The effect of uptime on site SEO

Among the factors of a good and high-quality host, things like speed, stability, security, compatibility, and support are very important. In this article, we are going to impact of uptime on-site SEO examine. We want to know what the relationship effect of uptime on-site SEO

What is uptime and how is it calculated?

Uptime is the amount of time the service is available. Usually, this amount is specified as a percentage and monthly.

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By reading the above article, you will be able to determine the amount of effect of uptime on-site SEO without any problems. After this, it’s time to know how much is the impact of uptime on site SEO?

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By reading the above article, you will have a correct understanding of SEO and you will understand the relationship between site uptime and SEO.

What is the impact of uptime on site SEO?

According to the information obtained from Google, about 200 factors are used in the ranking of sites. Some factors have a direct impact and some factors have an indirect impact on SEO. Uptime is one of the indirect factors in SEO that is very important. In order to convey the meaning of the article correctly, consider the fact that uptime does not have a direct impact on SEO, but it should be noted that if the site’s uptime is less than 100%, the site is inferior to other sites that have higher uptime. It gets negative. Uptime can be considered as one of the infrastructure factors in site SEO. Because without uptime and availability of the site, nothing will be seen even if they are the most ideal!

The difference between host uptime and site uptime

For SEO, it is important how much uptime your site is and how accessible it is. The host may be fully available, but it is your site that is not available for any reason. From Google’s point of view, the unavailability of the site is exactly the same as when the host is unavailable. Therefore, you should also take the necessary measures to maintain and maintain your site.

How to have high uptime?

One of the best and most effective measures in providing high uptime is buying hosting from reputable hosting companies. The minimum acceptable monthly uptime should be 99.9%. 99.9% uptime means about 45 minutes of site unavailability during a month! In addition to a good host, you must also have good management on your site to have the highest amount of uptime for your site. Providing security and paying attention to technical issues have a special role in this matter, which you should definitely keep in mind