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The most famous cable cars in Iran; A fun climb to the heights

Sometimes we like to go to the heart of the mountains, the forest and the sea, and by watching the beauties of nature, we can rebuild our faded peace so that we can return to urban life with more energy. 

Walking among the big, tall trees of our forests or climbing a mountain and drowning in majestic silence leads us to a goal beyond what we had in mind. 

On this trip, we want to ride the cable car with you and enjoy watching nature.

 Join us to get to know the most famous cable cars in Iran.

1. Tochal cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

Tochal cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

If you live in the capital, you must know the name of Tehran Bam and Tochal cable car. The cable car is the main attraction of the resort area. Tochal cable car with an approximate length of 7500 meters is the longest and most famous cable car in Iran. 

One of the important features of this cable car is the ability to move 600 people per hour. This cable car has 7 stations that connect the three main lines. It also has three telegraph lines and a ski line.

When you sit on the cable car seat and move between its stations, you will be watching the big city of Tehran and the Alborz mountain range from the heights .

 A short distance from the capital, you will enjoy the clean climate and the soothing silence of the resort mountains. This cable car is covered by civil liability insurance.

Resort ski slope

If you are going to ski in the resort area, you have to take the cable car to the seventh station. At this station, you will encounter a wonderful ski slope with a suitable slope. This is the first snow-covered ski slope in the country, which can be operated for more than eight months a year.

Do not forget to bring clothes, gloves, personal hats and shoes suitable for snowy mountain weather. If you do not have ski equipment such as skis and snowboards , you can rent them at this station.

At the bottom of the track, a hotel with a wooden facade attracts attention. You can relax in the hotel’s restaurant and café. You can also spend the night in one of the hotel rooms in the morning.

In addition to skiing, the 5D cinema, archery club, zip line, sled, bag jump club, skip room (escape room) and… are other exciting activities in this area.

Tehran, Chamran Highway, Yemen St., End of Velenjak St., Roof of Tehran
Thursday to Monday from 7 am to 4 pm
Tuesday from 8 am to 11 pm
Wednesday from 8 am to 3 pm

2. Namak Abroud cable car in Mazandaran

Namak Abroud cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

On Chalous Road to Mazandaran and Tonekabon Provinces, after a distance of about 12 km, Namkabroud Forest Park is full of cars and trees. In the north of this region, you can see the Caspian Sea and in the south, you can see the heights of Maduban (from the heights of Alborz mountain range). 

Namak Abroud cable car is one of the safest cable cars in Iran, which is located in this heavenly region; So be sure to go to him.

When you get on the Namak Abroud cable car, you will see a unique harmony of nature. Amazing views of the sea and its beautiful beaches, lush paddy fields, forests with 700-year-old boxwood trees and mountains covered with various plants that take the intelligence out of every human being.

The cable car is located in the southeast of Namak Abroud with two lines:
Line 1: This line takes you to Maduban peak. At the top of the peak, amenities such as a restaurant, a prayer hall and a toilet are provided.
Line 2: This line takes you to the beautiful peak of the Bath Demon. The freshness of the pristine forests at the top of this peak will make you happy. In another part of the peak, a zip line and a wooden suspension bridge will surprise you.

Restaurant, 6-dimensional cinema, karting track, bicycle track, shooting club, water entertainment and 2 other facilities of Namak Abroud entertainment complex.

of Mazandaran province, Chalous, 12 km of Chalous road towards Tonekabon,
operating hours
from 9:30 AM to 7 PM

3. Heyran cab trap in Gilan

Heyran cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

If you enter Astara road towards Ardabil, 35 km of this route, one of the most famous cable cars in Iran is waiting for you. Hiran tourist village is located on the edge of Heyran mountain in an area known as Haji Amir. The cable car is the most important tourist attraction of this village. Heyran cable car is the only cable car that transports tourists between the two provinces.

In this exciting trip, you can travel from Gilan province to Ardabil province with one of the most famous cable cars in Iran and enjoy watching the pristine nature between these two regions. To your east, you will see the Caspian Sea and the Heyran Pass. To the north, you see the border of Iran with the Republic of Azerbaijan, and to the west and south, you can see the beautiful forests of Ardabil.

On this journey, you will fly through the clouds and after seeing the pristine and refreshing scenery, you will land in the forests of Hazelnut. Due to the humidity of the Caspian Sea and the cool weather of the mountains, this region is located in fog most days, which doubles the beauty of the trip.

In this direction and from the outside of the cabin trap, Shindan Castle or Babak Tomb stands out: a castle that has been left from the Sassanid era; But now it is in Azerbaijan.

Karting track, trampoline, restaurant, cafe and… are other facilities of this recreational area. If you are planning to stay in this area, head to Hiran village and use its eco-lodges.

of Astara main road to Ardabil, Venebin village, Heeran pass, Heeran cable car Operating
from 8 am to 9 pm

4. Ramsar green roof cab trap in Mazandaran

Ramsar cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran
Photo by Saeed Zamani

On a trip to the westernmost point of Mazandaran, in the distance between the magnificent Ilmili Mountain and the Caspian Sea and in a city that is known as the bride of Iranian cities, one of the most famous cable cars in Iran is located. 

The city of Ramsar and the Bam Sabz recreation area are known for any nature tourism . The most popular part of this set is its cabin trap. Ramsar cable car is one of the most beautiful and famous cable cars in Iran and shows you different views in all four directions.

