The Best Horror Movies In The World

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 40 of the best horror movies in history ; From monster movies to slasher and conquered hotels are in this article.

Horror Movies, At night when you sleep, you feel that the creature under your bed is waiting for you to fall asleep to come out and bother you; You feel that if you open the cupboard door, a monster will come out of it; You see the branches of trees like strange creatures; And You feel the creatures walking on your body; Do you think that a murderer is chasing you in the street and intends to kill you?

But no … all this is your imagination; This is exactly the effect that a good horror movie has on its audience. To date, many horror films have been made, many of which are not worthy of God’s curse.

Many of them are not worth the time at all, but at the same time they have created works that, if you watch them (especially in the dark and in perfectly suitable conditions), have such an effect on you that you can not get out of their minds for a long time.

In this article, we try to introduce you to 40 of the same remarkable and valuable works so that you do not waste your time on useless works.

In this article, we looked at some of the best horror movies in the world and considered all tastes; From Slashri to captured hotels and houses, sci-fi and monster, and more.

Of course, the point we have to make at the outset is that these films are arranged in order of release time. Are you ready to experience a new form of fear on dark nights?

Because losing control is never so enjoyable. So without further ado this is you andHere are 40 of the best horror movies in history listed by year of release:

The scariest movies in history to see

The main actors of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with open and scared eyes

40- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Dr. Caligari’s office film

Screened: February 26, 1920

Subgenre: Silent Horror

Director: Robert Wayne

Author: Karl Meyer and Hans Janowitz

Cast: Werner Krauss, Conrad Fight, Friedrich Fahr

Average rates  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on  IMDB : 8.1 | Metacritic score: 62

As the first film on this list, we turn to a German work that may not be very successful at first glance. With a budget of $ 12,000, the film was only able to make up for about $ 5,000; But as you know, not everything ends at the box office. Dr. Caligari’s office film is considered to be the extraordinary and original work of German Expressionist cinema and tells the story of a crazy hypnotist; Someone who uses a sleepwalker to kill his targets.

The film, which has a very interesting original idea, has a dark and complex visual style, pointed forms, curved and oblique lines, structures and landscapes that are presented with strange angles, and painted shadows and streaks that are directly present in the scenes. LT is. The filmmakers wrote the story inspired by various experiences that took place in their own lives.

Both were pacifists who, after what they experienced during World War I and the military, had no confidence in other officials. One of the writers claims that a series of events that took place in the film were forced on the writers to include them in the story against their will. The film seeks to portray brutal and irrational power.

The authors and researchers conclude that the film likes to show the subconscious need of German society for an oppressor who tends to obey authority and does not like to rebel against corrupt and perverted authorities. Some critics have interpreted Caligari as showing the German war government.

Of course, the unstable contrast between madness and intelligence, the mental perception of reality, and the duality of human nature were other themes of this film.

Frankenstein with a little girl by the lake in the movie frankenstein


39. Frankenstein film

Frankenstein film

Released: November 21, 1931

Subgenre: Scary Fiction (Pre-Code Period)

Director: James Will

Author: Francis Edward Farago, Garth Fort, Robert Fleury, John Russell

Cast: Colin Clive, May Clark, John Bowles

 Frankenstein  Average IMDB Score : 7.8 | Metacritic score: 91

“You do not understand exactly what I mean. Frankenstein was only interested in human life. First, destroy it; Next, rebuild it. “There you have him in a crazy dream.” Frankenstein’s film, as its name implies, tells the story of an obsessive scientist who pulls various bodies out of their graves with his assistant.

He intends to create a living being through these corpses and their dead limbs. Eventually the creature that emerges from this process is known as the Frankenstein Monster.

Frankenstein is a character who has repeatedly been the subject of various stories and works. Of course, the cinematic works made around him are not just this film, but among them, this work has more success and quality than others. The screenplay for this version of Frankenstein is based on Mary Shelley’s novel and starring Peggy Webbling.

This film, like the rest of the list, was a huge success immediately after its release and was widely acclaimed by critics and audiences around the world. Likewise, the filmmakers decided not to waste this potential and success and, as much as they could, pulled out various spin-offs and sequels.

Of course, this work had a significant impact on popular culture, and all its elements became a symbol in the world of Hollywood and cinema. A few years ago, Guillermo del Toro announced that he was very interested in making a remake of Frankenstein for Universal. But it was in 2009 that Del Toro explained that making the film now seemed unlikely.

Now that it can be officially said that the remake of this work, which is definitely one of the best horror films in history, has been forgotten, and Del Toro is no longer willing to produce such a film.

Edith Scooby with a special mask in the movie Eyes Without a Face

38- Eyes Without a Face

Video of faceless eyes

Released: March 2, 1960

Director: Georges Franjo

Authors: Georges Franjo, Jean Radon, Pierre Buillio, Thomas Narsjak and Claude Sutt

Cast: Edith Scooby, Pierre Brasseur, Alida Wally

Average rating of  Eyes Without a Face on  IMDB :  7.7 | Metacritic score: 90

The first item on this list was a German work, now do you agree with a French film? The film of faceless eyes revolves around a plastic surgeon who resolutely intends to have a face transplant on his daughter; Someone who has lost his face in a car accident. The screenplay is based on a novel of the same name by Jean Radon.

The filmmakers were forced to comply with European censorship standards during the production process of the film, setting the right tone, reducing the intensity of the bleeding, and eliminating the character of the mad scientist.

Although the film was able to pass the filter of these European censors, but at the time of release, various margins and controversy arose around its axis. The reaction of the critics was quite different; One person admired it and the other hated it.

The film was released in the United States in 1962 and is called The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus changed. Although the initial reaction of the critics to this work was not very good and positive, but over time this issue changed and the subsequent shows and the release of the home version reduced the intensity of hatred towards it. Modern critics admire the film for its poetic nature, as well as its great influence on other filmmakers.

Janet Lee is behind the wheel in the black and white version of Psycho

37. Psycho movie

Psychological film

Released: September 8, 1960

Subgenre: Psychologically frightening and terrifying

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Author: Joseph Stefano

Cast: Anthony Perkins, Janet Lee, Vera Miles

Average Psycho Scores on  IMDB :  8.5 | Metacritic score: 97

Many may think that it was Alfred Hitchcock who started the psychological series. But in fact, the creator of the popular world of Psycho was an artist named Robert Blatch, who published the novel Psycho in 1959. The story of the series revolves around the life of a young man named Norman Bates; A really upset young man who works at Motel Bates.

He is mentally and psychologically unstable due to his unpleasant relationship with his mother. This has led him to have a complex and psychological personality; As a result of this situation, he occasionally kills different people.

This world has become so popular that over the years, various works of it are constantly being made. Even from 2013 to 2017, a series called Bates Motel went on the air.

But what we are talking about here is the same psychological film from 1960, made by the great Hitchcock. The film revolves around the story of a runaway woman named Marion Crane and Norman Bates, and shows what happens after this acquaintance. Many believed that this work was very different from Hitchcock’s previous work. But despite the various opinions of critics, the audience at the box office was embarrassed by the film and put a lot of money into the pockets of the producers.

Psychological film is one of the best works of Hitchcock and is one of the best horror films in the world. This work created a new level of acceptable violence and is one of the first works in the slash genre.

