The Importance Of Culture Criteria In Marriage And The Consequences Of Cultural Differences

The Importance Of Culture Criteria In Marriage And The Consequences Of Cultural Differences

Considering The Vast Effects Of Culture On The Life And Personality Of People, The Criterion Of Culture Is Very Important In Marriage, And Many Husbands And Wives End Up Divorcing Because Of Cultural Differences.

Culture is one of the essential criteria for marriage

One of the primary and vital concerns of boys and girls these days is marriage. When the choice of both parties for this crucial matter is correct and logical, married life is guaranteed for many years, and there are no problems for future generations.

One of the most critical criteria in marriage is culture. Reasoning and alertness are essential in deciding on marriage and should not be based on friendships and raw feelings. Still, unfortunately, many boys and girls use love as a criterion and do not pay any attention to other measures, which causes many problems.

Another essential point is recognition, the recognition you do thorough research regarding the other party’s family. You should not be indifferent to it in any way, leading to the glory of the girl and the boy in the courtship ceremony.

Culture in marriage

As mentioned before, unfortunately, among the criteria for young people’s marriage, the issue of culture has been neglected. If it should not ignore in any way and should pay special attention to the culture of different parts of the country, it should examine the differences before any action. did

Although with the expansion of social networks and sightseeing in different cities or necessary trips such as military service, education, and work, we have become familiar with other cultures, this does not mean that with this knowledge, we can get along with any level of civilization.

You may be considering someone for marriage who, despite your cultural differences, has most of the conditions you want. In your opinion, what is the best way in this situation? Do you proceed according to the agreed requirements and ignore the cultural difference?

Or, because of cultural differences, do you put a drill on the poppy so much that the other person loses your hand? Before answering these questions, we will talk a little about the effects of culture on each of us.

Marriage criteria

Effects of culture on people

Culture is so influential that setting priorities may not be easy for you. Start from your essential beliefs and beliefs. Which of your thoughts is your red line?

What is your answer if they ask you for a definition of culture? Is it other than to think of it as a mother responsible for nurturing your thinking, behavior, personality, and emotions before birth? If we want to evaluate and examine the effects of culture in our life in a detailed and accurate way, we can refer to the following options.

Thoughts and beliefs:

Before anything else, culture affects our way of thinking and then changes our beliefs and thoughts. For example, in the field of marriage, some cultures believe that boys should be married by the age of 20 if the culture. The other has a lot of emphasis on family marriage.

Culture in marriage


The minor issues in our lives are influenced by culture, from how we sit at the table to the shape of our prayers or how we dress.

Collective and individual expectations:

Our expectations from each other depending on the culture we have. For example, in marriage customs, some bride’s families receive extensive and expensive gifts from the groom’s family on special occasions.


Culture significantly impacts our performance in various tasks and occasions, which means that in some cultures, ceremonies are substantial and have strict and special preparations and plans for marriage. Still, a series of other cultures have more clear customs. They are intended for weddings.

Customs in marriage

Our goals:

In this case, it should say that culture can disrupt people’s goal-setting and bring it to a perfect end; therefore, in some cultures, it is still permissible for girls to study higher than third grade. They don’t know that it makes it difficult for many young people because, naturally, the type of goals these girls have for their future will be very different from those who are free to make their own decisions.

As you have seen, culture’s effects on individual people’s lives are undeniable and hidden. No one can say that he has completely removed the shadow of the culture in which he has evolved just by understanding the consequences. A lack of kindness to this issue will make it easier in the vital matter of marriage.

Cultural compatibility in marriage

Do not be indifferent to the consequences of cultural conflict

Considering the vast influence of culture on people’s personalities and life, it is not surprising that many husbands and wives go to family courts due to cultural conflict, and their work ends in separation. This problem happens to these people in three ways. :

1- Groom and bride against each other:

In most cases, despite cultural differences, families have exceptional flexibility and tolerance and spend it in the right place. But the bride and groom cannot tolerate and understand each other’s cultural differences and get into trouble over minor issues.

Cultural differences between couples

2- Bride or groom against another family:

On the contrary, this can also happen, and it depends on the existing conditions, which means that one of the families of the bride or groom, due to cultural conflict and differences with the other family, expectations were not met, unconsciously, discrepancies arise, and this is possible. If the other party gets tired of the arguments over time or comes in because of the support and favor of his family, then the case and position will go deeper with this situation.

3- Family against the family:

Although a group of husbands and wives has no differences from each other individually, their families have not been able to adapt to each other because of the difference in culture between them. As a result, their conflicts affect the lives of their children.

The problems of couples' culture conflict

Prevention of cultural conflict problems in everyday life

With all these interpretations, the most logical and wisest action is to think of a solution before the incident. In such a situation, it is recommended that you talk about the individual differences between you and your partner before you start courting or entering into a contract. The family plus section will provide you with solutions that will help you consider what to consider about culture:

  1. Do some research on your partner’s culture. For example, if you propose to a girl from another culture, the best way to understand your cultural differences is to research the culture she grew up in. do. It is enough to get information through books, magazines, and reputable websites and talk to neutral people familiar with that culture. Then, at the last stage, start a conversation with the girl herself and use it for research. Do.
  2. Determining your cultural priorities is one of the essential things you should consider, not to mention that artistic works are so subtle that determining priorities may not be easy for you. To be able to do this, start with your most important beliefs. Now the question is, which of your premises is your red line?
  3. Take it easy on yourself, and then know that now is the time to evaluate the cultural fit of your other party. It does not mean that you must be culturally similar to your spouse. Still, as long as there is no cultural gap between you and him, it can be said that there is relative compatibility between you, and of course, careful checks are also needed.
  4. You should know that you should not be satisfied with your weighting style with complete confidence. It is better to get advice from it by bringing in another person because it has been said since ancient times that every series has a reason! Therefore, you can get help from a knowledgeable and caring friend, and we suggest you discuss your problem with specialized marriage counselors because this is preferable.