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The Most Beautiful Spring Flowers; 15 Colorful Flowers And Glaze For Garden And Pots

Spring comes softly and slowly. From the middle of March, the traces of buds and greenery can be seen in the corners of the world, and when the spring screen officially sits on the calendar, we are faced with a green volume around us that purifies our hearts and eyes. 

By planting spring flowers in our gardens and pots, we can have more and more green space in our homes and around us. 

It’s wonderful to walk through winter with lots of spring flowers, isn’t it?

It is time to sow the seeds of spring flowers

In this article, we will tell you about the types of spring flowers; Flowers that brighten with their colors and greenery and bring the cold memory of winter out of our hearts. Cheerfulness makes spring green buds the most desirable season of the year. Of course, golden autumn, white winter and adventurous summer also have their beauties; But the freshness of spring lights can not be missed. 

The author of this article believes that spring is the king of seasons. What do you think? If you want to accompany the freshness of spring, now is the time to plant the seeds of spring flowers.

Note: In this article, in describing flowers, we have used the two terms “pot life” and “soil life”. “Pot life” means the durability of each flower in pot water and “life in soil” which does not need to be defined.

1. sufferon flower

Saffron flowers from spring flowers

Name: Saffron or Zrpran
Colors: white, purple, yellow
Aroma: the
life of flowers in soil 3 to 4 days
Origin: Greece, Turkey, Iran,
the possibility of growing up in Iran: there

Saffron flowers are one of the first beautiful spring flowers that show themselves in nature. It is this valuable plant that gives us fragrant saffron . Khorasan Iran is one of the most famous places for growing saffron flowers.

2. Narcissus flower

Narcissus flowers from spring flowers

Name: Narcissus
Colors: white, pale yellow, bright yellow or a combination of yellow and white
Aroma: It has
a flower life in the soil: 5 to 7 days (around November and December or around March and April)
Origin: Northern Europe
Possibility of cultivation In Iran: There is

Narcissus is one of the most popular spring flowers. To see daffodil flowers in spring, you have to work in the fall. The extract and sap of this flower destroys other flowers; So placing it next to other flowers in the pot is not a good idea for a long time.

3. Tulip

Tulips from spring flowers

Name: Tulips
Colors: Various except blue and green
Aroma: No
Flower life in soil: 1 to 2 weeks
Origin: Central Asia
Possibility of cultivation in Iran: Available

Tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers in spring. There is a way to keep tulip flowers in a fresh pot: open the cold tap and cut the flower stem under water. Every few days, change the pot water once and cut some of the stems. Place the flowers in a cool place away from direct heat.

4. Overturned tulips

Overturned tulips of spring flowers

Name: Inverted tulip
Colors: White, Purple, Orange, Spotted purple, Spotted orange
Fragrance: No
Flower life in soil: Usually up to 3 weeks (early May to rainy season)
Origin: London (but also seen in different parts of nature (
Possibility of breeding in Iran: There is

The inverted tulip is one of those special spring flowers that is seen more in nature than in pots. In Iran, there are different overturned tulip plains in places such as Aligudarz, Fereydunshahr, Malayer, Golpayegan and..

5. گل موگه

Muge flowers from spring flowers

Name: Mugahi
Colors: white
Perfume: the
vase life: 2 to 6 days
Origin: Asia and Europe
possible to grow in Iran: there

If you are looking to plant the seeds of spring flowers, be sure to consider Muge. Muge goes with its beautiful name in wet and shady areas. Its tiny white flowers can brighten even the darkest parts of your garden. This flower is also called snow flower.

6. Lavender flowers

Lavender from spring flowers

Name: lavender
colors: pink, white, cream, peach, cream, blue, violet
fragrance: a
life goal: several weeks in the soil remains intact. In a pot of water, it lasts 7 to 10 days.
Origin: East Mediterranean, the North Bulgaria to the northern parts of Palestine
is possible to grow in Iran: there

Lavender is another suitable flower for spring. Lavender flowers are spring flowers in pots or gardens that have a beautiful aroma and color. In order to see the presence of colorful spikelets in spring, you should think about planting them in autumn.

