The Best Sites In The World; The Most Interesting Websites That You Don't Know About

The Best Sites In The World; The Most Interesting Websites That You Don’t Know About

There Are Attractive, Practical, And Entertaining Websites In The Virtual World that Few People Know About. In This Article, We Are Going To Introduce Some Of Them To You.

It doesn’t matter what browser we use; we all have a folder of our favorite websites that are either useful for us or visit them to spend time and have fun or learn.

Currently, there are billions of websites, So no matter how much you have surfed the Internet, it is impossible to see all the attractive and functional websites. There are always other options you can add to your bookmarks folder.

This article will introduce exciting websites you probably don’t know about. Note that the mentioned websites are presented in the order of English letters.


Screenshot of the 10 Minute Mail website

To use the services of most websites and applications, you must register with them. Registration is done only to receive the account activation link. However, the problem is that once companies get your email, they send you annoying promotional emails. If this is important to you and you want to keep your email free of advertising messages, use the 10MinuteMail website.

As the name suggests, 10MinuteMail is a service for creating temporary emails that are valid for only 10 minutes.


360 Gigapixels website screenshot

One of the most interesting websites in the world that provides multi-gigapixel 360-degree panoramic images of world-famous cities such as London and New York.

A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur website screenshot

A practical website where you can create the relaxing sound you want by moving a few sliders. For example, you can simulate the feeling of working on a rainy day by moving the rain and thunder slider .

Adobe Color

Screenshot of Adobe Color website

This website, created by Adobe , defines complementary colors , which is considered a useful tool for graphic designers and designers. Enter the desired color code to display its complementary colors.

Adobe Spark

Screenshot of Adobe Spark introduction page

With Adobe Spark, you can create beautiful graphics for social media, short videos, and web pages in minutes. This website has thousands of ready-to-use templates that make things much easier for users.

Spark uses three built-in apps: Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video. Each of these focuses on providing the best experience. There is no need to pay money to start working; But over time you can try its personal or team plans.


Screenshot of the AudioCheck website

The AudioCheck website is a complete headphone testing tool that allows you to test the dynamic range, frequency range, bass depth, left and right balance, and other specifications of your headphones.


Screenshot of the introduction page of Canva that tells about its capabilities

One of the best websites for creating graphic images and video covers is Canva. This service has many users from all over the world and is considered one of the best options for editing. You can use it to create beautiful images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. posts in a few minutes.

There are also thousands of amazing and beautiful templates on the said website and you can take help from them. A website and a mobile app are developed for Canva, and you can use both.

Can You Run It

A page from the can you run it site that talks about configs

This is our top pick for gamers. Every time a new game is released, many people wonder if they can run it on their system or if they have to upgrade their system. Can You Run It answers that question. Of course, the mentioned website goes further and can even tell what games you can run with the current configuration of your device.


A screenshot from the Compressor site

If you want to send a photo to someone or upload it to a website; But the size of the photo is large, go to Compressor. This free service reduces the size of the photo several times without reducing its quality.

Cloud Convert

Screenshot of Cloud Convert website

Cloud Convert is a useful website for converting different files to each other, which supports all audio, video, text, and document formats. The free version of this website allows you to convert 25 files per day.

Days of the Year

Screenshot of Days of the Year website

Days of the Year is considered to be one of the interesting websites on the Internet that shows why people of different countries and nationalities celebrate today, From French Toast Day to Black Cat Day. Even with the help of the calendar of this website, you can see the celebrations of different days of the year.

?Down for Everyone or Just Me

Down For Every One Or Just Me website screenshot

Sometimes sites won’t open and users wonder if the website is down or if there is a problem with their internet connection or device. You can type the website address in Down for Everyone or just me in these cases.

The mentioned service will tell you if the site itself is down or if there is a problem with your system connection. Of course, if even the Down for Everyone or just me website itself does not open for you, the problem is definitely with your Internet!

Earth Nullschool

Screenshot of the Earth NullSchool website

Earth Nullschool is an interactive website that shows a real-time 3D map of the Earth’s winds. This map has many settings and shows things like the temperature of different parts of the globe and the state of ocean waves.