Tipi Hadren in the black and white version of The Birds attacked by birds

36. The Birds movie

Birds movie

Released: March 28, 1963

Subgenre: Natural and terrifying horror

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Author: Ivan Hunter

Cast: Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tondi

Average rating of  The Birds on  IMDB :  7.7 | Metacritic score: 90

The Bird movie, as its name implies, focuses on a series of brutal and inexplicable bird behaviors; Birds that attack the unlucky people of California and Budga on different days. The screenplay is based on a story written by Daphne de Maurier and published under the same name; Of course, it cannot be said that it is a complete and faithful adaptation, but it has used this story as inspiration.

Alfred Hitchcock had told Ivan Hunter in the process of writing the screenplay for Bird to create new characters and a more complex and profound story; All this while preserving the title of Do Morya and the main nature of the story, which was the inexplicable attacks of birds.

Birds, like many other works on the list, was added to the National Library of Congress by the National Library of Congress. The Birds was Daphne de Moriah’s third book, selected and adapted by Alfred Hitchcock. Before Ivan Hunter was selected to write the screenplay, Hitchcock approached Joseph Stefano (the screenwriter of the psychological film) and asked him to do so. But he was not interested in it at all.

Now the interesting thing about these birds was that a crow really did not like Rod Taylor and was constantly harassing the poor actor during filming. But the damage to the birds did not end there.

Unfortunately, Tipi Hedren was one of the actors who was injured by one of these birds and his face was injured during the filming of one of the scenes.

Catherine Deno is looking down the street in the black-and-white version of the movie Repulsion

35. Repulsion movie

Disgust movie

Released: October 3, 1965

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Roman Polanski

Author: Roman Polanski, Gerard Brach, David Stone

Cast: Katherine Deno, Ian Hendry, John Fraser

Average Repulsion Scores in  IMDB :  7.7 | Metacritic score: 91

Disgust is another work directed by Roman Polanski. Of course, in this project, Polanski, in addition to directing, also wrote the screenplay with Gerard Birch and David Stone; A screenplay originally designed by Roman Polanski and Gerard Birch.

This English film tells the story of a very beautiful woman named Carol who is beautiful but also withdrawn and has a great hatred for men and their desires.

With a vacation coming, Carol becomes more lonely than she really is and stays alone in her apartment. These circumstances put him in a position to drown more and more in his psychological isolation, which is far from reality.

The film focuses more on Carroll’s point of view and her vivid fantasies and nightmares; Especially when she is in a relationship with men.

Filmed in London, Disgust is Polanski’s first English-language film and his second feature film after Knife in the Water. Disgust immediately after its release in cinemas was widely acclaimed and is still one of Polanski’s greatest works.

The team’s cameraman, Gilbert Taylor, was nominated for Best Picture at the BAFTA for his film Disgust. Many critics have listed it as one of the “best films to watch before dying” and believe that Polanski has taken the psychological style to a new level by making it. Raton Tomitoz, on the other hand, ranked the film 52nd in the list of best works.

Mia Faro shouting and putting her hand over her mouth in the movie

34- Rosemary’s Baby movie

Rosemary Baby Movie

Released: June 12, 1968

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Roman Polanski

Author: Roman Polanski

Cast: Mia Faro, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon

Rosemary’s Baby’s average rating  on  IMDB :  8 | Metacritic score: 96

If you are one of those people who like to see topics like paranoia, women’s liberation, Christianity (Catholicism) and the unseen in a horror movie and space, I recommend the Rosemary Kid movie. The story of Rosemary Baby revolves around a pregnant woman who becomes suspicious of an evil cult. He thinks the cult intends to kidnap his child so they can use him in their rituals.

The popular Roman Polanski, who also wrote and directed the film, wrote the film based on a novel of the same name by Ira Levine. The film was able to get almost all the positive feedback from audiences around the world and was nominated or won awards at various events. The Rosemary Kid movie has earned the title of a work of art in the world of horror.

Roman Polanski, who has now become an incredibly popular director, was able to enter the world of directing and show his talent in the Hollywood world with the same film Rosemary.

Of course, before Polanski was selected to direct the play, William Kessel initially intended to hold the position, but was eventually selected as the producer. The film went through various adventures during its production phase; Polanski’s fight with the studio, Polanski’s fight with John Cassavetes, the danger of Mia Faro’s accident on the streets of New York City, the story of Frank Sinatra’s separation from Faro, and so on.

All of this went hand in hand with William Kessel believing that the film was enchanted. But finally, after the end of these stories and reaching the release stage, the film Rosemary Kid was able to achieve a lot of success. This success led to the creation of a sequel.

The living dead walking in the movie Night of the Living Dead

33- Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead movie

Released: October 1, 1968

Director: George E. Romero

Author: John Rousseau and George E. Romero

Cast: Devin Jones, Judith Audi, Carl Hardman

Average Night of the Living Dead scores  on  IMDB : 7.9 | Metacritic score: 89

Night of the Living, an independent horror film, tells the story of seven people trapped in a country house in western Pennsylvania. So far, we’re on the side of the ordinary story that might happen to any of us. But the seven people trapped in the house are attacked by a very large group of living and cannibal corpses.

With a low budget of $ 114,000, the film not only made the same money, but also grossed about $ 30 million at the box office. Critics and moviegoers have dubbed the film Night of the Living a classic cult; Despite all the criticism they made of it at the time of its release, they dragged it to dust and blood.

Although the film was initially criticized by critics, it changed its mind over time, and it was not long before it was acclaimed. Finally, in 1999, the National Library of Congress added the work to the National Film Registry. All these adventures that the creators went through, all of them led to the fact that 5 more films were finally made behind this work, and by 2009, the film Night of the Living Dead, which at first no one counted, became a popular series.

All of them were made by a director, and in addition to other parts, inspired several other remakes. The most famous version of this work was the 1990 version, directed by Tom Savini. Undoubtedly, this work is also one of the best horror films in history, which has had a great impact on it.

A straw man burning in front of people in The Wicker Man

32. The Wicker Man movie

Straw Man Movie

Released: December 6, 1973

Subgenre: Horror Folklore

Director: Robin Harley

Author: Anthony Schaefer

Cast: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Brit Auckland

The Wicker Man’s average rating on  IMDB :  7.5 | Metacritic score: 87

In addition to psychological horror works, works based on folk beliefs and a series of customs have always been popular. Anthony Schaefer and Robin Hardy also tried to adapt David Payner’s novel Ritual into a movie based on the same interest and desire of the people. The film revolves around a police sergeant named Neil Howie, who travels to a remote island in Summerisle to look for a missing girl.

Howie, himself a devout Christian, realizes that the islanders have abandoned Christianity and are now pursuing a form of idolatry. Critics fell in love with the film as soon as it was watched and it was very well received. It not only won the title of the sixth greatest British film in history, but also won the Best Horror Film Award at the Saturn Awards.

The film became so successful and popular that Schaefer wanted to make a direct sequel to it, but Robin Hardy had no interest in directing it, and the project was halted in the very first stage. But in 2006, other artists tried to take advantage of this success and release a remake of it.

Hardy and all those involved in the original project withdrew completely when it was announced; A work that did not even reach half the success of the original version. It was in 2011 that Hardy returned to this world and wrote and directed a spiritual sequel called The Wicker Tree.