7. Spring flowers

Spring flowers from spring flowers

Name: Spring
colors: yellow
fragrance: the
life: 2 to 3 months (in late winter and early spring, you go)
Origin: Southern Europe and Asia
is possible to grow in Iran: there

Spring flower is one of those beautiful spring flowers that illuminates gardens and orchards with its yellow color. The presence of this flower is necessary for the prosperity of nature due to the attraction of bees and insects. Spring flowers belong to the family of Alaleh flowers.

8. Flower cup

A cup of spring flowers

Name: Bluebell
colors: yellow, purple, pink, white
Aroma: is
life: 2 years
Origin: Northwest Europe to Great Britain Islands
is possible to grow in Iran: there
The sparkling flowers scatter a beautiful blue carpet of flowers in the spring nature. These flowers grow in humid and shady weather; But they are very resistant and survive even in dry areas. Do not forget to water the cups. If you plant them in pots, do not forget to water the flowers.

9. Azalea flowers

Azaleas from spring flowers

Name: Azalea
Colors: Most pink or red but also blue, purple, yellow and white.
Perfume: the
vase life: 7 to 10 days
origins: in North America go
possibility of breeding in Iran there (but usually closer to spring into the country)

Azalea is also a suitable flower for spring. Beauty, elegance and bright and attractive color are the characteristic features of this flower. You must be careful in maintaining this flower. Store in a cool place at night and do not expose to strong sunlight during the day.

10. Peony or peony

Peony of spring flowers

Name: Peony or Peony
Colors: Mostly pink, but also seen in red, white and coral.
Perfume: the
vase life: 5 to 7 days
origin: China
allows cultivation in Iran: there
This flower needs a lot of watering. Every few days, you should shorten their stems a bit and keep the flowers away from direct sunlight. Beautiful peony flowers are very important and famous in China and they have been called the king of flowers.

11. Farzia

Farzia from spring flowers

Name: Farzia
Colors: Mostly yellow and white, but also purple, red, orange and pink.
Pot life: 7 to 10 days
Origin: Africa
Possibility of cultivation in Iran: There is
Cut the flower stalks obliquely (oblique) and separate the leaves that remain in the pot under water from the flower. By shortening the stems and changing the water of the pot containing freesia, you can keep it healthy for several days.

12. Violets

Violet from spring flowers

Name: violet
colors: the whole range of colors such as yellow, purple and, in some cases, a combination of colors can be seen in it.
Perfume: The odor is very mild and short
vase life: 7 to 10 days in pots and in the garden from early spring until the summer of
origin: Europe and West Asia
is possible to grow in Iran: there
Violets are usually grown in gardens and pots. Remember these flowers like sunlight; But if the light does not shine on them, no problem will occur.

13. Primrose flower

Primrose of spring flowers


Name: Primrose
Colors: Mostly yellow but also available in white, purple, red, pink.
Perfume: the
vase life: 7 to 10 days (in the soil in early spring and lasts)
origin: Western Europe and South America, northwestern Africa and southwestern parts of Asia
is possible to grow in Iran: there
Primrose can also be one of the spring flowers of your garden in the new year. If you want your primrose flowers to stay well, be careful to pluck the dry, damaged leaves.

14. Purple lilac flower

Purple flowers from spring flowers

Name: lilac
colors: violet, purple, blue and white
perfume: the
vase life: 3 to 7 days (in the case of rootedness in the soil just 3 weeks of spring lasts)
Origin: native from East Asia to Southeast Europe
possible Breeding in Iran: There is
If you have arranged jasmines and want to place them next to other flowers, be careful to put jasmine flowers in cold water 24 hours in advance so that the material inside them does not damage them when placed next to other flowers.

15. Iris flower

Iris of spring flowers

Name: Iris
Colors: Blue or purple but can be seen in yellow, white, pink, red, brown and even black.
Perfume: the
vase life: 3 to 6 days (from late winter to early spring in the soil)
Origin: Europe
is possible to grow in Iran there.

To increase the longevity of lily blossoms, keep them in cool weather. Be careful not to dry the branches and keep them moist.

At the end

You’re more familiar with spring flowers, aren’t you? It is spring and the scent of its colorful flowers. It does not matter if you have a garden or a garden, maybe a small terrace or even a window that can accommodate only a few pots in your niche.

 In any case, you should take a share of spring and invite its beautiful flowers to your surroundings. Which of the spring flowers do you like the most? Which ones do you invite to your small and large garden party?