Enhancv website screenshot

One of the best free resume builder services is Enhancv, which lets you create an impressive resume in minutes. Of course, to use all the features of this website, you have to pay for its Pro version subscription; But the features of Enhancv’s free version are enough to create a beautiful and impressive resume.


Screenshot of FactSlides website

FactSlides website is one of the attractive sources for increasing public information. In the said website, nearly 10 thousand facts are written in the form of slides, which you can read to increase your general knowledge. It should be noted that reading all these 10,000 facts will take hours and maybe a few days. For example, did you know that 15% of the world’s internet traffic is on Netflix?


The Freedly page that is introducing its features

Feedly can be considered as one of the most useful article listing websites. The said website can collect articles from different websites on one page so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to access them. With it, you will be able to have more time to read; Because you no longer need to browse multiple websites.

A website and a mobile app are developed for Feedly, and you can use whichever is most useful.


Screenshot of the Freepik website

If you are not familiar with the field of graphics, you will probably imagine that the designer of that banner spent hours designing each and every component of it; But the reality is probably something else. Graphic designers always have special tools and resources that help them create fantastic banners or images in a short amount of time. Freepik is a popular resource for graphic designers, offering high-quality vector images, JPEG images, and PSD files for free.

Geo Guessr

Screenshot of Geo Guessr website

Geo Guesser website is an online game. In the mentioned game, you appear in one of the parts of the world with the help of Google Street View and you have to identify where you are on the planet. The more accurate location you can choose, the more points you will get. It is also possible to limit the scope of the game to a specific continent or country or city; But for maximum attraction, we suggest not to apply a limit.


Screenshot of the GetHuman website

Maybe this website is not very useful for Iranian users; But it is not bad to get acquainted with GetHuman. GetHuman is an internet service that provides you with the best way to contact the customer affairs of thousands of famous companies so that you don’t have to wait on the line for hours anymore.

This contact method is provided in the form of an internal contact number, email, and person’s name. The paid part of GetHuman is such that by paying a certain amount, you can entrust GetHuman with all the steps related to contacting and following up with customer affairs or after-sales services of your favorite company.


Gifprint website screenshot

This website can convert animated GIF files into printable flipbooks .

Guitar Tuner

Guitar tuner sign

Now it’s time for an option for musician users to tune their guitar easily. To work with Guitar Tuner, give the website access to the microphone and tune your guitar with it. It is promising to see such practical sites that can solve many problems.

Hacker Types

Hacker Typer website screenshot

You must have seen in action movies that someone writes a special code in an environment similar to the DOS operating system with green font and hacks a computer just by hitting the keys on the keyboard . If you want to experience the feeling of these hackers, just go to the Hacker Type website and press F11 to make your browser full screen and start typing. No matter what keys you press, the said website will display its own strange codes and you can make an account of people around you work.

Have I Been Pwned

A screenshot of the Pwned site showing a person's email in the middle of the page

Troy Hunt , one of Microsoft ‘s senior executives , has a special expertise in Internet security. He launched a website called Have I Been Pwned where you can enter your email to find out if your information has been leaked by searching for information leaked from the biggest hacks in history, including the hacks of LinkedIn, Adobe, MySpace, Tumblr and several other famous websites. .


Screenshot of the KnowEm website

If you want to choose a name for your personal project or business and you don’t know if this name is available for use in social networks and website domain or already chosen, go to KnowEm. Search for the name you want in it to check the possibility of choosing it for different social networks and domains.

Level Up Life

Screenshot of Level Up Life website

On the Level Up Life website, you register your big and small life goals by creating a free account. Then, in the form of a role-playing game , the website gives you points by completing objectives. Most of the users who have used Level Up Life have mentioned it as one of the powerful motivational tools . We suggest that you try it once.

Line Rider

Screenshot of the Line Rider website

Line Rider is an interesting and fun game in which you have to design the path of the sled rider. This addictive game is also released for Android and iOS ; But unlike the completely free version of the website, you have to pay three dollars to download its mobile application.