Lonely old woman on the bed in The Exorcist

31- The Exorcist movie

A moving movie

Released: December 26, 1973

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: William Friedkin

Author: William Peter Belt

Cast: Ellen Berstein, Jason Miller, Linda Blair

The Exorcist’s average rating on  IMDB :  8 | Metacritic score: 81

Just like the previous case, the animated film series is one of those series in which several parts of the story are made. The last and fifth episode of this series was released in 2005 under the name Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist. On the other hand, it is stated that the remake and reboot version of The Exorcist is scheduled to be released in 2021.

But with all these issues, if we want to put aside personal opinion and consider the scores, the first part of this series is definitely the film that should be included in this list. The film tells the story of the evil capture of a 12-year-old girl.

In this story, the girl’s mother does everything she can to save her daughter from this situation. Eventually he goes to the two priests and asks them to perform the steps of his intercourse.

The casting of this movie was one of the seven Khan Rostami that the producers left behind. Although the original book became very popular and had a lot of sales, the creators had a lot of problems in choosing the actors; There were a number of artists who did not like the taste of the creators and there were a number of others who themselves rejected the offer.

Haft Khan II was the filming stage that sank into the fire; A fire that burned a large part of the filming scene and the main actors were severely injured.

The same incidents caused the construction and budgeting time to be twice as long as it was planned. But it seems that all these calamities were worth it to end up with extraordinary results; So much so that the success of this film paved the way for the success of Jaws and made itself one of the best horror films in history.

The main character of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is running with a chainsaw

30. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Chainsaw Massacre Movie in Texas

Released: October 11, 1974

Subgenre: Horror Slasher

Director: Toby Hooper

Author: Toby Hooper, Kim Henkel

Cast: Marilyn Burns, Powell E. Partin, Edwin Neil

Average rating of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on  IMDB :  7.5 | Metacritic score: 78

In this film, we follow the story of a group of friends who fall victim to a cannibal family; That’s when they’re going to an old house and they’re going to visit it. What the film did to attract the audience to increase its sales was to announce that the story of this work is based on real events.

Of course, it cannot be said that the words of this campaign were 100% false or true. Because the character of the leather face and a series of small details of the story are inspired by the story of a murderer named Ed Gain; But much of the story is fictional. Because the film had so little budget, the director was forced to make more use of unknown actors and devote more hours to filming to reduce costs.

The director, on the other hand, removed as many violent scenes as he could so that he could screen it with a PG rating, but was eventually rated at the adult level; So much so that many countries banned it and a series of cinemas stopped broadcasting it.

But it seems that this film, like the previous one, endured all these hardships in order to be very successful in the box office section and to be able to become one of the best and most influential works of the horror genre.

This popularity led to the creation of a Leather Face story series, followed by the story of him and his family in sequels, prequels, remakes, comic books, and video games.

Shark hunter escaping from a shark in the movie Jaws

29- Jaws movie

The movie Jaws

Released: June 20, 1975

Subgenre: Horror Horror

Director: Steven Spielberg

Author: Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb

Cast: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Driffs

Average Jaws Scores on  IMDB : 8 | Metacritic score: 87

May God have mercy on Steven Spielberg’s parents who, by making the film Jaws, gave three other directors the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and create a collection of Jaws stories.

Of course, as you might guess, this series discusses the same film made by the popular Steven Spielberg. In the film, a large carnivorous white shark attacks people who come to the shores of a resort town on a hot summer. That prompted police chief Martin Brody, with the help of a biologist and a professional shark hunter, to hunt down the monster.

One of the honors of Jaws and, of course, Steven Spielberg is that it was the first film to be shot in the ocean. Well, it usually had various problems; Like falling behind the release date and raising the budget.

Although this film did not leave behind Haft Khan Rostam during the production process as before, but it was able to make a name for itself with a very large advertising campaign and advertisements on TV and other works. Thanks to the efforts of the creators, this film won several different awards for its music and editing, and later won the title of the best-selling film in history.

With this very interesting idea, this film was able to restore the honor of gaining a high position in the box office to action and adventure films. There were many critics who praised this work and believed that the completely human characters of this work are one of its positive and influential points.

Sisi Speck with Piper Laurie in Carrie

28- Carrie movie

Kerry movie

Released: November 3, 1976

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: Brian De Palma

Author: Lawrence D. Cohen

Cast: Cisi Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving

Carrie Average Scores on  IMDB :  7.4 | Metacritic score: 85

Stephen King’s horror books have always been a great resource for making horror adaptations; Of course, it is still the same, and films based on his work are still being made. The same story of Kerry’s novel was adapted several times, but none of them succeeded in the original version. In this film, Cisi Spiesk played the role of Carrie White; A 16-year-old girl was different from other girls her age.

Because of these differences, Kerry was constantly ridiculed and harassed at school by bullies. Kerry’s classmates did not know at all that he had far-reaching powers and what he could do. Kerry is not only one of the best adaptations of King’s work, it is also the first work inspired by King.

The film was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. Time and time again, critics and moviegoers have chosen this film as the best adaptation of the story, one of the best adaptations based on King, one of the greatest horror films in history, and so on. Empire magazine ranked Kerry 86th on its list of the 500 Greatest Movies in Cinema History.

Entertainment Weekly, on the other hand, ranked Kerry 15th in the list of the top 50 high school films. Carrie’s film was so extraordinary that it greatly influenced similar works, and still, the influence of this film can be seen on various works; Especially the Pram sequence, which greatly influenced popular culture and ranked No. 8 on Bravo’s list of 100 scariest cinematic moments.

Jimmy Lee Curtis with a knife in the movie Halloween

27- Halloween movie

Halloween movie

Released: October 25, 1978

Subgenre: Horror Slasher

Director: John Carpenter

By John Carpenter and Debra Hill

Cast: Donald Plzens, Jimmy Lee Curtis, Neil Kessel

Average Halloween Scores on  IMDB : 7.7 | Metacritic score: 87

When we look at old works, we see that most of the successful films (especially in the horror genre) were made in such a way that they were extremely successful, and most of them became a collection and created their own world. In this case, as in the previous ones, we are dealing with a set of parties that we are discussing again in the first part.

Jimmy Lee Curtis, who has now become a popular actor, started his career with the same Halloween movie. John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote the story in which we are dealing with a mentally ill man who was imprisoned in a sanatorium for killing his teenage sister on Halloween night when he was no more than six years old. Fifteen years after this incident, he escapes from that sanatorium and returns to his hometown.

In this city, she is a young woman who is a nurse and chases her friends; That is when he is being cared for by his psychiatrist. As soon as it was released, it was highly acclaimed by both audiences and critics, and immediately became one of the most lucrative independent films. Carpenter’s music and directing style were the biggest positives of this work.

While many believed that this work was remarkably inspired by other Slash works such as the psychological film and the film Black Christmas; Many others believed that this work could teach sadism and xenophobia to its audience and encourage them to do so.

On the other hand, many critics believed that this work was in a way a social critique of the immorality of American youth and adolescents in the 1970s.

