The Latest WhatsApp Update Adds New Capabilities To The Messenger Privacy Settings

The Latest WhatsApp Update Adds New Capabilities To The Messenger Privacy Settings

The New Whatsapp Update Lets You Hide Your Profile Picture And Last Visit From Several Contacts. Whatsapp Also Hosts New Features For Group Calling.

WhatsApp announced last year that it was working on new privacy settings that allow it to hide profile pictures, recent visits, and information from specific contacts. These new changes were introduced in the WhatsApp beta version and were unavailable to many people. As GSMArena writes, WhatsApp’s new privacy-focused features are widely available to Android and iOS users.

Before the new update was released, you had access to three options: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody in the profile picture and last visited settings. From now on, you will also see the My Contacts Except option. This new option is also available in the Status section settings.

WhatsApp / WhatsApp screenshot Privacy settings Last viewed on iOS

WhatsApp New Settings lets you hide your profile picture, recent views, and About information from some of your contacts. Do not forget that if you hide your last visit from others, you will not be able to see their previous visit either. It also applies to the Blue Read Receipt tick. Of course, this feature remains enabled in chat groups even if you disable Read Receipt.

To access the new WhatsApp privacy options, you can go to Settings> Account> Privacy in the Android and iOS applications.

New WhatsApp / WhatsApp notification for users to join a group call

In addition to the new options, WhatsApp has introduced several changes for group calls. Users can mute others in group calls or send messages to specific people. You will also see a notification if someone joins a group call.

Telegram, WhatsApp’s biggest competitor, hosts a lot of changes with every update; However, WhatsApp usually does not receive additional features in newer versions. Thanks to a recent update, things have changed a bit for WhatsApp. Of course, the part that WhatsApp has recently offered has been offered in Telegram for a long time.