Listen to Wikipedia

Screenshot of Listen to Wikipedia website

The theme of the Listen to Wikipedia website seems a little strange; But it is beautifully executed. This website monitors all Wikipedia updates in real time and records them with music playing. Whenever a user edits one of the Wikipedia articles, which happens several times every second, a beautiful sound like a bell or a guitar note is played.

The beauty of the Listen to Wikipedia website is that these sounds are played back to back in a way that is not only annoying; but to form music. In addition, with each click, you can go to the edited article.


Screenshot of Manuals Lib website

ManualsLib provides an archive of four million manuals in PDF format for various devices from a hundred thousand brands; From smartphones to TVs, cameras, refrigerators, home theaters, printers, etc. Of course, keep in mind that most of the manuals on this website are in English and there are no Farsi manuals.


Screenshot of the Mathway website

The Mathway website is an attractive service for students and math lovers in general that can solve any type of equation. Of course, we do not suggest that you use Mathway to cheat in solving math exercises; Because this website does not show the steps to solve the equations and only provides the final answer. The Mathway website also has a paid version of the equation solving tool, which differs from the free version in that it shows the steps to solve the problem.

Music Map

Screenshot of the Music Map website

For those interested in the world of music, the Music Map website has a special appeal. In the introduced website, just search for the name of your favorite singer. Then, the website shows a map of other singers and bands whose music you might also enjoy listening to. This website is one of the easiest ways to discover new songs. The interesting point is that Music Map has recorded most of the Iranian singers and music groups in its information.


Ninite website screenshot

The Ninite website is a free service that installs all the software you need on your computer or laptop at once. Select the list of your favorite software (for example Chrome, Firefox, Skype, VLC and WinRAR). Then, it installs all of them on your system at once. The interesting thing is that in addition to installation, Ninite can keep your system software up to date .

Old Version

Old Version website screenshot

The old version website , as its name suggests, provides the old version of various applications for download; Applications that we all definitely have many memories with; Like Yahoo Messenger or Winamp .

Online Etymology Dictionary

Screenshot of Online Etymology Dictionary website

Etymology Dictionary online dictionary is one of the attractive and less known dictionaries that shows the entire history of the searched word. This website has an application for Android and iOS and even an extension for the Chrome browser.


Screenshot of the Open Library website

It is one of the comprehensive e-book references in the world, which claims to have a separate page for all the books in the world. At the time of this writing, it has over 2,500 free e-books that you can “borrow”.


Screenshot of the Pixlr website

Pixlr is one of the older websites on this list; But it is still very useful. Pixlr provides an online photo editing tool similar to Photoshop for free. You can use the mentioned tool both through computers and mobile phones and use simple tools such as cutting and retouching to full design tools.

Phraseme site that shows an actor speaking

One of the interesting websites on our list is PlayPhrase, where after you type in the desired words, video clips of movies containing them will be displayed. Imagine you want to use a certain sentence that was said in a movie for a part of your project. This website can help you do that. is very easy to use. Also, there are some keyboard shortcuts to help you move between next and previous videos easily. In addition, the names of the movies are displayed in the lower part.


Print Friendly website screenshot

Undoubtedly, the destruction of the environment is one of the serious issues in the world today. Big companies also try to avoid using paper as much as possible; But finally there comes a time when we need to print a page. In this situation, we should use the PrintFriendly website. Enter the address of the page you want to print, so that it will be ready for printing by changing the layout of the page content and reducing the amount of paper required.

Quick Draw

A screenshot of the quickdraw page showing various drawings

One of the weirder websites on our list is Quick Draw. If you want to test your drawing skills, definitely give it a try. In Quick Draw, you will be shown a word that you have to draw within 20 seconds. If the system can recognize it, you will enter the next stage, and if it can’t, you will lose.


Screenshot of Removebg website

If you don’t know how to zoom in Photoshop and you want to change the background of your images, Removebg website will do it for you with just one click and in the best possible way.