Sigourney Weaver with a cat on the spaceship in the movie Alien

26- Alien movie


Released: May 25, 1979

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: Ridley Scott

Author: Dan O’Brien

Cast: Tom Skright, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright

Average Alien Scores on  IMDB :  8.4 | Metacritic score: 89

A few of the previous cases that were examined, the first part of which formed a collection. But this is completely different. Ridley Scott made an alien film that turned him into a giant; A giant that has a strong presence not only in the world of cinema and Hollywood, but also in other media such as video games, comic books, television works, etc.

The story of the Alien began in 1979, but still, after more than 40 years, it has no end and no intention of ending in his mind. Many cinematic works of this world have been made over the years, but we usually go for the best one, the Ridley Scott version.

In this horror work, we follow the story of a commercial spacecraft and of course its crew. These people try to get there after receiving an unknown message asking for help in some way.

But just like all horror movies, all of a sudden things fall apart and things happen that no one expects. As soon as they reach their destination, a crew member is attacked by a Mormon creature.

It does not take long for the other members of the ship to realize that this is the first attack. Fortunately, the film has been widely acclaimed by critics since its release. In addition, he was nominated or received an award at various events.

Although over time, various works were made in this series that were many times better in terms of technology and special effects than the original version, but Ridley Scott’s version is still known as one of the best horror films in history.

Jack Nicholson with an ax with Shelley Duvall in The Shining

25. The Shining movie

Shine movie

Released: May 23, 1980

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Author: Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd

The average rating of The Shining on  IMDB : 8.4 | Metacritic score: 66

A couple goes to a leisure hotel in the mountains of Colorado with their young son to take care of it. But in the course of the story, it becomes clear that they are supposed to be the only residents of this hotel for that long winter.

The hotel manager warned them not to take the job because something terrible had happened during the summer of 1970. When the film was released, Stephen King himself was the first to criticize it, arguing that the script was far removed from the main story in the novel.

At the same time, various reviews were published around the film, some of which were good and some of which were bad. But over time, that is likely to change, and it is now considered one of the best works of the horror genre.

Although critics liked Jack Nicholson and the Overlock Hotel, they believed that the story written in the script did not have much rhythm and logic. Early critics believed that the story progressed too slowly and that it was difficult to communicate with the characters. Stephen King’s own comments also created a lot of margins.

He believed that Shining was a very good horror film, but did poorly in terms of adaptation. He also criticized Jack Nicholson’s choice, saying it was a mistake. The only award the film won was the Saturn Award and Best Supporting Actor.

The American Film Foundation ranked the film Shining 29th on its 100-Year-Old 100 list of horror films and Jack Torrance 25th on its 100-Year-Old list of 100 Heroes and Evil.

Kurt Russell with a light in The Thing

24- The Thing movie

Available movie

Released: June 25, 1982

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: John Carpenter

Author: Bill Lancaster

Cast: Kurt Russell, E. Wolford Brimley, T .; . Carter

Average The Thing Scores on  IMDB : 8.1 | Metacritic score: 57

The story begins when a group of American researchers in the Antarctic encounter an unknown and mysterious creature. This creature is an extraterrestrial, parasitic form of life that pretends to be like other people and then imitates their movements and organs. Even imagining this is scary. Think that you can not trust even the closest people in your life; Because you do not know if they are real or if the creature is standing in front of you.

This causes the members of this group to become paranoid and conflicted with each other because they could no longer trust each other and each of them could be the same. The film is based on a novel called Who Goes There? And with the pen of John W. Campbell published, written.

Of course, this story was released in cinemas again in 1951 under the name The Thing from Another World. It is interesting to know that the production of the existing film had started in the 70’s, but this work also took Haft Khan Rostam to reach the screening stage. During this time, several different directors and writers came to work, each with different ideas and approaches to the story.

All of this went hand in hand with the pre-production stages lasting several years, and filming began in 1981. Unlike many of the films on this list, this work received a lot of negative reviews at the beginning of its release and was called rubbish. Even the movie magazine Cinefantastique called it the most hated movie in history.

Of course, many believe that the main reason for this failure was the existence of competitors such as ET the Extra-Terrestrial movie.

Jeff Goldblum after becoming an insect in the horror scene of The Fly

23. The Fly movie

Flies movie

Released: August 15, 1986

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: David Cronenberg

Author: Charles Edward Pogg and David Cronenberg

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Gina Davis, John Gates

The average rating of The Fly on  IMDB : 7.6 | Metacritic score: 79

The movie Fly tells the story of a strange scientist; Someone who, after failing one of his experiments, eventually became a hybrid and a fly. If we did not include the name of the movie “Flies” in this list, we could not put the full title on it. If you pay attention, there are few successful horror films that are not adapted and have original scripts.

Although this film is based on a short story of the same name by George Langlan, we still can not say that it is a complete adaptation. The film, which had a budget of less than $ 9 million, managed to sell about $ 60 million at the box office. This sale also made him the best-selling and most lucrative film on Cronenberg’s resume.

In addition to the huge sales, fans and critics also welcomed it to a great extent, and considered special effects and playing the role of Gold Bloom as its big positive points. The performance of the make-up artists in this project made The Fly the film that won the award in the best make-up category at the same year’s Oscars; It was the only Oscar to be won by a film directed by Cronenberg.

Three years after the release of this work, a sequel called The Fly II was made by Chris Wallace (the special effects specialist of the original film), which was not as successful as the first part. Before Cronenberg, a young director named Robert Berman was chosen to direct the play.

Anthony Hopkins speaks with Judy Foster in The Silence of the Lambs

۲۲- فیلم The Silence of the Lambs

The film The Silence of the Lambs

Released: February 14, 1991

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Jonathan Demi

Author: Ted Tally

Cast: Judy Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn

Average rating of The Silence of the Lambs on  IMDB : 8.6 | Metacritic score: 85

Silence of the Lambs is another adaptation and horror film written by the film’s author Ted Tally based on the book The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. In this film, we saw the popular Judy Foster play the role of a rookie FBI agent named Clarice Starling; Someone who leaves his training course to arrest a serial killer named Buffalo Bill.

Buffalo Bell worked in such a way that he made women victims of his horrible deeds and then skinned them. In order to be successful in this mission, Clarice created a psychological background for herself and went to a prisoner named Dr. Hannibal Lecter for advice; Hannibal was a very good psychiatrist and serial killer.

Earlier, the story of Thomas Harris was adapted once again, which went to the cinemas in 1986 under the name Manhunter. With its huge sales, the film was able to become the fifth best-selling film of 1991.

In addition, when The Silence of the Lambs was screened at the 41st Berlin International Film Festival, it won the Silver Bear Award for Best Director.

But the success of this work did not end there. , To receive the award of this ceremony. One of the most remarkable features of The Silence of the Lambs is that it is the only horror film in history to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Tony Todd as my Kennedy character in Candyman

21- Candyman movie

My slowness

Released: October 16, 1992

Subgenre: Horror Slasher

Director: Bernard Rose

Author: Bernard Rose

Cast: Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Zander Berkeley

Average Candyman Scores on  IMDB : 6.6 | Metacritic score: 61

My Kennedy screenplay, based on a short story called The Forbidden, tells the story of a Chicago student who has just graduated and intends to finish a dissertation on local legends and folklore. This adventure causes him to encounter a legend called “My Kennedy”. In fact, my Kennedy is the soul of an artist and the son of a slave who was murdered in the late 19th century; It’s because of his relationship with the daughter of a white painter.

