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The Scariest Tourist Areas in Iran (Part 1)

You can also experience an exciting journey by listening to old local tales, legends and superstitions and going to eerie and scary places.

Scary Points, To experience the horror and excitement, you do not necessarily need to sit at the foot of horror movies, by listening to old local stories, legends and superstitions and going to eerie and scary places, you can also have a journey full of excitement and horror.

In this article, we want to take you to the eerie atmosphere of old cemeteries, abandoned castles and cottages where tales and legends flow from the doors and walls, to places where it is scary and breathtaking to take every step. If you have a curious and exciting spirit, join us to experience one of the most fascinating journeys of your life.

Wetlands of Ghosts

Foggy scenery and broken trees of Ghost Lagoon

A lake is located 12 km from Nowshahr in Mazandaran province, which has a strange and scary name due to its distant past. The combination of dead trees in the middle of the lake and the fog that often lurks on the lake with the sound of wild animals in the area all remind you of fantasy and horror movies, and these features have led to the lake being dubbed the “Ghost Lagoon”.

Rotten swamp trees in Ghost Lagoon

The people around the lake have not seen any ghosts, but they believe that the inhabitants of the past must have chosen this name for this lake based on information. Nowshahr Ghost Lake One of the most exciting Sights of Mazandaranis considered; So if you miss the excitement and adventure, we recommend that you pack your bags and head to this mysterious and magical lake.

Jenny Castle

Sunset view and Jenny Castle murals

On the island of Kish, near the Greek ship, there are small and ruined castles that perhaps few people look at, because everyone is in a hurry to reach the Greek ship, one of the most famous Sights of Kish, are. This castle is known as “Jenny Castle” among the locals, and if you want to visit this castle at night, no one will help you, because the locals believe that jinns live in this castle.

During the hours when the sun goes away from the island and darkness reigns, the castle becomes an eerie environment. The sounds of water wells near the castle and the wind have added to the horror of this environment.

Bermuda Triangle of Iran

Offroad car in the desert of Rig Jan.

The desert itself is full of mystery. A scary and extraordinary sand dune called “Rig Jan” is located in the desert region of Semnan, 170 km from Tehran, which kills every living thing that travels to it.

This area, which is one of the hottest places on earth, is covered with sand dunes and salt marshes, which has made it one of the most impassable areas in the world. For centuries, no one has ever been able to cross this area and no animal lives in it. Due to the occurrence of many unanswered and irrational events in this region, it has been called the “Bermuda Triangle of Iran”.

Sand dunes in Righ Jan.

There are many stories and legends from the past that say that this sand dune is cursed and is a place for goblins to live and that evil spirits and demons rule in it and do not allow any living thing to enter it. Some locals even say they have heard goblins talking to each other in the area. Other locals say that whoever steps into this desert is swallowed up by the earth and never returns.

Despite these legends and stories, now this amazing and mysterious desert has become one of the most fascinating and exciting sights of Semnan province for tourists interested in excitement and horror.

Treasure Lake

Green view around the treasure lake of Takht-e-Soliman

Beautiful, mysterious and dangerous lake called “Throne of Solomon” is located in Takab, which is one of the most mysterious and mysterious Sights of West Azerbaijan Province Are. According to the locals, this lake was created on the ground with the beating of the stick of “Hazrat Suleiman” and a valuable and ancient treasure has been hidden in the depths of this lake.

A treasure that in different eras, many brave and adventurous people have been dragged to the lake to search for it and the lake has swallowed them all and even their bodies have returned to land. There are many other audible and interesting local myths and beliefs about this lake. Other people also believe that this lake is the birthplace of “Prophet Zarathustra”.

The ancient site of Throne of Solomon

Another historical legend about the lake is that Cyrus the Great, after defeating Croesus, king of Lydia, who had a legendary fortune, poured all his treasures and valuables into the lake as a vow. The inhabitants of this region always donated their spoils of war and valuable property to this lake.

Stars on Earth

Scary sky of Qeshm Star Valley

Qeshm Island is a land of wonders and enchanting nature. A beautiful and magical valley called «Valley of the StarsIt is located on this amazing island, which today is considered one of the most beautiful Sights of QeshmIs known. In addition to its indescribable nature, it tells fascinating anecdotes and legends for adventurers. The natives believe that the magical volumes in this valley were created millions of years ago by the impact of stars on the earth or by extraterrestrial beings.

