producing content for a real estate

The process of producing content for a real estate page on Instagram

Content production for real estate pages has received much attention in recent years. Traditional buyers no longer go to real estate consultants but to websites, Instagram pages, etc.

While real estate consultants still play a key role in home buying, buyers are increasingly looking to shop and visit online. They have decided to check and observe their desired house and place before engaging the experts.

Why should a real estate consultant use an Instagram page or site?

Did you know that 75% of people admit that they judge a business’s reputation based on the design of its website or the content of its Instagram page? The first impression is important, which is why you must produce content for your real estate page or homepage.

With this in mind, in this article, we have provided you with some unique ideas on how to produce content for a real estate page. You can easily study these ideas about the content production process and apply them to your real estate Instagram page.

 The first step in the real estate department’s content production process is creating a website.

A website is not a real estate marketing idea but a requirement. Today, customers expect businesses to have a website, and a bad website can be worse than no website at all. You should have a beautiful and impressive home page on your website. Next to the website regarding the production process content for sections, follow the articles on your site and Instagram page.

Now that you have created your site, you must go to your Instagram page. In the following, we will provide you with interesting ideas for the content production process for the real estate page. Using these ideas, you can easily add different properties to your Instagram page advertise and sell.

 Sample Content Generation Ideas For Real Estate Page Create Great Lists

Today’s consumers like to do many things online when shopping in bulk. It includes buying a home. For example, people enter home addresses in Google Maps to better view the neighborhood. They use the neighborhood and street address to feel for the area.

Businesses around the neighborhood are surveyed. They look at photos of houses. The best way is to create a virtual tour. When producing content for the real estate page, you should ensure that your list is complete, with detailed descriptions, excellent photos, appropriate information about the environment and local access, and access to subway stations, buses, shops, etc., should be mentioned.

Create lead magnets when creating content for the real estate page

Lead magnets are meant to provide valuable insights to your audience. The key to creating leads is to offer your audience something worthwhile. The audience spends their time reading this content. Ultimately, this content must be valuable enough to reach you.

Create content with these topics:

  • Common Mistakes New Homeowners Make
  •  Important items for home search
  •  The most valuable features of a new home

When creating content for a real estate page, prepare yourself for social media

The most popular social network in Iran is Instagram. It would help if you were well prepared to join this network. If your image is to be displayed in the content, you must be stylish, well-dressed, and well-dressed. If the content is a video of the house, you should introduce the different parts of the house to your users. This process is a virtual tour to visit home.

Use appropriate hashtags

Use the appropriate hashtags for the property page during the content production process. Hashtags must be hybrid. Use local, thematic, and popular hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

 The content production process should be such that the content is useful.

Real estate Instagram pages provide many opportunities to build an audience, interact with followers, and build relationships. As a result, the content production process must be such that it is very useful to the user. You can use sections such as Life or Instagram Story so that the user can make a purchase decision by viewing them.

The following should be considered when producing content for a real estate page:

  •  Share news related to your community and status.
  •  Mention your new listings.
  •  Mention the latest news in the region and the latest developments in the region.
  •  Mention the future of the property and its price increase.

 In producing content for the real estate page, pay special attention to the type of audience.

When creating content for a real estate page, you should easily specify your audience type. For example, say at the beginning of your content that this post is for young couples, this post is for single people, this post is for investing, and this post is for great employees. This post is for the elderly and retirees.

 Hold free live shows for people who want to buy a home.

One way to generate content for a real estate page is to use the live feature. In the live process, you have 1 hour to share your content with people. By holding these live shows, you can provide your audience with information about the basics of home buying, home buying laws, fraud prevention methods, apartment laws, and more. You can specify the live time in your story and post and inform in advance. You can even publish your ads for this live on other pages.

 Introduce the houses sold

When producing content for a real estate page, do not just focus on sales. It would help if you also worked on getting feedback from the customer. For example, a state in the stories that a certain house introduced in the post office was sold within, say, 48 hours. Or, for example, a young couple bought a new two-bedroom house for only 1 billion tomans. Doing this will create a greater sense of trust in your audience. Your Instagram page should not be just a place to sell real estate.

Put your business card on the page.

One of the important parts of the content production process that place a business card for a real estate page is a real estate consultant. Create a great-looking business card and place it at the top of your posts. Remember to include your mobile number and landline number.

Talk to your old customers.

One way to generate content for a real estate page is to use the potential of your customers. Note that your relationship with the customer does not close immediately after buying the house. Ask them to come to your live subscriber after a while and explain to users their experiences using your Instagram page and how-to guide and advice. Doing this increases the sense of trust in new customers and creates a sense of dependence in old customers.

Play with the emotions of the audience in the content production process!

Emotions trigger behaviors. One way to generate content for a real estate page is to use buyers’ emotions. You must be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Use heavy emotional sentences. Simple phrases like “Imagine living your dream every day” can do this for you easily.

Do not use inappropriate behaviors in the content production process for the real estate page.

What do other real estate consultants do in your area? What does their website look like? How active are they in social networks? Pay attention to what your competitors are doing. Then avoid their mistakes and repeat their success! People’s view of real estate consultants is either good or bad, so your clients’ view of you should always be good.

Pay attention to the criteria mentioned by the audience.

One way to generate content for a real estate page is to use user messages. Your contacts may be on the direct page Instagram. Ask yourself questions. You can use the same questions to generate good content. You both answer questions and produce compelling content; For example, some may ask if the house will become more expensive. Is it possible to get a good house with this amount of money? Is it possible to rent a good place with this amount? And other items that will be asked of you directly.

Use appropriate photos and videos to generate content for the real estate page.

An important part of a real estate page’s content production process is photos and videos. However, ugly and poor-quality photos sell the house and make the customer run away. Instead of using a mobile phone camera for photography, it is better to go to a good photographer and use professional and suitable cameras for photography.

By doing this, you can easily attract customers at home at first glance. By doing this, you are halfway to attracting customers. Attractive photos encourage “likes” and shares and get your followers to keep in touch with you.

Keep your contact information as accessible as possible.

While producing content for a real estate page, some people mistakenly put their contact number at the bottom of the post; But you should note that your contact number should be on photos and videos. If you want to include contact information in the caption text, this information must be in the first two lines and after the title. Many users do not pay much attention to the caption. At first glance, they pay attention to the photos and videos of the houses. As a result, putting a contact number at the end of the captioned post is not wise.