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The Best Hidden And Attractive Tips And Tricks For iPhone

Maybe You Have Been Using iPhone Phones For Years, And You Think You Know All The iPhone Tricks And Practical Tips.

In this article, we will show that it is better not to be too sure about this and that even the oldest users of Apple phones should get to know the hidden tricks of the iPhone.

We have selected some of the new iPhone tricks among all iPhone tricks, and we intend to introduce you to the best iPhone tricks in this article.

First, you can see the following video as a summary of some tricks for the iPhone; In the next article, hidden tricks of the iPhone and additional explanations about each of the tricks of the iPhone are given, which we recommend you read. The trick to open closed tabs in the iPhone Safari browser

As the first iPhone 12 trick, if in the Safari browser, touch the button at the bottom of the screen indicated by the + sign, then you can view and open the last closed tabs in this browser.

Teaching iPhone tricks

iPhone trick to set the amount of music playing time

Many users habitually listen to music before going to sleep or even in the first minutes of it. Regarding teaching iPhone 7S tricks, it should be said that the iOS operating system has a functional feature that allows this group of users to stop playing music after a specific time by setting a timer program.

Some iPhone tricks

You can use the Clock program to implement these iPhone 11 tricksReferred, and then in the Timer section, while choosing a time interval, the option specified as Stop PlayingSelect at the bottom of the screen as settings. In this way, the music programs will stop automatically after the end of the time the user selects.

New iPhone trick to move multiple apps at the same time

You may have thought how good it would be if the ability to simultaneously move the programs on the Home screen were in the iPhone 13 phones. These tricks are for iPhone settings in the iOS operating system, and there are iPhones, but you have to use a unique method to use one of the hidden iPhone 12 Pro tricks.

iPhone trick tutorial

To do this iPhone trick, it is enough to go to the Home screen, touch the icon of one of the programs, and hold it for a short time. In this case, slightly deviate your finger from the initial location and then tap on the other programs you want as you touch the screen. In this way, these programs are grouped, and it will be possible to move them simultaneously.

Ability3D Touch To show folder notifications on iPhone

Some iPhone 7S users are interested in categorizing and keeping their various programs by creating folders. With another iPhone trick, you can use Touch and quickly become aware of the notifications related to each program in these folders.

Cool iPhone tricks

In the continuation of the article on iPhone tricks, it should be said that the small red bar displayed next to the icon of these folders shows a notification for the programs in it. After viewing this bar, do a 3D touch on the icon of this folder; Up to the iOS operating system, immediately show which of the programs this notification is about in that folder.

Simple and quick access to the settings menu

With one of the hidden tricks of the iPhone, you can easily use the intelligent assistant, Siri, to the Settings section, and the settings menu of these devices was accessed.

iPhone hidden tricks

When using different programs such as Messages or Photosyou, use the word SettingsTell, this assistant. Siri provides immediate access to this menu.

View the music history in Siri intelligent assistant.

In the continuation of the tricks of the iPhone to the intelligent assistant SiriWe have gone to the iPhone 11 phones, which can identify the music files they are listening to through the Internet if requested by the users.

iTunes Store app also allows users a history of all the music played in the past by the Siri assistantship has been taken to identify them.

iPhone settings tricks

To perform this iPhone trick, you must be in the iTunes Store program, click on the icon at the top of the screen with three lines, and then the Siri option choose.

The trick to lock apps with a password on iPhone

Apple does not allow the users of their phones to lock each program individually by passwords, But it can be done using the Screen Time function. Access to these programs is restricted.

As another iPhone trick, we must say that the settings program in iPhone 6s and later phones has a feature called Screen Time. that allows users to lock all or part of their programs after a certain period has passed since they were opened.

iPhone secret tricks

To do this iPhone trick, it is enough to go to the Screen Time section from the Settings app visit, and, after setting a password and selecting the App Limits option, a specific time (e.g., 1 minute) for All Apps & CategoriesSelect. You can also refer to the Always Allowed chance to put the programs you don’t need to lock into permanent access mode.

In this way, the rest of the programs, after each time they are opened, become locked after the time set by the users, and they can only be reaccessed when the device password is entered correctly.

The ability to change the font size in each application

Another secret iPhone trick in iOS 14 was the ability to change the font size at once for all parts of the operating system and programs. But iOS 15 allows changing the font size separately for each application.

Interesting iPhone 13 tricks

To perform these tricks on the iPhone 11 and later, you must first add the font size or Text Size option to the Control Center section. Then, by selecting this item, two options will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, specifying whether this new font size should be applied only to this program or all programs.

Magnifying glass to select a part of the text

The magnifier iPhone trick was there before but was removed from iOS 13. By introducing the new version of iOS, Apple once again brought this iPhone trick to its popular operating system. This feature is a smaller oval magnifying glass for iOS, making it easier to see where text is selected.

New iPhone tricks

Hold your finger on a text to use these iPhone tricks, and the magnifying glass will appear above your finger. As a result, with this more accurate and straightforward iPhone SMS trick, you can determine where to write or delete the text.

Interesting iPhone trick to remove ambient noise in video calls

In the following, we have reviewed another iPhone trick. Until today, when making video calls, the device’s microphone receives and transmits all the surrounding sounds. But in iOS 15, thanks to machine learning and vital artificial intelligence, it is possible to remove the ambient sound so that the audience only hears your voice.

Interesting iPhone 13 tricks

To benefit from these hidden iPhone tricks, open the Control Center during a video call with Facetime, WhatsApp, or other software and select Voice Isolation from the top right icon Mic Mode.

