The Highest Paid Jobs In The Software World In 2021

Information Technology Has Become One Of The Most Important Pillars Of Human Societies And Has Simplified Some Daily Tasks.

 Do You Know Who Designs Different Technologies And Applications So That We Can Use Them Easily? 

These unfamiliar heroes are developers of application software. Applicants of application software developers, in collaboration with hardware engineers, design software so that consumers can use electronic equipment more easily.

Developers design applications to control and work with computers, cell phones, wearables, and industrial equipment to enable interaction with these devices.

Why is application software development so attractive?

Developing application software is similar to creating a work of art in which signs of creativity can be seen. Software developers can show their genius and creativity in a variety of ways. Software developers think about solving a problem when designing an application, which leads them to look for creative solutions to that problem.

In addition, software development falls into the category of jobs that have the least stress. So, if you are looking for a job that is not stressful, it is better to go to application software development, especially if you are an independent developer who earns his living by making and selling application software.

The main and most important factor that drives people to develop application software is the financial debate.

Typically, software developers are paid well to build application software.

This wage can be through the sale of application software or through the conclusion of contracts in which hourly wages are received.

If you look at job sites, you will find that the most in-demand in the technology industry is for software developers. Technology is advancing rapidly, so there are always job opportunities for professionals in this field.

The Robert Half Technology Institute’s Payroll Guide 2021 points out that jobs related to artificial intelligence (machine learning, business intelligence), cloud architecture, cybersecurity, data analysis, database design, and software design (web, Databases, and mobile), network engineering, helpdesk, and systems management are some of the most popular jobs in the new year.

The most important and in-demand IT skills in 2021 include Scrum and Agile, Angular, C #, ASP.NET, Cloud Computing (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud), Golang, Java, JavaScript, Piachupi, Python, ReactJS and React Native, Ruby, Esquire, Virtualization, and Virtual Augmented Reality.

Now that we are somewhat familiar with the benefits of the job of programming and software development, it is time to introduce the most lucrative jobs in the software world in 2021.

Big Data Engineer

Businesses need people who can turn large amounts of raw data into comprehensible information to determine strategies and decisions. On average, a big data engineer is paid $ 166,000 a year.

Big data engineers need a robust system to process information, access organizational databases, and interact with the parts of the organization that produces important information.

In most cases, these people have a degree in computer science but are well versed in mathematics and database work.

Engineer of Database

Database engineers are the bridge between coding and engineering. The salary of these specialists is an average of $ 120,000 per year, and to increase the productivity of companies, they develop and improve various information technology systems.

Database engineers must be proficient in programming languages, software engineering, security systems, technical analysis, and problem-solving to perform business activities.

Information Systems Security Manager

Today, more than ever, employers need IT, security professionals, to keep their sensitive data and systems secure. Information systems security managers have a strong technical background in systems and network security and have the ability to manage relevant teams. In most cases, an information systems security manager has to come up with creative solutions to problems and be able to interact best with other team members.

Security managers need to be up to date on new security trends and achievements in this area so that they can respond quickly to potential threats. The average salary for information systems security managers is $ 149,000 a year.

Developed mobile applications

If you look at the applications on your phone and tablet, you can see why there is so much demand for mobile app developers. All large businesses and startups use native apps designed for Android and iOS to launch their products and services alongside the website.

Accordingly, they are looking for experienced developers who have experience coding with popular programming languages ​​such as Java, Swift, Kathleen and working with large mobile frameworks.

In addition, some organizations expect mobile developers to have sufficient knowledge of web programming frameworks such as React, Philosophy, and similar examples. The average salary of a mobile app developer is $ 135,750 a year.

Application Architect

With an average salary of $ 144,000 a year, this group of professionals designs the overall framework of the main parts of the application, which includes the user interface, infrastructure, and middleware.

In addition to powerful technical capabilities, application architects must work as a team to do better, have good team management skills, and be experienced in roadmap development and planning.

Application Architect is one of the most lucrative IT jobs, as all the big companies are looking to improve the performance of applications or build new software.

Data Architect

This team of experts is responsible for implementing complex processes that determine how data is stored in data warehouses and databases. The data will ultimately be used to make strategic business decisions.