When Kennedy Mann director Bernard Rose expressed his interest in Clive Barker’s short story, Barker agreed to give him the rights to make the film. Although Barker’s story was set in contemporary times and in Liverpool, Rose decided to relocate it to Chicago and make his film in the style of this city.

He decided to change the focus of the film as well, focusing more on race and social class within the United States. My success with Kennedy led to the release of two sequels, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh in 1995 and Candyman: Day of the Dead in 1999. Of course, another sequel has been made to this film, which has relatively little to do with the original version and is scheduled to be released in 2021. Some critics believe that the original version of Kennedy Man is a contemporary classic in horror cinema.

Although Tony Todd became one of the symbols of horror cinema because of this film, Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play this role in Candyman.

Ghost Face character with a knife in Scream

20. Scream movie

Scream movie

Released: December 20, 1996

Subgenre: Horror Slasher

Director: Wes Creon

Author: Kevin Williamson

Cast: David Arquette, No Campbell, Courtney Cox

Average Scream Scores in  IMDB : 7.3 | Metacritic score: 65

The Scream movie series is one of those works that is very popular, and because of this high sales, the creators apparently do not intend to be careless about this series right now. It seldom happens that in big series like This Scream, other parts come out better than the first movie.

This is no exception, so we go to the first part of this series, which was released in 1996. The film tells the story of a character named Sydney Prescott who is a high school student.

He is targeted by a mysterious assassin wearing a Halloween costume. The good thing the film did was combine the dark comedy and mystery of “Who did it.” Then, over time, the clichés found in horror movies such as Halloween, Friday the 13 th(Friday the 13th) and the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street was shown, made fun of.

By the time Scream came out, it was known as a unique work and had characters who knew about real-world horror films; Those who spoke clearly about the same stereotypes that these films intended to instill in people.

What adds to the film’s appeal is that its story is inspired by Danny Rowling’s true story; Kevin Williamson, on the other hand, had a strong interest in horror movies. During the making of this film, the American Cinema Association somewhat censored it and removed some parts of it.

On the other hand, the locals constantly created obstacles in the filming scene of this work and made the work difficult for the creators. But in the end, the film was very successful and well-received, and it became the best-selling film of all time; Of course, until the 2018 version of Halloween movie is released.

The cast of The Blair Witch Project in the Jungle

19. The Blair Witch Project

Blair Wizard Project Video

Released: July 14, 1999

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: Daniel Mrick and Eduardo Sanchez

Author: Daniel Mrick and Eduardo Sanchez

Cast: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Lennard

Average rating of The Blair Witch Project on  IMDB : 6.5 | Metacritic score: 81

Let me point out at the outset that this film (according to the filmmakers themselves) is based on the story of three film students; If you are planning to watch this movie, be sure to keep this in mind to multiply your fears. The three students travel to the Black Hills in Burkitsville, Maryland in 1994 to document a local legend known as the Blair Witch.

During the same story, the three students disappear, but the equipment and images they recorded are found about a year later. The same images that were “allegedly” found a year later are in fact the same scenes that the audience is watching in this film. It was a huge success when the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival; Now you may be wondering why.

When the film was released to the public, most critics liked and admired it; But this was while ordinary audiences had different opinions about each other. The film successfully revitalized the “images found” method. The same technique was later used in films such as Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, which had great results.

The Blair Wizard Project, which grossed $ 200,000 to $ 500,000, grossed about $ 249 million at the box office.

This event also made this work one of the best-selling and most successful independent works in history. This success led to the creation of a series of books, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and Blair Witch, novels, comic books, and video games.

Sheena verse with ampoule in the yellow scene of Audition movie

18- Audition movie

Acting test movie

Released: March 3, 2000

Director: Takashi Mike

Author: Daisuke Tangan

Cast: Ayehi Sheena, Rio Ishibashi, Jon Kunimura

Average Audition Scores in  IMDB : 7.2 | Metacritic score: 69

There were few French and German films, this time we are going to go to a Japanese film. Almost all of us know how professional the East Asian countries are in creating horror works and they can very well instill fear in the viewer. The story of the acting test film is about a widow named Shigeharo Oyama whose son suggests that he find a better wife for himself.

Oyama agrees and arranges a mock test with a friend to meet a new person who might be able to take his wife’s place. After meeting and interviewing several different women, Oyama is finally attracted to a woman named Assami.

Assami answered Oyama’s questions well. But after a while and when they started their relationship, Asami gradually showed his dark side, which had a great impact on their relationship.

After achieving huge financial success with Ring, Omega decided to make an acting test film to achieve the same success again.

The film was screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, but did not attract much attention as other Japanese horror films were also present.

The story began when the film was screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and not only attracted a lot of attention, but also won the award of the International Federation of Film Critics and KNF.

It was acclaimed by Western critics when it was performed in the United States and Britain and at various events.

Many of these critics pointed to the excellentness of the final scene and how it contradicts other parts. These cases made the acting test film one of the best horror films in history in many lists.

Nicole Kidman with her son in The Others

17- The Others movie

Movies of others

Released: September 7, 2001

Subgenre: Psychological, supernatural and gothic horror

Director: Alejandro Amenabar

Author: Alejandro Amenbar

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Fionola Flanagan, Christopher Ecclestone

The Others average rating on  IMDB : 7.6 | Metacritic score: 74

Almost all of us have seen other people’s films at least once; It is through television that it has broadcast it over and over again. The story of this film is such that after watching it, you no longer know who you can trust and who you should stay away from; What to fear and what to believe. This film, with its stories and themes, makes any ideas and hypotheses in your mind disappear.

Although the film had a small budget of about $ 17 million, it was a huge success at the box office and grossed about $ 210 million due to its excellent cast, including Nicole Kidman and the excellent screenplay.

In addition, it was widely acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, who praised Alejandro Amnabar’s directing style, screenplay, as well as the soundtrack, atmosphere, and performance of Kidman.

Others’ films won awards in seven categories, including Best Picture and Best Director, at the Goya Ceremony. It was the first English-language film to win the Best Picture award at the Goya Ceremony; Even without hearing a Spanish word.

The film Others was nominated for seven awards at the Saturn Awards, including three for Best Horror, Best Actress for Kidman, and Best Supporting Actress for Fionola Flanagan.

In this film, we saw that spirits have a spiritual connection to each other, rather than to living beings. However, an Observer activist noted that the film was inspired by a 1989 novel, The Turn of the Screw, written by Henry James.

Kylie Murphy in a hospital gown in London in 28 Days Later

16- Movie 28 Days Later

Movie 28 days later

Released: June 27, 2003

Subgenre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror

Director: Danny Boyle

Author: Alex Garland

Cast: Kyle Murphy, Naomi Harris, Christopher Ecclestone

Average 28 Days Later scores on  IMDB : 7.6 | Metacritic score: 73

These days, we all deal with the corona virus, and we do not even think for a day that our situation has become exactly the same as it is in science fiction and post-apocalyptic movies.

That’s why we can feel completely familiar with this case of the best horror movies, and from moment to moment it will make us feel like Deja Vu. 28 days later, the film tells the story of the collapse of a society that is in big trouble due to the accidental spread of a highly contagious virus.

