The most beautiful pictures of wildlife in 2017

The most beautiful pictures of wildlife in 2017

We Can Safely Say That Wildlife Is One Of The Most Beautiful And Amazing Subjects For Photography. In This Report, We Discuss The Photos Recorded In The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition.

Wildlife in 2017, Beneath the Antarctic ice, Weddell’s jaws play in underwater caves. A resplendent pronghorn feeds her chicks in the cloud forests of Costa Rica, and an elephant stares at the photographer as her herd quenches their thirst by a pond.

Even when storms and fires engulf the earth, the world is still full of beauty. The photos submitted in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition are a good reminder.

This competition is organized by the Natural History Museum of London. One hundred photographs have been selected from the 50,000 photos sent from 92 countries.

The photos below are the winners of different categories. Two of these photos were recorded by children between eleven and fourteen.

The winners of this competition will be announced on October 17. An exhibition of these photos will be held in London from October 20 to the spring of 2018. Below are 13 of the most beautiful pictures of this competition.

 Bear Hug – Ashley Scully

This brown bear cub in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park wants to play and wrestle with its mother.

 Embossed Eagle – Klaus Nick

This rain-soaked bald eagle was captured at Dutch Harbor on Alaska’s Amaknak Island.

 Overview of The Lynx – Laura Albiak Vilas

This Iberian lynx was seen in the Sierra National Park in Andujar (southern Spain). This rare animal only feeds on rabbits.

 Shining Long Sleeve Food Delivery – Tiahor Castile

This long bright skirt was captured in the Costa Rican cloud forest in San Gerardo de Duta. This bird gives fruit and insects to its chicks and eventually uses food to convince them to leave the nest.

Love among angels – Andrey Marchak

Andrey Narchak was surprised when he jumped into the Okhotsk Sea in the eastern part of Russia; Angels of the sea were floating in the current of water.

 A treasure in the North Pole – Sergey Gorchakov

An arctic fox has stolen the egg of a snow goose. The fox will most likely bury the egg in the tundra to prevent it from spoiling. The image of this fox was recorded on Wrangel Island (Northern Arctic Ocean).

 Sugaro’s Spin – Jack Daikinja

Arizona’s Sonor Desert National Historic Site has 200-year-old Saguaro cacti. They have profound roots to absorb rainwater, and their height reaches 20 meters on the ground.

Rescued in Bonds – Steve Winter 

This Sumatran tiger cub was rescued from a trap in the rainforests of Aceh province on the island of Sumatra (Indonesia) by animal patrol.

 In the Sewer – Justin Hoffman

This tiny seahorse leaves its habitat near Sumbawa (Indonesia) island after the influx of garbage and plastic while holding the ear cleaner.

 Swimming Club – Laurent Ballesta

In East Antarctica, a mother walrus has taken her baby to the frozen water labyrinths.

 Insiders – King Lin


A sea anemone protects clownfish in Lembe Strait, North Sulawesi (Indonesia). What you see in their mouth is an ocean crustacean that lives as a parasite inside the mouth of these clown fish.

 The Power of the Great Mother – David Lewold

This female elephant in the Maza Mara National Reserve (Kenya) has brought her herd to a pond in the evening. She is most likely the mother of the whole pack.

 Winter Pause – Mats Anderson

This red squirrel was captured in southern Sweden, taking a break between foraging for food.