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The most beautiful pools in the world; 16 hotels with the most amazing pools in the world

One of the memorable attractions of traveling abroad is seeing the luxurious and beautiful swimming pools of their hotels and accommodations. 

An experience that can be very costly and expensive. Of course, the experience of surfing the web and virtual acquaintance with them is not without pleasure and surprise.

These pools not only provide an escape from the hot summer sun of some of these countries, but also have beautiful views and unique architecture, and just sitting next to them can be enjoyable and relaxing .

The competitive atmosphere between the world’s major hotels has led to the fact that each of them, in turn, sets aside huge costs for the design of these pools and uses the skills of the best designers in the world.

In this article, we have selected some of them and we will introduce you to 16 extraordinary swimming pools in hotels, which are among the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

1. Marina Bay Sands (Sands of Marina Bay), Singapore

The design of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is eye-catching and futuristic, and its infinity pool has been translated in Persian as Infinity Pool, Infinity Pool or Edge Pool. The design of these pools is such that their edges disappear. Sometimes the edges merge with the ocean and sea water, and sometimes not.] Which extends across the hotel’s 57th floor, doubles its beauty.

Marina Bay Sands - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

If you’ve seen “Crazy Rich Asians”, you probably remember this hotel. One of the reasons for its remarkable fame today is this film. The approximate length of this pool is 150 meters. If you are not afraid of heights , you can experience happy times in this pool and have a stunning view of the city, a view that is especially attractive and spectacular at sunset.

2. Jules, Dallas

The Jules - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The design of the pool of this private hotel [boutique hotel: a relatively small hotel with a modern design that offers special services ] was commissioned by Adam Tihani. As you can see in the picture, The Joule pool passes through the exterior wall of the building and protrudes about 2.4 meters. The glass wall at the bottom of the pool makes the swimming experience even more daunting and exciting: as you approach it, you can look down from a height of 10 floors.

3. Casa Chamlion in Las Catalina, Costa Rica

Casa Chamelion - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

Casa Chameleon is located on a hill, with a total of 21 villas and is for adults only. In each of these villas there is a deep pool of cold brine; But despite these private pools, you still can not ignore the beautiful view of the infinity pool at night. In the unique design of this pool, a fire pit has been installed near its edge. This fire lights up at night and creates a spectacular view.

4. Ladra Residence, St. Lucia

Ladra Residence - One of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world

The four-star Ladera Resort is located approximately 300 meters above the Caribbean Sea. In the beautiful private pools of the hotel accommodations, you can get closer to the famous Pythons volcano from any time and place; As if you can touch it with your hand. The swings installed near some of these pools double the pleasure of the water experience in them.

5. Maui Four Seasons Resort, Wailia, Hawaii

Maui Four Seasons Resort - One of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world

The approximate area of ​​the Four Seasons Resort Maui five-star hotel pool is 250 square meters. From the edge of the pool, you will have a stunning view of the neighboring island of Lanai and the towering mountains in western Maui. If you can take a look at this scene for a while and go underwater, you can listen to music played by special systems under the pool.

6. Lajona assembled beach

Laguna Montage Beach - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The mosaic pool of the five-star Montage Laguna Hotel in Southern California is a major attraction for travelers and residents alike. In the bed of this pool, a beautiful image of the sun has been created with tiles. Around it grow large palm trees. Opposite is a beautiful view of the ocean.

7. Mulاnosa Dua, Bali and Villas Mul‌nosa Dua, Bali

De Moulia - Nosa Doa - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The Oasis Pool is the longest pool in Bali , the edge of which merges with the ocean water and is very popular. Around the pool, beautifully and artistically designed statues of standing women are erected, representing the carrying of daily necessities by Bali women. This method of transportation has a thousand-year history and is rooted in Bali civilization. The artistic design of this pool has attracted the attention of many people and has been inspiring for them.

8. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Ottawa

Amangiri - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The four-star Amangiri Hotel looks like a mirage in the desert. The pool is built around a 165-million-year-old rock. The beautiful design of this pool makes it blend in well with the sandy rock background and create a spectacular view.

9. Saint George in the Deer Valley

St. Regis - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The approximate area of ​​The St. Regis residence is 210 square meters. This residence welcomes guests all year round; But winter has a special and unique effect. Bathing in the infinity pool is extremely enjoyable in winter. The view of the snow-capped mountains in the background of this four-star hotel is also beautiful and stunning.

10. Grand Hotel Brakes, Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremesu - one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world

In 1910, a family built the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in the Lake Como region of Italy. Since then, the descendants of this family have been in charge of its management. Its pool is floating on Lake Como (referred to as “water on water”) and has a spectacular view. While swimming in the turquoise water of this pool, both the view of the lake and the surrounding mountains can be seen.

11. Unique Hotel, Sao Paulo

Unique Hotel - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The pool water of Hotel Unique looks crimson; This color is due to the mosaic of the pool bed. The pool is located on the eighth floor of the hotel. This hotel is a special place for relaxing guests during the day; But at night the situation is completely different: there is a party and music around the hotel and a variety of food and drinks are served. Pool parties are open to the public (600 people come to the party each night). The sound of music playing around the pool is also submerged through special pipes; So no one neglects the celebration while bathing!

12. Shore Club (Beach Club), Turks and Caicos Islands

Shore Club (beach club) - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

The Shore Club is located in a secluded spot on the island; As a result, it does not get too crowded and is ideal for leisure. One of the most important attractions of the residence is its swimming pool. You can enjoy the shelves installed around the pool, approach the heat source in the middle or relax under one of the wooden canopies at the edge of the pool.

13. Roswood, Bermuda

Rosewood - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

At the four-star Rosewood Hotel you will have two choices for the leading pool, and the end result is not at all easy: the first pool is the Biyantha Pool, the edge of which merges with the ocean water.

Bermuda - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

Another pool is built around the fountain in the hotel and is surrounded by coffee trees.

14. St. Kitts Staff Park, Christoph Port

St. Kitts Park - one of the most beautiful pools in the world

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Residence Pool Overlooks the neighboring island of Nevis Island. The color of the pool bed is such that its water looks like natural sea and ocean water and the reflection of the stars in the night sky creates a unique effect in it. If you want to immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere, you can visit the Rampart pool of this residence. The area around the pool is cover with stone arches: arches inspired by Brimston Hill Castle, near the area.

15. Hualalay Four Seasons Residence

Huallai Four Seasons Resort - One of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world

All 7 pools of the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai Hotel are beautiful and spectacular; But King’s Pond is something that is perhaps less found anywhere in the world. The lagoon was build by carving on the volcanic rocks of the island. King Wetland has a capacity of about 6.8 million liters of water. 4,000 different species of tropical fish are housing in this lagoon. Hotel staff provide you with diving equipment along with a waterproof ID card; After that, your underwater adventure officially begins.

16. Athens Hotel, Bangkok

Athens Hotel - One of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world

The Athenee Hotel is build on the site of a former palace. To design the hotel pool on the fourth floor, something like a pond has been turned. The native trees around it make you feel like you have stepped into a beautiful garden. Classic sculptures of happy Thai children are other artistic attractions.

These sculptures separate the deep part of the water from the shallow part. Seeing Bangkok’s skyscrapers from time to time also reminds you that you are not in a noble garden of history and you see this work of art in the heart of a thriving city.