The story of this film revolves more around the four survivors who are trying to cope with the destruction of their lives that they once knew; However, these four people must escape from the people who are infected with this virus.

The film was well received by critics, most of whom praised the director, the actors, the script, the atmosphere and the sound.

Many believed that 28 days later, the film had revived the zombie-style horror genre and returned to the same popularity of fast-moving zombies.

It also performed well at the box office, grossing around $ 83 million with a budget of $ 8 million; What made the film one of the most lucrative horror films of 2002?

The film’s success led to the release of a sequel, 28 Weeks Later, in 2007, a graphic novel, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, and a comic book series, 28 Days Later, in 2009. They paid more attention to this story and expanded its timeline compared to the first film.

Carrie Elvis with a saw in the first part of the Saw movie series

15. Saw movie

Saw film

Released: October 29, 2004

Subgenre: Horror Slasher

Director: James Van

Author: Lee Vanel

Cast: Carrie Elvis, Danny Glover, Monica Potter

Average Saw scores on  IMDB : 7.6 | Metacritic score: 46

Yet another horror series and again the movie series that I want to introduce to you in the first part. Let me start by saying that James Vaughan, the artist who has now become a popular and well-known director, officially started his directing career with this film. Few people these days have not seen the face of a clown like Jigsaw.

In this work, we see two men who wake up in a large, dilapidated bathroom and find themselves in chains. The story goes that one of the two men has a duty to kill the other; Otherwise, his own family will be killed. James Van and Lee Venell wanted to make the film in Australia but eventually settled in Los Angeles; With a budget of $ 1.2 million.

Although critics have expressed mixed opinions about the work, ordinary audiences have been able to embarrass it at the box office.

The first installment of the Saw movie series grossed just over $ 100 million at the global box office and became the most lucrative horror film.

The film became so popular and successful that the producers immediately decided to make other sequels. The second part of the series will be released in 2005 and the ninth part will be released in 2021.

Apparently, this series is also one of those series of movies that our grandson and grandson can also watch new episodes of.

Of course, the extraction does not end here, because various artists over the years have taken video games, comic books, short films, etc. out of the heart of this cinematic world, and yes, it is still one of the scariest films in the history of the world.

Katie Federsten and Mika Slot in the first part of the Paranormal Activity movie series

14. Paranormal Activity movie

Supernatural activity film

Released: September 25, 2009

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: Oren Play

Author: Oren Play

Cast: Katie Federsten, Mika Slot, Mark Frederick

Average Paranormal Activity Scores in  IMDB : 6.3 | Metacritic score: 68

As for the Blair Wizard Project film, I mentioned that it was largely inspired by the film Supernatural Activity. The question may arise as to why I said such a thing. The film revolves around a young couple who are harassed by a supernatural presence; Presence in their home. Since they can not see him, they decide to install a camera to record everything that happens or anything that bothers them.

This film uses exactly the same method of recorded films that will be discussed in the following sections of this series. Yes, that’s right … this movie also became a movie series that found a lot of fans.

But the subject of our discussion is the first part that was shown in 2009. The film was originally made as a standalone film that raised everything for $ 15,000.

But then Paramount bought it and made changes to it that changed the ending and cost them $ 200,000 more. With a budget of $ 215,000, the film grossed $ 193 million worldwide. So it is no wonder that he has made the title of the most lucrative film ever made. Very good production led to such popularity and eventually it was included in the list of top horror films of many press.

If we want to consider the timeline of this series, the film in question is the third part of it, after which 2 prequels were made. In general, so far, 6 episodes in this series have been released in cinemas, and the seventh episode, according to Paramount, is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Natalie Portman in a white dress in the movie Black Swan

13 – Black Swan movie 

Strong Black Movie

Released: September 3, 2010

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Author: Mark Hyman, Anders Heinz, John McLaughlin

Cast: Natalie Portman, Vincent Kessel, Mila Kunis

Average Black Swan scores on  IMDB : 8 | Metacritic score: 79

If we did not put the strong black in the list of the best horror movies, it would feel like a vacancy. In addition to being in the horror genre, this work is also a subset of psychological style. Anders Heinz, one of the authors of the project, had previously written an original story, which eventually led to the making of the film.

The original plot of this fascinating film revolves around the design and production of a special ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky called Swan Lake, which a New York ballet company is set to produce.

In this ballet show, a ballerina was supposed to play the role of a strong, fragile and innocent white, and for this, Nina was chosen and was considered a great option for her.

In addition, there was a strong, dark black swing in the show, played by a new rival named Lily. Nina felt a tremendous amount of pressure to compete for the role and was deeply impressed; These events made him no longer able to discern the truth and he gradually went crazy.

With this summary of the story, it can be completely concluded that we are on the side of an original and innovative work. Darren Aronofsky had stated that Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Double was one of his great sources of inspiration for the film.

It is interesting to know that the production process of this film started almost in 2000 and finally in 2009 this work was produced. Portman and Kunis also spent several months in the ballet class to get ready for filming.

Choi Min Sik holds a gun in I Saw the Devil

12 – Films  I Saw the Devil

I saw the devil in the movie

Released: March 4, 2011

Subgenre: Horror Horror

Director: Kim Ji Won

Author: Kim Hyun Woo

Cast: Lee Byung Han, Choi Min Sik and Oh Suns

Average Scores of I Saw the Devil on  IMDB : 6.8 | Metacritic score: 67

Korean horror movies have always been known for being able to instill fear in their audiences; So we decided to go for a Korean work in our list of our best horror movies. The movie I Saw the Devil revolves around a National Intelligence agent who brutally loses his fiancé to a serial killer.

In the same way, he decides to go on a mission and take revenge on this psychic person. Due to its extreme violence, the film forced the Korean rating system, Kim Hyun Woo, to make various changes and omissions for theatrical release.

The film received two “Enclosed” ratings to prevent it from being shown in any theaters, commercials, or home theater. It is interesting to know that about 7 times, this film entered the elimination process and was completely removed from it for about 80 to 90 seconds.

The film was a huge success and was nominated or won awards at various festivals as well as in various categories. After watching it, the critics praised and praised me for seeing the devil; The script, the directing style as well as the performance of the actors were the things that caught the viewers’ attention more than anything else.

A country house in fog and rope in The Conjuring

11 – The Conjuring movie 

Summoning movie

Released: July 19, 2013

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: James Van

Author: Chad Hess and Carrie Hess

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Vieira Farmiga and Ron Livingston

Average rating of The Conjuring on  IMDB : 7.5 | Metacritic score: 68

For this, we went from the list of the best horror movies to the first episode of Conjuring; A film that, shortly after its release, was able to immediately attract the attention of viewers and was a great success.

In this work, we see supernatural researchers and writers named Ed and Lorraine Warren pursuing prominent cases of conquest and trying to play an important role in them. In this film, the story takes place in 1971 in Rhode Island. The main story of this film revolves around the Peron family.

After moving to their suburban home for a while, they realize that strange and disturbing things are happening that they can not find an answer to.

In the same way, they communicate with the warrens so that they can help them reach the right answer. The makers of these films claim that the story of this film is based on real events.

At the time of its release, the film received a lot of positive reviews from critics; These critics admired more than anything the acting, the direction, the script, the atmosphere in the film, as well as the soundtrack.

