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The Most Expensive Game In History – Super Mario Bros. Game Auction For 660 Thousand Dollars

The Mario game series is on the list of the best-selling games in the history of video games, and their reputation is well-known. There is interesting news that a copy of Super Mario Bros.

has been sold at auction for 660 thousand dollars. Of course, we must point out that this version is unique in that it is of the “no code” type. 

Usually the NES-GP logo plus a code is engraved on the back of the Nintendo game box, but no code is written on the back of this version of the game. 

That is why it is special and expensive. Join us for details of the Super Mario Bros. game auction.

The reason for the high auction of Super Mario Bros. game

Of course, there are other things that make this game special. For example, the word “System” does not appear on the front of the box after the word “TM”. Other than that, as the saying goes, this version is a “REV-A” type. This is what makes it such an extremely rare version of Super Mario Bros.

The most expensive game in history - Super Mario Bros. game auction for 660 thousand dollars 01

The game, which is up for auction, is a popular title that Nintendo sold in North America in the 1980s. This game has a score of +9.6, which is the highest score of a game in the Wata game rating. 

In addition, the best plastic version has a seal that is embedded in a perforated cardboard box. 

This game will become the most expensive video game with $ 660,000. A slightly different version of the same game sold for $ 114,000 last year.

The seller of the expensive game, who requested anonymity, announced that he had received the game in late 1986 as a Christmas present. After taking the game, he put it in a closet and did not look at it until earlier this year.

 “During this time, this game was with me and I had not even thought about it once,” he concluded.