The Number of times you can send messages on WhatsApp is limited!

WhatsApp is reportedly preparing a change that will prevent people from sending WhatsApp messages to more than one group. This law was probably enacted to prevent the spreading of spam and false information. The change is available to some via the TestFlight beta version of the WhatsApp app, but the feature will eventually roll out to those using the App Store version.

This new change was first reported by WABetaInfo, which says that the change is available for those using the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android. The addition of iPhone users shows that development is progressing well.

The Number of times you can send messages on WhatsApp is limited!

The Number of times you send messages on WhatsApp

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp Forward can no longer forward messages to more than one group chat at a time, which is an additional way to limit spam and misinformation. The new rules for sending messages only apply to messages that have already been marketed. The new WhatsApp messaging limit has already been applied to some Android beta testers. Still, WhatsApp is now enabling the same limit for more users who install the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, and more people will see the changes in the coming weeks. They will receive the same.

WhatsApp has previously been criticized for spreading spam and misinformation on its service. Preventing people from blindly posting messages to multiple groups can slow it down, though whether it will eliminate it remains to be seen.

There is currently no indication when this change will filter down to the downloadable version of WhatsApp from the App Store.