The trick to hide email address on iPhone

As an iPhone trick, it should be said that in iOS 15, the Hide My Email feature has been added, which creates a unique and random email address for each user. Emails sent to this new address will be forwarded to your primary email address.

iPhone trick saved

To activate this feature in the Settings section, touch the bar at the top of the screen corresponding to Apple ID. Then, from the iCloud option, go to the Hide My Email section and Create New Address.

Using these iPhone tricks, you can email this alternate address or give this alternate address on websites that ask for your email address. This will protect your privacy and email address.

New iPhone trick to remove information from photos before sharing

As another iPhone trick, when you share images directly from the Photos app with someone or service, they can access all the information collected at the time of the photo, especially location data.

But as one of the iPhone’s secret tricks, tap on the share button before sending a photo and select the options button from the top of the image. Next, turn off the All Photos Data option.

This excellent iPhone trick can remove GeoIP metadata that reveals location and all information, such as edit history, crops, filters, and live images you’ve applied.

The new feature of blurring the person’s background in the iPhone Facetime video call

Portrait mode is another iPhone trick now enabled for FaceTime video calls so that the contact can only see you clearly and the background and surroundings are blurred for him.

Unsaved iPhone trick

To do this iPhone trick, open the Control Center while making a Facetime video call. Then by touching the Video Effects option, turn on the Portrait option.

Automatically find and share Wi-Fi passwords.

If you’re frustrated with accessing the Wi-Fi password of the network you’re using, in iOS 16, you can see the Password of the network you’re connected to in your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings. Tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Please select the I button at the end of the connected network.
  • On the next page, tap on Password.
  • Tap Copy to share the Password.

Also, if you want to share it with your guest without writing down the Password, you need Bluetooth turned on. Then your guest should go to Wi-Fi settings.

Track iPhone in off mode.

Usually, if your iPhone is lost or stolen and turns off, there’s no way to track it through Find Me. With the addition of iPhone tweaks thanks to iOS 15, you can now locate your iPhone even if it’s turned off, factory reset, or just offline.

This feature is one of the exciting tricks of the iPhone 13, which turns your iPhone into a kind of AirTag, available for 5 hours after the iPhone’s battery is exhausted.

Turn off the microphone when recording screenshots

As one of the tricks of the iPhone, go to Settings and Control Center to ensure that the Screen Recording option is enabled. After enabling this option, a recording button will appear in the Control Center.

iPhone calculator tricks

After starting the recording, you may notice that along with the video of the screen, the sounds around you are also recorded in the video. If you don’t need external sounds in the video, you can press the record button and pause a little, Then choose to mute the phone’s microphone when recording.

Increase the quality of the recorded sound.

Another hidden trick of the iPhone is related to the iOS voice recording program, one of the most straightforward and efficient default apps available on iPhone phones. Still, in the new version of iOS, Apple has also added features to this app. This feature will be of great interest to students and journalists.

iPhone trick saved

In the past, there wasn’t much you could do to improve the quality of your audio recording after you finished recording. Still, iOS14 and later, after you’ve finished recording, allows you to quickly improve the quality of your audio by removing extraneous background noise. To do this, click Edit Recording on the registered sounds page, select the icon to increase the sound quality, and then touch the Done option.

Using the mouse on the iPhone

As another iPhone trick, did you know you can connect a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone and use it instead of your finger? Go to Accessibility and then Touch to enable Assistive Touch. Then go to Bluetooth Devices from the Devices section. Pair the mouse with your phone. You can customize mouse clicks to simulate using fingers.

Other cool iPhone tricks

In the following, we will get to know some small but valuable tricks in iPhone phones:

Change the default browser on iPhone

In iOS, you can change your email and browser to any popular program through the settings. Therefore, there is no longer any compulsion to use Safari and the Apple Mail program.

Change the default browser on iPhone

Add captions to photos and videos.

Thanks to the new update, you can now describe your photos and videos in the Photos app. This way, when searching for a picture, you can find it by searching for the phrase you wrote about the image.

Add captions to photos and videos

Hide unused programs

If you don’t want your home screen to be too cluttered, you can hide the app from your home screen without deleting it from your phone. These apps can be found in the App Library section or by searching. Hold on to the app, hit the cross button, and then select the Move to App Library option.

Hide unused programs

Clear text with a wave

If you have typed a text by mistake, you can delete it by quickly shaking the phone and tapping the Undo option. You can restore the deleted message if you quickly shake the phone again. It can also be done by simultaneously dragging three fingers to the left and right.

Clear text with a wave

Recording video and photography at the same time

As shown in the image below, if you press the white circle next to the shutter while recording, the iPhone camera app will also take a photo while recording. So if you want to take a screenshot while recording, you can use this feature.

Recording video and photography at the same time

Summary and answers to frequently asked questions

In this article, we tried to explain some of the most essential iPhone tricks from its old generations to iPhone 13 and 14. Of course, other interesting iPhone tricks are not mentioned in this article.

So if you know another attractive and practical trick, share it with other users in the comments section. Please write to us about which features are new to you, and you didn’t know about their presence in iPhone phones until now. You can also share other cool iPhone tricks you use in these smartphones with us and other users.

How to take a quick screenshot on iPhone?

For this purpose, go to the settings section of your iPhone and select Accessibility; Then tap on Touch, select Assistive Touch, and then turn on the Assistive Touch switch. After that, tap the Single-Tap option under Custom Actions and choose Screenshot.

What is the trick to remove water from the iPhone speaker?

The intelligent assistant Siri has a Water Eject tool to remove water from your iPhone. After that, all you have to do to get rid of the water is tap on the Water Eject shortcut and then confirm it by selecting the Begin Water Ejection option.