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An Overview Of The Reasons That Can Increase The Value Of Digibyte In The Future

 Password currencies are many who have failed to notice it deserve, earn, DJ B (DGB) is one of them. Digibyte was founded in 2014 by Jared Tate. 

There are about 2000 different currency codes in the digital currency market. Even if you are very interested in these topics, then it is still difficult to get enough information about even the top 100 currencies.

This currency code can be obtained through extraction, and its advantages include being among the fastest and safest currency codes in the world. 

DGB is currently ranked 63rd on the coinmarketcap website. In this article, we want to tell you why this digital currency can be among the top 10 currency codes. Stay tuned for more tips and reasons for DJing.


One of the reasons for the superiority of Digibyte can be considered its speed. As an extractable digital currency, the speed of Digibyte transactions is unparalleled. 

Have you ever transferred a bitcoin to another personal wallet and it took hours to complete the transfer process? Now we have to say that there is no such problem in Digibyte.

 DGB transaction speed is about 40 times faster than bitcoin and about 10 times faster than lightcoin. Now you may be wondering if there are other currencies like Ripple that might be as fast as Digit by But here we have to ask you which one is really both extractable and decentralized? None.

Currently, Digibyte has a 15-second block speed. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a 10-minute block time. DGB can handle more than 560 transactions in one second. With that said, Digibyte’s transaction speed is not far behind VISA, which handles 1,700 transactions per second. On the plus side, it speeds up to 200,000 transactions per second by 2030.


High security is another reason for Digibyte to excel. As you may know, in the last year or two, many digital currencies have fallen victim to 51% of the attacks. 

It is clear that more and more people are being educated about the importance of security in the blockchain space. Digibyte is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) blockchains in the world right now. 

This is because DGB has 5 extraction algorithms of the same weight, but each algorithm uses a MultiSheild (DigiSheild) and thus each algorithm has its own instant hardness adjustments. 

Due to the design of this blockchain, it is almost impossible to fall victim to 51% of attacks. Since the founding of Digibyte, Jared Tate has been trying to voice his concerns about cybersecurity in the blockchain space. This level of awareness can bring good news for the DGB.


Digibyte also has its own history. The blockchain was founded in 2014 and is now 7 years old. Due to its 15-second block time, DGB was able to create the largest blockchain available. With a 7-year history, investors can look at the history of this currency (financially and technologically) and then invest.

It is very decentralized

Let’s see what makes Bitcoin technology so amazing? The answer is that this currency is designed to be decentralized. Bitcoin has only one algorithm, and since a large amount of the power to extract this currency comes from China and Russia, it can be said that the bitcoin blockchain is becoming more and more centralized (the whole burden of extraction is on the same algorithm ).

 Digibyte has 5 different extraction algorithms and its blockchain is divided among more than 200,000 servers, computers, phones and nodes around the world. 

No other major currency code can compete with DGB in this regard. Thus, the Digibyte blockchain cannot be turned off through an input unless, for some reason, the entire Internet network on planet Earth is turned off.

Cheap transactions

Digitabyte transactions are very cheap. Let’s take another look at what Bitcoin was designed for: a cheap, cost-effective way to send money on a peer-to-peer basis. Those who send Digibyte will be charged a fraction of a cent. So in that sense, DGB is worth a try.

Permanent development

Continuous development is another reason related to the superiority of Digibyte. People may be disappointed when the price (bear market) of currency currencies decreases, but in any case, such cases can be considered necessary and good for these markets. 

Sometimes the price of cryptocurrencies goes up without a real reason, but since Digibyte is constantly evolving, it can be said that there is a real reason to increase its value.

Digibyte is not only a good digital currency, but its blockchain is also great for developing smart contracts and decentralized applications. 

This is where the technology behind Digibyte’s blockchain comes into play. Using the infrastructure of this currency, decentralized applications can be developed on the basis of one of the safest and cheapest blockchains available.

Digibyte can continue to improve with further development. This cryptocurrency, with its large community of developers, can play a leading role in implementing new capabilities or troubleshooting blockchain space. 

For example, this blockchain has been a pioneer in using SegWit as well as fixing UTXO blockchain bugs using DigiByte Core v6.16.5.

Awareness growth

Some say that Digitabyte is great but has some weaknesses in marketing. You have to remember that this currency code depends entirely on the activities of the sponsoring community. 

There have been no initial offers to fund the project (and to raise billions of dollars). All the growth of Digibyte is normal and after 7 years, it is worth about 363.6 million dollars. Two projects can be involved in the growth of awareness related to Digitabit.

Venezuela Project: The Digbyte community has helped fund trips to Venezuela. As you know, this country is struggling with rampant inflation. 

One of the things that was done during these trips was to introduce people to the digital currency Digitabit and how to use such currencies, which are more stable than the Bolivar currency, to reduce their purchasing power over time. Prevented.

DIGAT Information Team (DGBAT): The goal of this team is to help the community around this digital currency and also to act as a long-term awareness campaign. 

The team intends to promote DGB ciphers and also show its applications to others while promoting its use on various platforms.

Digibyte socks

Reasons for the superiority of Digibyte

Probably the main reason why we say that DGB is among the top 10 digital currencies in the future is the case of socks! I was joking, but in any case, such cases can be considered as a kind of advertisement for this currency, and also part of the proceeds from their sale can go to teams like DGBAT.

Where can I buy Digibyte ?

Inside the country, some online exchanges buy and sell Digitabytes, but the safest way to buy Digitabytes is to obtain them from P2P or peer-to-peer platforms, where users buy and sell digital currencies such as Digitabytes directly with each other.

And that’s why the Quinn price will be better for both buying and selling.

Currently, the only peer-to-peer platform that offers DigiBite in Iran is Arzif application , which you can easily register by downloading it from Google Play and become the owner of DigiBite ‘s own wallet there. 

So if you are interested in Digibyte, install Arzif and start trading this valuable digital currency.