Suffice it to say that with its $ 20 million budget, the film grossed just over $ 319 million at the global box office. The same events led to the creation of a cinematic world in which both sequels to the summoning film were under construction and various spin-offs emerged.

Micah Monroe in It Follows is terrified

10 – It Follows movie 

The film follows him

Released: March 13, 2015

Subgenre: Supernatural Horror

Director: David Robert Mitchell

Author: David Robert Mitchell

Cast: Mika Monroe, Kerr Gilcrist and David Zovato

Average It Follows Scores on  IMDB : 6.8 | Metacritic score: 83

One can not deny that the eighties are one of the most popular times in the world of cinema; Especially for making horror works; Both for the audience and for the creators. We have seen such films over and over again, trying to recreate and recreate the cinematic elements of the genre of this decade.

Of course, along the way, there were many works that intended to do so, but not all of them were completely successful. His film Chase is one of those works that successfully and very well represented the horror genre of classical cinema of the 80’s better than any similar film; This makes him one of the scariest movies in the world.

This work follows the story of a 19-year-old college student.

This unfortunate student, after one of his connections, is chased by a supernatural being, and this creature does not seem to want to let him go. The film was released under limited conditions, and after a great deal of success, it was able to convince its creators to release it extensively.

The Pursuit has garnered critical acclaim and grossed about $ 23.3 million at the global box office with a budget of $ 2 million. The interesting thing that this work did with its story was that it turned the courtship of the main girl and boy of the story into the emotional beating heart of everything; Something that is often ridiculed in Slash movies.

In addition, we saw in this work one of the most original and terrifying antagonists of horror cinema, which was taken seriously and instilled fear in its audience.

Elsie Davis and Noah Wiseman reading a book in The Babadook

– The Babadook movie 

Babadook movie

Released: May 22, 2014

Subgenre: Psychological Horror

Director: Jennifer Kent

Author: Jennifer Kent

Cast: Elsie Davis, Noah Wiseman and Haley McLaughlin

Average rating of The Babadook on  IMDB : 6.8 | Metacritic score: 86

In this list of the best horror movies, we have representatives from different parts of the world, and this time it is our turn to go to Australia. This hugely successful work set a great starting point for Jennifer Kent; The first person to enter the field of cinema directing.

Babadok is based on a short film called Monster, made in 2005 by Kent himself. Immediately after its release, the film was able to attract the attention and, of course, the admiration of critics working in the United States and Europe.

With a budget of $ 2 million, Babadok was able to raise about $ 10.3 million.

This work did not initially achieve much financial success in Australia. It was also shown in the halls of the House of Arts for a limited time in order to be more successful.

Although Babadouk did not have a unique idea and story that could be called an innovative title, it is safe to say that he was able to remind us over and over again what the potential of this genre is.

After watching the film, critics acknowledged its daring, believing that Jennifer Kent could be a creative and feminist voice in cinema. The story begins with the accident and the death of Amelia’s husband.

In the rest of the film, we follow the story of this woman who has to raise her child alone; The events that put Amelia and her son both in a bad mental state and prove to us over and over again that after all these years, the shadow of the father of the family has not disappeared.

Scarlett Johansson as an alien in Under the Skin

– film  Under the Skin

Film under the skin

Screened: August 10, 2014

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: Jonathan Glaser

By Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glaser

Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Paul Branigan and Christoph Hidek

Average Scores of Under the Skin on  IMDB : 6.3 | Metacritic score: 78

Jonathan Glaser has made an amazing change in his career by making this one of the list of the best horror movies; A masterpiece of science fiction that takes us to the heart of an adventure that shows what it means to be human, extraterrestrial, or something.

It may be difficult for some to understand the message of this film; But it can be boldly said that the film under the skin, with very attractive images as well as the impressive role of Scarlett Johansson, is a fascinating and new work. Jonathan Glaser was partly inspired by Michael Fiber, a 2000 novel of the same name, to write the screenplay and make it.

In this film, we follow Scarlett Johansson, who plays a woman from another world; A woman who hunts different men from Scotland. The production of this work took about 10 years; Of course, Glaser decided to make this adaptation in 2000.

Eventually, he and Walter Campbell turned the film, which had a complex concept and heavy effects, into a simpler work that was more story-driven and focused on the perspective of an alien from the human world. Most of the actors in this project were selected from applicants who had no specific acting background, and most of the scenes were filmed with hidden cameras.

The film immediately garnered critical acclaim, especially for Johansson, directed by Glazer, and the music of Micah Levy. In addition, it won various awards and was included in the list of the best films of the year by various critics and publishers.

Anso-hee is running among zombies in the movie Train to Busan

– Movie Train to Busan

Busan train movie

Released: July 20, 2016

Subgenre: Horror of the Apocalypse

Director: Yan Sang Ho

Author: Park Joe Sook

Cast: Gomg Yu, Ma Dong Siuk and Jeung Yu Mi

Average Train to Busan scores on  IMDB : 7.5 | Metacritic score: 72

For this case, from the list of the scariest movies in the world, we are going to travel to Korea again, especially to Busan; Of course, the story does not start from Busan and the destination of the train is that city.

Most of the film’s story takes place on a train to Busan; Because there is a zombie apocalypse going on that has suddenly turned green in this country and is threatening the lives of the passengers of this train.

The film soon broke the record and became the first Korean film of 2016 to reach just over 10 million viewers.

The film became so popular that it grossed $ 98.5 million with a budget of $ 8.5 million.

In addition to its financial success at the box office, the Busan train has garnered critical acclaim and won awards at various festivals and events.

This success was so pleasing to the creators that it led to the making of the sequel to Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula; Of course, this work is an independent sequel whose story takes place four years after the Busan train.

According to Ian Sang Ho himself, the peninsula is not a direct sequel to the first film because it does not continue the story, but its adventures take place in the same previous world.

Giant Godzilla scares people and walks in the city in the movie Shin Godzilla

– Shin Godzilla movie 

Godzilla Resurrection Movie

Released: July 29, 2016

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: Hidaki Ano and Shinji Higuchi

Author: Hidayaki Ano

Cast: Hiroki Hashegawa, Yutaka Takenuchi and Satomi Ishihara

Shin Godzilla  Average IMDB Score : 6.7 | Metacritic score: 67

The train of the best horror movies, after taking us to Busan and getting involved with the zombies, intends to go to Japan and the world of the Kaijos. This is the 31st episode of the Godzilla franchise .

In this work we see the clash of politicians who try to deal with the sudden appearance of a giant monster by using a series of strict rules; A monster that evolves after attacking anywhere it likes.

The filmmakers were inspired by the Fukushima 1 nuclear accident , as well as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The film was widely acclaimed by Japanese critics after its release, but was widely criticized by Western critics.

With a budget of $ 15 million, the Japanese film grossed $ 78 million at the box office. This made it the best-selling Japanese live-action film of 2016, as well as the best-selling Japanese-produced Godzilla film in the entire franchise. The work was nominated for 11 Japanese Academy Awards, including 7; Like the best film of the year as well as the best director.

Although Godzilla tries to kill humanity every year, he can not repeat the horror of the first part at all, and the excitement does not last long.

