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The Most Important Reasons And Ways To Treat Low Self-Esteem

There are thoughts that can greatly lower your self-esteem, but you can avoid these thoughts by doing simple things and find a way to treat your low self-esteem. 

Studies show that low self-esteem and poor self-image cause us a lot of problems and can affect everything from the way we look at our jobs to our relationships.

 In the following, we will examine the most common causes of low self-esteem and offer solutions to deal with them and treat low self-esteem.

1. You hate yourself

It happens to all of us that sometimes we do not like what we are and we hate our thoughts and behavior. This is one of the most important and well-known symptoms of low self-esteem. Self-loathing is characterized by characteristics such as feelings of anger and frustration and an inability to forgive even the smallest of mistakes.

Treat low self-esteem - self-loathing

To treat low self-esteem and deal with self- loathing , do the following:

  • Change the negative inner dialogue with yourself, because it provides the main fuel for self-hatred. As a result, the first step is to turn off the volume inside your head and consciously respond positively to all the negative thoughts that come to your mind. Why be your worst critic? If you do not say these things to your best friends, then do not say such things to yourself.
  • Forgive yourself for your mistakes. No one is good or bad at everything. Doing things that you may regret does not mean that you are disgusting; Just as doing some good deeds does not make you a wonderful person.
  • Challenge negative beliefs about yourself. The feeling you have about yourself may be related to the past and spread to you from other people, such as your parents or co-workers. Do not be afraid to rewrite your life scenario; This is your life.

2. You are obsessed with being perfect in everything

Treatment of Low Self-Esteem - Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the most destructive aspects of low self-esteem. A perfectionist is one who lives with a sense of perpetual failure, because with every significant success , he still feels that he has not been good enough.

What can you do to treat low self-esteem and overcome perfectionism ?

  • Have realistic expectations of yourself. Think about how realistic and rational your goals are, and remember that life as a whole is not great before striving for them.
  • Note that there is a big difference between “failing at something” and “being a loser”. Do not confuse the two.
  • Do not upset yourself about small problems. Perfectionists tend to analyze even the smallest problems. They forget that they should pay attention to the bigger picture and be proud of it.

3. You hate your body

Negative body image can be associated with low self-esteem and vice versa. This can affect everything; From how you behave in a relationship to how you show yourself at work. This feeling can even prevent you from taking care of your own health because you think it is not worth pursuing.

How can you change this situation?

  • Do not compare yourself with others. This will make you feel insecure. Acknowledge that everyone is different and remind yourself of your strengths.
  • Take care of your health. A healthy diet and exercise not only make you feel more physically fit, but also increase your endorphin secretion. This hormone causes a good feeling in humans.
  • Take care of your appearance. People who have a bad image of their body usually do not try to take care of their appearance because they find it useless. Do three positive things today to improve your appearance.

4. You think you have nothing to offer

We may all doubt our abilities at different times in our lives. But if you believe that you are not as valuable as other people, you will feel deeply “useless”. If this feeling is familiar to you, you should note that the feeling of worth is not something that others can give you, but you have to make it yourself.

Treat your low self-esteem and change the situation by following these steps:

  • Accept that we all have our own talents and we should be proud of our talents to believe that we are valuable people.
  • Do not think that others are better than you. While there is nothing wrong with thinking about the abilities of others, translating it into “being better than you” is irrational. Admire the qualities of others but do not underestimate them.
  • Note that we teach others how to treat us. Try to present yourself as someone whose views are as valid as others. Then you will see an increase in your self-esteem .

5. You are too sensitive

Treatment of low self-esteem - hypersensitivity

Do you have symptoms of a sensitive person ? Hypersensitivity is one of the most painful aspects of low self-esteem. If you get angry at criticism or feel destroyed by any direct word, it is important to reduce your sensitivity. Think about treating your low self-esteem and change the situation with the help of the following.

  • Listen carefully to what is being said. In this way, you can evaluate whether what is being said is true before it makes you feel special.
  • Maintain your position. If you are criticized for being unfair, say you disagree.
  • Be active. If there is a right point in criticism, try to learn from it instead of getting mad. Constructive criticism is just that; It allows you to use the above mentioned point and change yourself for the better.
  • Go through it easily. Repeatedly responding to something that upsets you will only make it more in your mind; Something that does not help you at all.

6. You are anxious and worried

Treating Low Self-Esteem - Anxiety and Worry

Fear and the belief that you do not have enough power to change anything is undeniably associated with low self-esteem. You can use the following to treat low self-esteem and deal with this fear.

  • Distinguish between real fears and unfounded fears. Evaluate your anxiety based on the facts. For example, you might think that trying to improve is futile because you think you can not get it. If you look at the facts, how far is that?
  • To make confident you get more with you face fears . Draw the fear pyramid, place the biggest fears at the top and the smallest ones at the bottom of the pyramid. Then move from the bottom of the pyramid to the top and increase your belief in your abilities in the face of each fear.

7. You usually feel angry

Anger is normal but can be destructive when it has low self-esteem. When you do not have good thoughts about yourself, the belief is formed that your thoughts and feelings do not matter to others. This causes repressed anger in you. As a result, you may experience a great deal of anger when confronted with something seemingly insignificant.

How can you change the situation?

  • Learn how to relax . One way is to express yourself slowly before you reach the point of explosion. For example, show your feelings at any time.
  • Pull yourself aside. If the above solution is not suitable for you, withdraw from the situation you are in. Take a few deep breaths to reduce your heart rate and return your body to a relaxed state.
  • Do not do too much. People with low self-esteem tend to be overly committed; As it becomes difficult for them to cope with it. Try to do only what you want and enjoy doing.

8. You think it’s your job to make others happy

Treat low self-esteem - you feel abused

One of the biggest problems people with low self-esteem face is that they feel they have to make others happy so that others will love and respect them. As a result, many people who seek to make others happy end up feeling abused.

How can you change the situation?

  • Learn to say no to others . Your value does not depend on the approval you receive from others. Others love you for who you are, not for what you do for them.
  • Sometimes be selfish or at least think about your own needs. People with high self-esteem know when to prioritize their needs.
  • Set limits for others. The feeling that you have been abused stems from the fact that you accept requests from friends or family that you do not find acceptable. By limiting the requests that you can accept, you will find that your anger subsides.