Repair Clinic

Screenshot of the Repair Clinic website

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t believe in repairmen and wants to repair all the things in your house yourself, be sure to put the Repair Clinic website in your bookmarks folder. This website provides a complete archive of step-by-step repair guides for washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, gardening machines, etc. Users of the website have reported that Repair Clinic has saved them hundreds of dollars in repair costs and that the tutorials are very practical.


Screenshot of SimpleSavr website

It is one of the attractive tools that allows quick sharing of text between all devices connected to the network. For example, imagine that in your company you want to share a link between other computers and even phones connected to the network. Put the URL of the link on the SimpleSavr website and then, when others visit this website, they will see your link.

Screenshot of the SleepyTime website

This website tells you what time you should go to sleep according to the natural sleep cycle in order to wake up with the most energy at the time you want. Even if you want to go to sleep at a certain time, it tells you what time you should wake up to have the most energy.


Screenshot of Supercook website

Imagine that you are sitting at home on a holiday and you have not yet received your salary and you only have raw materials such as chicken, flour and milk at home. With such limited ingredients, you’d think you couldn’t make an attractive meal; But the Supercook website doesn’t think so.

The mechanism of Supercook is that you choose the ingredients you want and the website shows you the best dishes that you can make with all or part of those ingredients. This website is not perfect; But they will come in handy; So, it doesn’t hurt to save it in the bookmarks folder. Do not forget that Supercook has a dedicated application for Android and iPhone phones.

Text Faces

Text Faces website screenshot

This website contains Unicode emoticons that you can use in different places such as chatting with others and Instagram bio and in the comments section of different websites.

The Power of PowerPoint

Screenshot of The Power of PowerPoint website

Whether you are a student or a worker, you have to work with PowerPoint whether you like it or not. PowerPoint is considered the best tool for making presentations and giving reports. The good news is that you don’t need to take a special course to make a high-quality PowerPoint presentation; Because the Japanese website The Power of PowerPoint offers several high-quality and stunning ready-made files with attractive animations for free.

The Wiki Game

Screenshot of The Wiki Game website

The Wiki Game website is an attractive and simple game in which you have to get from one Wikipedia page to another in the shortest possible time by clicking on the page links. For example, you should start at the Wikipedia page for the element “copper” and get to the page for “brain” in less than two minutes. In addition to the excitement, The Wiki Game website also allows you to explore rich and complete Wikipedia pages.

This To That

Screenshot of This To That website

An attractive and creative website designed to connect different objects together. You just have to choose the material of the two surfaces you want (for example, wood to glass) so that the most efficient adhesive possible will be offered to you.

Tiii Me

Tiii Me website screenshot

If you are asked how long it will take to watch all the episodes of one or more series, just enter the name of the series on the Tiii Me website.

Vector Magic

Screenshot of the Vector Magic website

The Vector Magic website is one of the most useful graphic tools in the world that can receive all kinds of JPG, PNG, or GIF images and convert them into vector files .

What Happened In My Birth Year

Screenshot of the What Happened In My Birth Year website

As the name of the website and even its domain address show, by entering the year of your birth, the most important events of that year will be presented to you in the form of a narrative.

What The Font

Screenshot of the myfont site that shows different fonts and photo upload location

Maybe you have also seen a very interesting font; But don’t know what its name is. What The Font is a site that helps you find information about any font. To find font information, first open the site and upload its photo or screenshot. After a short wait, the name of the mentioned font will be displayed to you.


A screenshot from the windowswap site

One of the interesting websites on the list is WindowSwap. Until a few months ago, the corona quarantines were still serious and most people had to stay in their homes and limit their physical communication.

During these difficult times, Sonali Ranjith and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam thought of sharing their window pictures with others.

On the WindowSwap website, you can see what other people view from your window. Currently, window views from countries such as Scotland, London, India, USA, and Qatar are available. This website doesn’t show you the live feed; instead, it displays a 10-minute video with voices submitted by people.

You, Users, Can Also Introduce Them To Us And Other Users In The Comments Section If You Know Any Other Interesting Or Useful Websites Apart From These Websites.