Simply put, data architects transform business policies into models, algorithms, and schemes so that database managers can store data based on these schemas in a structured way within databases and make optimal use of in-house or cloud storage space. In addition, data architects are responsible for securing databases.

The average salary for data architects is $ 145,000 a year.

Database Manager

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining and supporting databases and helping data analysts access data more easily. The average salary of a database administrator is $ 137,000 per year.

Few organizations or companies today can manage large volumes of financial transactions without a database manager. Therefore, the director of databases is one of the most popular jobs in the new year.

Database managers, in addition to having a lot of skills and knowledge concerning managing database management systems, must have good skills in strategic planning.

Data Security Analyzer

These specialists are responsible for securing individual and networked systems. By monitoring the performance of firewalls, cryptographic technologies, and protocols used to securely transmit data, they ensure companies that hackers cannot easily eavesdrop on organizational information.

To perform its tasks properly, a data analyst must be able to make good use of the tools available, analyze the information received from intrusion prevention systems, be able to solve problems and provide new solutions and work with network engineers to identify and maintain vulnerabilities.

Be in interaction. The average salary of a data security analyst is $ 134,000 a year.

Data scientist

Data scientists use statistical calculations to model complex data received from a variety of sources. The average salary of a data scientist is $ 129,000 per year. In addition to specializing in statistics, mathematics, and computer science, data scientists must analyze data in a way that allows them to be used in big decisions. Data scientists typically have sufficient knowledge of Python, Java, R, and machine learning.

Network and cloud architect

Network and cloud architects, with their extraordinary technical problem-solving skills, help organizations implement complex projects that are sometimes a combination of traditional and cloud networks.

The Network and cloud architects identify bottlenecks, identify problems, and provide solutions to improve the performance of networked services and use resources properly. Organizations typically hire cloud and network engineers with years of experience. The average salary of a network/cloud architect is $ 146,000 a year.

Network / Cloud Engineer

Network/cloud engineers have extensive technical knowledge of the basic concepts of wired and wireless networks, network protocols, and hardware because they are responsible for implementing, maintaining, and supporting day-to-day network and cloud services. Typically, organizations seek to attract engineers with strong backgrounds in protocols, security, servers, switches, and network methodologies. People who can provide effective solutions by analyzing problems.

Accordingly, they are more interested in attracting professionals who have important qualifications such as CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE in their portfolio. The average salary for network/cloud engineers is $ 115,250 per year.

Senior web developer

The senior web developer, while identifying business needs and developing web-based applications tailored to business goals, tries to design web-based applications that perform well.

In addition, senior web developers provide site administrators, front and back developers with technical advice to implement an integrated system.

Typically, senior web developers should have acceptable technical knowledge of the Pho programming language, Ruby, and working with a variety of content management systems.

Needless to say, these people have a thorough knowledge of the technologies used by front-end and back-end developers. Web developers need many years of experience to be hired by organizations as senior web developers. The average salary of a senior web developer is $ 124,000 a year.

Site reliability engineer

The site engineer checks the performance of the programs to make sure that the written programs do not waste resources in vain and have accurate performance. In addition, they reassure organizations that the code is optimally written.

These engineers edit poorly written code as needed to fix problems with web-based software. Accordingly, they have sufficient knowledge about programming.

The average salary of these engineers is $ 123,000 per year. Often, site engineers interact with software teams or evaluate team output after completion.

 System Engineer

System engineers are responsible for maintaining and supporting the company’s technical infrastructure, which includes software and hardware. Whenever a system crashes, these people troubleshoot and configure the systems.

Accordingly, system engineers must have sufficient knowledge of hardware and basic topics in the field of electronics to be able to identify system problems. The average salary of a system engineer is $ 107,000 a year.

Software Engineer

The software engineer identifies the technical and engineering aspects of the software. That’s why the job market for software engineers is always hot.

Software engineers must have sufficient knowledge of information systems and be proficient in at least one programming language and related technologies. Graduated software engineers are typically a branch of computer science.

The average salary for software engineers is $ 123,000 a year


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