The Best Calculator For Phones (Android And iOS)

The Best Calculator For Phones (Android And iOS)

The Calculator Is One Of The Most Used Applications In Smartphones, For Which There Are Very Professional Alternatives In Both Android And Ios Operating Systems.

The Calculator is one of the first applications that appeared on mobile phones. From the oldest models of mobile phones to the latest and most potent intelligent devices, they have all been equipped with calculators and have gradually made old calculators obsolete.

On the other hand, the processing and calculation power of smartphones and tablets has made simple calculator applications gradually give way to powerful and dedicated tools. Tools that perform all kinds of scientific and engineering calculation operations at an acceptable speed.

Suppose you are looking for an alternative to your smartphone’s default application or need a more professional tool for more complex scientific calculations; in the rest of this article. In that case, we will introduce you to the best alternative calculator applications on Android and iOS. Most of the apps in this article are available for Android and iOS users.

The best Calculator for Android

HiPER application

HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular calculator with more than 35 million downloads and 200,000 five-star ratings.

HiPER Calculator strives to provide Android users with the best engineering calculation experience. The appearance of this Calculator is similar to the old engineering calculators. In addition to conventional calculation applications, it provides the user with a set of engineering functions and advanced capabilities.

Among the essential features, we can mention fractional operations and mixed numbers, all of which, combined with simple training for the user, maximize the experience of HiPER. This application’s user interface also supports multiple templates suitable for use on a smartphone or tablet.

++ Calculator application

The best calculator for Android application ++ Calculator

++ Calculator is a more complex program among the best calculator programs for Android, which has two modes, normal and scientific. You can perform simple arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction in the usual way; If you want to achieve more complex functions, you can switch to the scientific method. In the scientific method, you can perform complex mathematical functions such as finding roots and solving equations. This Calculator has a smooth and neat interface, doesn’t look cluttered, and is easy to use.

Hindu application

The best calculator for Android application HiEdu

Hindu Scientific Calculator is a unique scientific calculator. It does all the basics right. It also does more advanced stuff like logarithms. Its user interface is neat and straightforward. Hindu contains more than 1000 mathematical formulas. You can do all the calculations you need.

Financial application

The best calculator for Android Financial application

Financial Calculator is one of the complete financial calculator apps that can save you money and make it one of the best calculator apps for you. Excelente said the application effectively manages accounting, investment, mortgage, financial programs, and other valuable formulas for business or finance. This Calculator is an excellent option for students and business owners.

The Financial calculator app contains a series of other calculators: TVM calculator, currency converter, loan calculator, compound interest calculator, credit card payment calculator, etc. You will only need the internet to convert currency.

The best iOS calculators

Application + Calculator

+ Calculator is an award-winning calculator app for iPhone and iPad, designed with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind.

The best iOS calculators app + Calculator

Calculator+ is one of the most popular calculator apps that offers several different calculator modes and styles and supports scientific, handwriting, polynomial, linear, graph, and currency conversion modes. CingCThis modern scientific Calculator is straightforward to use as it has relatively large buttons. Figures are displayed in bold for easy identification. Considering the interface design and many useful features, this Calculator is one of the best.

Calculator + may help younger students who are just starting to trust numbers.

Desmos application

The best iOS calculators of the Desmos app

Desmos Graphing Calculator is a free and powerful graphing calculator program that covers many graphing functions and works offline without any problems.

Users can display functions on a graph (with options for Cartesian, polar, and parametric coordinate systems) and animate parameters with the help of available tools, view output tables and input points, and access even more features. This graphing Calculator is full of features suitable for students to use.

Photomath app

Photomath turns the phone’s camera into a calculator; Users can use their camera to scan and instantly solve math problems.

The best iOS calculators Photomath app

Just scan a problem, and the app will display the final answer along with a step-by-step breakdown of the problem solution; This way, you can learn how to find solutions on your own.

Photomath supports alternative answers, an intelligent calculator for editing scanned equations, and a new graphing mode. It calculates everything from introductory algebra to linear, quadratic, and absolute equations and inequalities, systems of equations, trigonometry, and more.

Microsoft Math Solver application

Best iOS calculators Microsoft Math Solver app

Microsoft Math helps solve various problems, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more, using advanced math solvers powered by artificial intelligence. You can write a problem on the screen or use the camera to take a picture of the math problem. Microsoft Math instantly detects the problem and helps you solve it with accessible step-by-step explanations, interactive diagrams, similar issues from the web, and online video lectures.

With the Microsoft Math calculator app, you can quickly look up related concepts, get help with your math homework, and gain confidence in mastering techniques. Like most apps introduced in this article, this Calculator is also available for Android and iOS users. This app is entirely free and without ads.

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The above examples were only a few of the calculator applications that can solve the calculation needs of users as a suitable alternative to the default application in Android and iOS. There are more options in the app markets of both operating systems that offer similar or greater functionality in both free and paid categories.

What app do you use instead of your smartphone’s default calculator?