content production resources

The role of content production resources in the success of content!

In a world where most businesses have migrated to the web, producing different forms of content is very important. Content can be a bridge between brands and their customers and ensure the survival of a business in today’s challenging world. Content production is an attractive and sensitive work. A content producer must be able to present slogans and main elements of the brand and business in a special, unique, and attractive content format. Although SEO techniques can increase the number of visitors to content, the production of engaging and original content can attract users’ attention and create a deeper relationship between the brand and the user. Creating such content without considering appropriate content generation resources is impossible.

More than one million pieces of text content are uploaded to the web every day. Is all this content uploaded valuable? The answer to this question is negative. We all see articles on the web throughout the day that have no meaningful value. They have duplicated (or even copied!) information from other websites and then loaded it by drowning the content in keywords. It is valuable content that by finishing it, we feel that our information has increased, we have found the answer to our question, or we have become well acquainted with a brand and its products or services. Creating such content without using appropriate and relevant content generation sources is impossible. That is why this article will review some of the most important and appropriate sources of content creation in this article.

The type of content and the resources needed to write it

You should choose the content production sources according to the content type. For example, compare two articles titled “Comparison of diesel designed by A and B” and “Introduction of hygiene products produced by a famous brand.” To create the first content, in addition to searching and studying various sources, you will need basic knowledge about diesel, their constituent materials, and their details. Writing the second content is possible with little research and study about the brand and its products. Therefore, to produce content, in the first step, you must determine the degree of its specialization to get help from the available content production sources.

• Textual content is produced based on the latest and most reliable sources of content production and in a completely original way. These contents are written based on the basic principles of SEO, and the editors confirm the quality of the authors’ work before presenting it to the user.

• Audio content: With the help of this form of content, you can provide a large amount of information to people in a short time and, at the same time, increase the traffic of your website. The podcasts are also designed and made according to reliable and up-to-date sources.

• Visual content: Graphics and visual services also include various fields, including the design of static and moving banners, motion graphics design, and logo design. Visual content is one of the most successful forms of content in attracting users’ attention and has a special place in the content production strategies of successful global brands.

Sources of content production for specialized and non-specialized content


To write content in the fields you are unfamiliar with, Wikipedia can be a good place to start. This website has comprehensive information on various topics, and you can find answers to many of your questions on this website. For example, you can most likely find the brand’s history on Wikipedia when writing content about famous brand products. Note that ordinary people write Wikipedia. Therefore, some of the information on this page may not be accurate or correct. It is better to use Wikipedia information as the basis of your content and then use more reliable websites to add a leaf to each section.

YouTube, Instagram, and general articles

Virtual pages, especially Instagram and YouTube, can provide more up-to-date information about the topic you are looking for. You can find various educational videos on YouTube about any subject. On Instagram and by following related hashtags, you can similarly see information or new ideas about your content production. General articles can also be one of the best sources for supplementing your content. Do not forget that good content should be updated and attractive. Examining virtual pages can introduce you to the point of view of the readers and the audience community and, as a result, help you to produce content that fits the needs and questions of the audience.

Sources of content production for advertising and sales content

Brand website and other competitors

The brand’s website will be a good place to start if your goal is to create content, market, advertise, or introduce and sell a product. The information provided by the brand should be the main basis of the content. You can get to know the product or service you want to introduce by checking the product features and user comments, and at the same time, you can also understand the brand’s main goals and slogans. The websites of other brand competitors can be another ideal source for more ideas. How do the brand’s competitors introduce or present their content? What problems does this product have? What information do competitors’ websites not provide, or in what field are they weak? By combining all these sources of content creation, you can create ideal and winning content.

Necessary resources for specialized content

It is not possible to produce specialized content without having basic knowledge in the field related to the content. Such content can usually be produced by companies, brands, and people with sufficient and up-to-date knowledge and information. The necessary resources for producing specialized content include books, articles, brochures, LinkedIn, online expert groups, documentaries, magazines, educational websites, and in some cases, podcasts.