Simultaneously with the wind and the influx of sand, an eerie melody can be heard from your corridors in this valley, which are located among the giant carved walls, in the silence of the desert. The locals of the island do not cross the valley as the sky darkens, and usually with a smile dissuade the stranger travelers to go to this terrible valley in the dark, because they believe that nights, ghosts, goblins and extraterrestrial beings roam in this valley.

Strange rocks in Qeshm Star Valley

You will be completely amazed just by looking at the strange shapes that have created an amazing and huge sculpture from every rock of the sea due to thousands of years of erosion.

Cannibal Castle

Human skeleton in a cannibal castle

The ancient castle and region of Buini Yoghun, located in the blind village of Abbasloo in Ardabil, is another abandoned and abandoned man-made structure, and a place for storytelling. It is said that the people who used to visit this ancient castle mysteriously disappeared as if the castle was alive and devoured them. Gradually, with the disappearance of the people, this castle became known as the “Cannibal Castle” and countless stories spread from that word of mouth among the people.

Stone Garden

Tombstone in Darvish Khan stone garden

We go to Kerman province and travel to the mysterious garden in the city of Sirjan, where there is no news of greenery. At first glance, this garden may seem interesting and wonderful, but walking among the dry trees whose fruits are made of stone, frightens your heart. This rock garden is called “Darvish Khan Garden” and its builder is a farmer named “Darvish Khan Esfandiarpour” who lost his natural state about 40 years ago after his farm dried up and as a sign of protest the trees of his garden are no longer dry. He had planted it elsewhere and hung the stones he had collected from the surrounding mountains as the fruit of his trees.

Stones hung on a tree in the stone garden of Darvish Khan in Kerman

Others believe that Darwish Khan dreamed of building this garden at night, and the next day, while grazing sheep in the desert, he saw a meteorite falling from the sky to the ground and taking it home and building his garden with it.

It is narrated that Darvish Khan built his garden inspired by the dream world

Darvish Khan was not content with stone and for a while he hung the heads of sheep torn by wolves from the trees, which he stopped protesting. Exhaust pipes, worn gears, punctured thread tires, peat oil, tin cans, broken mirrors, air conditioner floats, broken hookah straws and many other wastes also appeared on these trees.

It is said that after Darwish Khan’s death, one of the trees collapsed and several men from the surrounding village worked hard to re-hang the stones and strengthen the tree. The question is, how was this old man able to move trees and rocks in the last years of his life? ‌ Today, this rock garden is one ofSights of Sirjan Are.

Ruins full of stories

Old brick building of Zahedan castle

Man-made eerie ruins and castles have many mysteries. One of these mysterious castles in Iran is the “Old Zahedan Castle”, which is located 27 km east of Zabol, Sistan and Baluchestan and in ancient times was one of the largest cities in Iran and the center of Sistan.

View of the old Zahedan castle

This castle is one of Sights of Sistan and Baluchestan province There are many horror stories and tales in the heart of it and it is said that ghosts and goblins rule in this castle.

Hell Valley

The lush nature of Hell Valley

In the city of Khoy in West Azerbaijan, an area called “Hell” is located in a mountainous area. Hell has such margins for the natives that no one goes to explore the area at all. The reason for naming this area is the high mountains that surround this area and have created difficult areas to cross.

Hell Valley is both a hated and dangerous region for the natives of this region, both physically and mentally.  Some people have tried to go to this valley, but unfortunately it has fallen, and in some cases, their bodies have not been found due to the difficult passage of the valley.

A cemetery for the jinn

The white minaret of the mosque in Jan Cemetery

Cemeteries have a long history of horror and always have a special place in horror movies. There is a strange and unusual cemetery in the village of “Tis” in the port of Chabahar called “Goblin Cemetery”. Very large and unnatural and with strange shapes on them.

Empty graves in the jinn cemetery

Legends and folk tales in the area say that no one has ever seen a human being pick up an ax and cut a hard stone to bury his body. It is interesting to know that strange noises are heard in this village at night. Some villagers say that these are the sounds, moans and cries of goblins over the graves of their loved ones who mourn for them until morning.

Others believe that diggers may have endured the suffering of stone to protect the dead from the bites of animals and underground eaters, and built such tombs to honor their dead. As evening falls, few dare to pass by the cemetery.