But such a thing cannot be said of Shane Godzilla; Because in most cases, it is mentioned as the best part in this series (with the exception of the first film, of course). Because its main goal was to return to the purest horrible and tragic roots of this franchise.

Daniel Calloway and Alison Williams by the car in Get Out

5- Get Out movie

Movie Go Out

Screened: February 24, 2017

Subgenre: Horror Horror

Director: Jordan Peel

Author: Jordan Peel

Cast: Daniel Calvia, Alison Williams, Bradley Whitford

Average Get Out Scores on  IMDB : 7.7 | Metacritic score: 84

Few people are interested in the world of cinema and Hollywood and have not heard the name of this one of the best horror movies. The film made enough noise before the awards season began; But when the awards season began and the draw for Best Picture and Best Unadapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards, two Golden Globe nominations, etc. went by the name of Go, no one was competing.

On the other hand, if you look at the various lists of the best movies of 2010, there are very few lists that do not have the name Get Out. If you are one of the people who did not watch this movie, you may be wondering what exactly is the story of this movie.

The story of this film revolves around a character named Chris Washington; A young African-American man who decides to visit his fiancé’s family during a party.

But at the same time, he discovers a disturbing secret that puts his life in danger.

Overall, the film received a lot of positive reviews and was well received by the audience. Most of them liked Jordan Peel’s directing style and script more than anything else. Of course, the role of Daniel Calvia and its themes were also among the great positive points of this work.

The film did not raise more than $ 4.5 million, but grossed $ 255 million worldwide; The same amount of sales made him the tenth best-selling film of 2017.

The film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year, not only by Time magazine, but also by the American Film Foundation and the National Film Review Board.

Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Lee looking at a strange corpse in Annihilation

– Annihilation movie 

Destruction movie

Screened: February 23, 2018

Subgenre: Sci-Fi Horror

Director: Alex Garland

Author: Alex Garland

Cast: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Lee and Gina Rodriguez

Average Annihilation Scores on  IMDB : 6.9 | Metacritic score: 79

In this case, one of the scariest movies in the world, we are again on the side of a very attractive adaptation; The film is based on the best-selling novel by Jeff Vandermir. The film of destruction, with its great ambition, showed its science fiction story with visual surprises as well as a great deal of apprehension and excitement.

And The film once again proved Natalie Portman’s acting prowess along with other extraordinary artists. Featuring a bizarre story, the film follows challenging adventures that make audiences continue to think about and be impressed by it long after watching it.

Along with the story, the visual effects created in this film create a new kind of panic and excitement in the audience and keep them in the edge of their seats all the time; So much so that you can’t take your eyes off it for a moment.

One of the things that multiplies the appeal of the film of destruction is that the characters, without any knowledge, enter a world that does not know what awaits them; They do not know what will happen to them; It is as if they are waiting for their death at every moment and think with the slightest voice that death is approaching them moment by moment.

Destruction was a bomb that exploded at the box office in a very short time.

The language of critics was incapable of expressing every word to admire and define the visual effects, acting, directing, as well as the story that explodes the brain. As critics have pointed out, the film Destruction seeks to portray “depression, sadness, and the human tendency for self-destruction” through its story.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski crossing the bridge in A Quiet Place

3- A Quiet Place movie

The film is a quiet place

Screened: April 6, 2018

Subgenre: Sci-fi horror and post-apocalyptic

Director: John Krasinski

By John Krasinski, Brian Woods, Scott Beck

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds

A Quiet Place Average Scores on  IMDB : 7.8 | Metacritic score: 82

It can be said that the film A Silent Place is a work that almost all of us consider to be a very good and excellent contemporary film in the horror genre; It has very few opponents and few negative comments. If you are one of the few people who have not seen this one of the best horror movies, I suggest that you do so at the earliest opportunity.

The story of this terrifying work revolves around a parent who is trying to survive the situation they are in and raise their children in a post-apocalyptic world; A world inhabited by blind extraterrestrial monsters that have an incredibly powerful sense of hearing.

 The creators were heavily inspired by Alien, No Country for Old Men, and In the Bedroom.

The film was a huge success immediately after its release; Both at the box office and in terms of critical acclaim and audience. Critics greatly praised the film’s atmosphere, direction, actors, and sound design.

The film was so well received that the National Film Review Board, as well as the American Film Foundation, selected it as one of the top 10 films of 2018.

The film has been nominated or won various awards at various events and festivals; Best Golden Globe Soundtrack, American Producers Guild Award for Best Picture, American Writers Guild Award for Best Non-Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress at the Film Actors Guild, and more.

Awards that show this work is one of the best horror films in history. These great successes led to the production of the second part and sequel, which is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Tony Colt with a man on fire in the movie Hereditary

2- Hereditary movie

Inherited film

Screened: June 8, 2018

Subgenre: Mysterious Horror

Director: Yes Esther

Author: Ari Esther

Cast: Tony Colt, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolf

Average Hereditary Scores on  IMDB : 7.3 | Metacritic score: 87

It is horrible to imagine that someone close to our life or a family member has been captured, but watching it in a movie gives us a very interesting experience. The inherited film revolves around exactly this story. In this film, we see a family who, after the death of their mysterious grandmother, feel a strange presence and are constantly harassed by it.

We may have seen something like this in the movie world over and over again, but this movie was able to gain a great advantage over its counterparts by choosing extraordinary actors, exciting complexities, unpredictable jumpers, and much more.

This superiority was so remarkable that it was able to bring great success to its creators, both among critics and at the box office.

The film sold so well that it became A24’s best-selling international work. Many believe that the various elements of this work remind the viewer of The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. But it is safe to say that Tony Colt’s outstanding performance, along with Ari Esther’s perspective and attractive directing style, makes it impossible to make a fair comparison between the three.

This horror, mysterious and tragic film was nominated or won an award in various ceremonies and in various categories and created many honors for its director.

Florence Pew is crying with the other girls in the movie Midsommar

– Video  Midsommar

Midsummer movie

Screened: July 3, 2019

Subgenre: Horror Folklore

Director: Yes Esther

Author: Ari Esther

Cast: Florence Pew, Jack Rainer and William Jackson Harper

Average Midsommar Scores on  IMDB : 7.1 | Metacritic score: 72

For the latest item in the list of the best horror movies, we want to go to Sweden to follow the story of a group of friends who came to Sweden for a special festival. This festival is held once every 90 years and seems to be an ordinary and, of course, attractive ceremony. But it is not long before these poor people realize that they are trapped in the grip of a modern Scandinavian paganism.

The film was originally intended to be a slasher film among Swedish sectarians. But Esther created another script using the elements used in the story. Since he had just suffered a severe defeat, he decided to put a declining relationship at the center of the conflict.

The $ 9 million film grossed $ 48 million at the box office.

In addition, the critics liked the work very much and admired Esther’s directing as well as Pew’s play more than anything else.

It is interesting to note that this work first received the NC-17 rating; According to Ari Ester himself, something like 30 minutes was removed from the original version to be shown in theaters, although the director’s version was released shortly afterwards.

The remarkable thing about this work was that after the screening of this film in Sweden, many audiences laughed at its adventures instead of being frightened; Many Swedish critics even praised the film as a work of extraordinary black comedy.

Horror film featuring a woman attacking

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