On the beach of this area, you can use recreational and exciting spaces such as amusement parks, 6-dimensional cinemas, karting and all kinds of water entertainment. Craft shops, various festivals, restaurants and buffets are ready to record pleasant moments in your trip to this city. To go to the green roof and the heights of Mount Ilmili, you must use the cable car. This cable car takes you from the shore to a height of 800 meters for 12 minutes and walks on the roof.

In the early moments of your exciting journey with this device, you will watch the beach road, amusement park, karting track, tea farms and orange groves under your feet. The higher you go, the more you see the coast of Ramsar.

Zipline, suspension bridge, restaurant, cafe and 2 other facilities of this complex. If you are planning to stay in this beautiful paradise, the large complex of Bam Ramsar Hotel will welcome you. The complex consists of a village of forest huts and private suites.

of Mazandaran province, 5 km of Ramsar to Rudsar road,
hours from 9:30 AM to 11 PM

5. Lahijan cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

Lahijan cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

In the east of Gilan province, the beautiful city of Lahijan is located. At the top of Lahijan mountain devil, there is a flat and green space called Lahijan green roof. Lahijan cable car is located next to the green roof and has two stations.

The first station is located in the Green Roof area. When you take the cable car, you will see the city of Lahijan with its colorful gables and green tea fields. At the second station, the cable car lands on a peak known as the Rooster. There are restaurants, cafes and pavilions for relaxation in the area.

Lahijan, Kashif Square, Green Gold Street,
operating hours
from 10 am to 8 pm

6. Ganjnameh Cabin Trap in Hamedan

Ganjnameh cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran
Photo by Abdul Alim Moradi

5 km west of Hamedan, at the end of Abbasabad valley, is Ganjnameh Square: the same famous Ganjnameh inscriptions that have been preserved in the heart of Alvand Mountain since the time of Darius and Xerxes. Next to the inscriptions and on the way to Alvand mountain, Ganjnameh waterfall is 12 meters high.

After watching and enjoying these beauties on the east side of the square, you will see the cultural-tourist village of Ganjnameh, where one of the most famous cable cars in Iran is located. Walking the route of this cable car, despite its ups and downs, will be one of your most exciting memories on your trip to Hamedan.

The origin of this cabin trap is Ganjnameh village. Along the way, you will see pristine views of the beautiful slopes and valleys of Alvand and embrace the silence of the mountains. The destination of the Mishan plain cable car is in Alvand mountain. This cable car is one of the safest and most famous cable cars in Iran due to having a double check device.

Rail sledding, amusement park, cave aquarium, 3D cinema, restaurant, cafe and 2 other facilities of this entertainment complex.

Hamadan city, Hamadan city, Abbasabad square, Ganjnameh street, east side of Ganjnameh square
from 10 am to 6 pm

7. Sefeh cabin trap in Isfahan

Sefeh cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

Sofeh Mountain in the south of Isfahan invites you to see this city from its rugged heights. One of the famous cable cars of Iran is located in this mountain and is considered as one of the exciting tourist attractions of this region. Sefeh mountain is known as the roof of Isfahan; Because when you stand on the summit, a spectacular view of Isfahan and Zayandehrood will be in front of you.

The cabin trap has two lines. The first line picks up passengers in the cable car parking lot and takes them to the windshield in 102 minutes. The wind pass is a valley in Safa Mountain where the wind becomes concentrated and strong. The air temperature at this point is lower than the foot of the mountain.

Zipline, suspension bridge, amusement park, zoo, bowling alley and 2 other facilities of this entertainment complex.

Isfahan, Aqarbaparast Highway, Shohada-e-Sefeh Highway, Tele-Cabin Boulevard, Isfahan- e- Sofeh Mountain Entertainment Complex
Saturday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 10 pm
Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 10 pm

8. Aoun Ibn Ali Tabriz Cable Trap in East Azerbaijan

Aoun Bin Ali cable car is one of the most famous cable cars in Iran

This time we want to take you to the beautiful land of Turkic speakers, the wonderful city of Tabriz. If you ask the warm-hearted and kind people of Tabriz where you can record a day full of memories for yourself and at the same time experience silence and tranquility, they will definitely point to the north of the city and will introduce you to the Einali mountains.

Einali Mountain is one of the most important attractions of Tabriz. In this place, Tabriz cable car or Aoun Ibn Ali, one of the most famous cable cars in Iran, is located. The cable car is designed in three phases, of which only the first phase is currently operational.

Along your way over the sky, you can watch Einali Mountain, Dand Peak and the city of Tabriz. In this short trip, a hot artificial lake, an artificial waterfall, wind turbines, the mosque and shrine of Aoun Ibn Ali and the memorial of the unknown martyrs are in front of your eyes.

Zipline, karting, prayer hall, restaurant, buffet, cafe and toilet are other facilities of this area.

Tabriz, Pasdaran Highway,
working hours on
Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon,
from Sunday to Friday, 24 hours a day

Iran has various mountains due to its natural geographical features. The cable car allows you to travel easily and in a short time from the foot of the mountain to the summit and enjoy nature. In this article, we introduced you to the most famous cable cars in Iran. 

If you have traveled to these beautiful areas, be sure to write us about your experiences.