The Sun, CNN, Spiegel Online, and Daily Mirror. In this festival, full copyright is reserved for photographers’ works.

Creative Image Awards aim to recognize and reward creative artists using photographic processes and images. This competition searches for images that create passion and deep sensitivity in the audience.

We all need to express feelings through images and are interested in seeing a unique view of the surrounding reality.

This competition also seeks to find different artists and their unique spirits, Those who breathe and live for creativity.

Creative Image Awards are a great tool that allows one to communicate with the world through their creativity in photography and share their vision with the viewers of their work.

What is essential in this direction is the photographer’s unique vision and skills in translating and transforming the perspective of his work into an exceptional and original one. With this work, he shows the audience how to change the photography environment and bring their ideas to life using different methods and creative approaches.

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The original winner and recipient of the Pangea Award

  • Photo Title: ping pong training
  • Name of the photographer: We were Hardijantou
  • Photo location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Ping pong or table tennis is my favorite sport. In my youth, I was a ping pong player in my city club, So; when the idea of ​​this competition came up, I immediately started a project related to my favorite sport. This picture is related to the club’s daily activities of ping pong players. I made this concept different and unique to reflect my unique signature style.

Winner of the Fashion Award

  • Photo Title: Borderland
  • Photographer’s name: Gerard Harrison
  • Photo Location: Houston, Texas, United States

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

An image of a model in a dress by Bohemia Couture, a women’s wedding and holiday wear brand with the help of a small community of Indian artisans, is integrated with a fine art painting to evoke the feeling of a walk in a garden for its viewer.

Winner of the abstract category

  • Photo Title: Delta Abstraction
  • Photographer’s name: Manuel Enrique González Carmona
  • Photo location: Huelva, Spain

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Minerals, water, and water currents are among the elements with which nature creates these ephemeral landscapes. These quick formations disappear with subsequent heavy rains and have been captured by aerial photographs. His canvas is a collection of toxic waste from a copper mine in the Spanish province of Huelva.

The winner of the award in the nature and landscape section

  • Photo Title: Silk hat
  • Photographer’s name: Takashi Nakazawa
  • Photo location: Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

When the clouds moved away, it was as if Mt.Fuji was wearing a silk hat. I used a long exposure and a black-and-white monotone to make this scene more dramatic.

Award winner in the architecture department

  • Photo Title: Achieving the dream
  • Name of the photographer:  Min Ying
  • Photo location: Zhoushan, China

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This picture was taken at Zhoushan Sea Bridge, a prime area for construction in China.

Winner of the Animal and Pets category

  • Photo Title: Black Friday
  • Photographer name: Pedro Jarek Krebs
  • Photo location: Spain

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Flamingos have eyes bigger than their brains, But this does not make animals without conscience. They have a good vision. Although their ability to interpret what they see is limited, the way they communicate in groups allows them to develop a collective consciousness to cope with their environment. Climate change is increasingly affecting their habitats. The flamingo is perhaps the most prominent bird of prey in the world and lives on every continent except Antarctica.

The winner of the experimental section

  • Photo Caption: Chicago Station
  • Illustrator Name: Carmen Chiriacco
  • Photo location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

I captured this classic example of interpreting what I like with the camera. Through photography, I try to share the emotions I feel at that moment with my audience. I aim to tell a story that every viewer can experience and let them see the world through my eyes.

 Winner of the open topic category

  • Photo Title: City Mariam celebration
  • Photographer’s name: Hisham Karori
  • Photo location: Sudan

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

The annual celebration of “City Maryam” of Lady Sophia Noble of the Khatamiyya sect in the city of Sinkat in eastern Sudan is a three-day celebration that ends on the first Thursday of the month of Rajab (Hijri calendar month). During Siti Mariam’s lifetime (1870 to 1952), this feast was an annual meeting to help the followers of the sect, especially the needy, to whom Siti Mariam personally cared most.

 Winner of the beauty award

  • Photo Title: Interior
  • Name of the photographer: Renate Rainey L
  • Photo location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This photo belongs to the “Sound Distortion Room” photo collection. The emotions of the hero of the image are collected like the petals of a flower bud. The heart is like the perfume of the soul, But cunning hands reach out to take this flower.

 Winner of the production department award

  • Photo Title: strange speed
  • Photographer’s name: John Grossed
  • Photo location: Long Beach, California, USA


This image is a series of photographs that combines and depicts car racing and these races’ distraction and inherent danger. In this photo, the driver seems to remain focused and calm, While the world is moving at an extraordinary speed. It is as if the world around the driver quickly turns into a colored and striped beam. The photographer says in the description of this photo:

 Food and beverage award winner

  • Photo Title: Broccoli forest
  • Name of the photographer: Yuli Vasiliev
  • Photo location: Bulgaria

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This photo is a test shot of my ongoing project, “Miniature World,” and was captured in my home studio in Bulgaria in August 2019.

This festival seeks to break all the rules so photographers can share new works with them by creating recent trends and methods in the art. In this competition, any technique is free, and only the final effect is in the spotlight. In this festival, the judges evaluate the artists’ works in different categories so that the participants can accurately define their place and show their innovative power in the area they feel comfortable with.

Which image did you enjoy the most, and which was your favorite?