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The Best Places For Shopping And Malls In Istanbul

As you know, Turkey has a global reputation in the clothing industry and a person must think about buying after entering this country.

Turkey But the variety of different and quality brands in this country allows any tourist to find what he likes with ease and experience the

pleasure of good shopping.

Turkey In addition to clothing in electronic goods, cosmetics, home goods have also appeared strong and can be bought safely.

If you have complete information about shopping malls before traveling to Turkey, in addition to saving time, you can also save on shipping costs. In the following, we want to introduce a number of Istanbul shopping malls in different areas of the city that have had the most visitors.

Istanbul Jewelry Shopping Center (Istanbul cevahir)

The shopping center, located on شişli Street in Istanbul, opened on October 15, 2005 on six floors, has an area of ​​420,000 square meters and has more than 350 stores. The diversity of brands can be seen in it, the first five floors are clothing, electronics and home goods, and the sixth floor is all the restaurants and cafes of this complex.

Jewelry Shopping Center

This shopping center has 12 cinemas, a stage for holding conferences and shows, a multidimensional cinema, a playground for children, etc., which can be said to have all the facilities for a fun day.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Istanbul, ،işli district, Mayسs neighborhood, Bu ،k Dare road, Istanbul jewelry shopping center

Istanbul Mall

Istanbul Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul where brands such as:


Media Markt

Teknosa Mudo YKM


there are. This shopping center with an area of ​​154,000 square meters and 350 active stores is providing services to customers.

Istanbul Mall

In Istanbul, Mall of English, French, Turkish, restaurants, 16 cinema screens and an indoor park are waiting for you, but one of the most important services that this complex offers is that it has a hotel with 300 rooms, which is located in the upper part of Istanbul Mall. .

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Turkey, Istanbul, Basaksehir, Mahbutbi, Suleyman Demirel Boulevard

Zorlu Istanbul Shopping Center (zorlu istanbul)

With 180 active shops, a 5-star hotel and luxury commercial offices, it has become one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul. Apple’s first cube store, which is exclusive to New York, is located in Zorlu, Istanbul.

زورلو مال

The first brand stores in the world that do not have branches in any other shopping center are in this shopping center that can be visited

Brooks Brothers

Industry Denim




 Stella McCartney


Cited. It also has 14 cinemas, international restaurants such as Italian restaurants and Turkish restaurants and the unique architecture of this complex is ready to offer you the best.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Istanbul, Istanbul, Beşiktaş district, Lavazیمm neighborhood, Kuro Street

Canyon Istanbul Shopping Center (kanyon istanbul)

If you want to make a more reasonable and cheaper purchase, we suggest you Canyon Shopping Center. Although this shopping center is smaller in size with only 160 stores, but a warm and pleasant environment with outdoor cafes can be moments. Make a good figure for you.

Canyon Shopping Center

This complex has a fitness center and 9 cinemas and live music performances outdoors.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Istanbul, Istanbul, شişli district, Snapte neighborhood, Büyükdüre’s canyon, Canyon Mall

Forum Istanbul Shopping Center (forum istanbul)

If you are planning to buy from Istanbul and you want to make the most of your shopping in one center, do not miss the Istanbul forum. This center is one of the European shopping centers in Turkey and in addition to the world’s leading brands, it has provided everything you would expect from a shopping center.

Istanbul Forum Shopping Center

Istanbul Forum has more than 20 million visitors every year and it has a bowling alley, various restaurants, imax cinema halls, ice skiing, children’s playrooms and Jurassic Park, but one of the most important attractions of this shopping center is watching the Bosphorus Strait from The highest point of the forum is Istanbul.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Istanbul Turkey, Kokatepe neighborhood, Pasha Road, Istanbul Forum Shopping Center

Istinye Park Shopping Center Istanbul

Built with glass dome architecture, this shopping center is a beautiful place to spend an exciting day full of colorful shopping. This shopping center has 300 active stores of different brands as well as theater halls and Turkish restaurants, but the distinguishing feature of this shopping center from other shopping centers in Istanbul is the existence of a water aquarium with more than 10,000 aquatic species in a long tunnel.

Istanbul Park Istanbul Shopping Center

Near Emirgan Park Shopping Mall, Sakip Sabanci Museum and Rumeli Castle are some of the most famous sights of Istanbul.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Turkey, Istanbul, Serir, Kadsi Street, Pinar neighborhood

Trump Tower Shopping Center

The Trump Towers, which opened in 2012 in Istanbul’s شişli district and has established itself as one of the most popular shopping malls in downtown Istanbul, also has unique features.

Trump Towers Shopping Center in Istanbul

The two towers, which are located next to each other, and the main tower, which is exactly adjacent to Majidiyeh alley, have a multi-storey shopping center with 175 stores, in addition to reputable brands in those restaurants and a conference hall and cinema in an area of ​​43,600 square meters with values This center has been added.

It should be noted that these towers, in addition to the shopping center, have 37 commercial and residential floors and many reputable domestic and foreign companies are operating in it.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Full address: Turkey, Istanbul, işli, Majidiye Koi