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The best cafes in Istanbul; The taste of coffee and baklava in the Ottoman lands

Cafeteria is one of the most popular pleasures in today’s urban lifestyle . Traveling cafes can also capture good memories for us.

 Some cities in the world are the center of the most attractive and cozy cafes. 

The vibrant city of Istanbul is an example of such a city. 

In this article, how are we going to get acquainted with the best cafes in Istanbul and invite you to visit the tourist areas of Turkey , sit in this colorful and glazed city and taste the delicious flavors. 

Esteghlal Street and the best cafes in Istanbul

Istanbul’s Esteghlal Street is one of the most important streets in the city and the center of urban attractions. One of these attractions is the existence of different and colorful cafes and restaurants. So, if you have a craving for cafes in Istanbul, our first suggestion is the cafes on Esteghlal Street. The best cafes in Istanbul, located on Esteghlal Street, are Mandabatmaz Cafe, Esmer Cafe and Mado Chain Cafe.

1. Mandabatmaz, one of the best cafes in Istanbul in Esteghlal

The best cafes in Istanbul in Mandabatmaz from the best Esteghlal Street

One of the best cafes in Istanbul should be considered Mandabatmaz, which is actually one of the best packaged coffee shops . The prices of coffee are almost reasonable in Mandabatmaz, and if you want to buy coffee, you can buy it in this cafe at a better price than the market. Mandabatmaz is one of the most prestigious shops and cafes for buying or drinking original Turkish coffee.

Mandabat has become very popular among locals and has a wide range of customers. The tables and chairs of this cafe are arranged inside the alley, outside the store. Therefore, the experience of a cup of authentic Turkish coffee with a pleasant taste of cake and sweets in the warm and intimate streets of Istanbul will be sweet memories for you.

From the tourists’ point of view, the disadvantages of this cafe are the limited variety of menu cakes, and it is also said that Mandabatmaz only accepts cash.

Address: No. 1 / A, Olivia Alley, Esteghlal St., Biaghloo District

Phone: 02122437737

Working hours: 9:30 am to 12 pm

Nearby accommodation: Maroon Tomtom

Esmer Cafe .2 in Esteghlal Street

The best cafes in Istanbul at Esmer Cafe

As we have said, the cafes on Esteghlal Street are among the best cafes in Istanbul. Esmer Cafe is another popular coffee and tea hangout in the city. The attractive atmosphere of this cafe along with the popular music that is played will make the experience of caféing on your trip to Istanbul a pleasant memory. In addition to hot and cold drinks and cakes and pastries, in this cafe you can enjoy the most popular fast foods such as pasta , lasagna, pizza and fried chicken in the style of Asmar. In fact, it can be said that Asmar is one of the best places to taste Italian food. Asmer staff are very professional and the excellent service of this cafe and restaurant will satisfy the customers.

Address: Biaghloo area, Taksim Square, Esteghlal St., No. 40

Phone: 02122455656

Working hours: 9:30 am to 12 pm

Nearby accommodation: Taxim Lounge Hotel

Other cafes in Istanbul

The best cafes in Istanbul are not only located on Esteghlal Street. Istanbul is the dream land of cafes. Next, we will visit other areas and streets of Istanbul and experience the aroma of Turkish tea and coffee with the magical taste of baklava and sweets of this tourist city.

3. Han Karakoy, one of the best cafes in Istanbul

Han Karakoy is one of the best cafes in Istanbul

Han Karakoy Cafe is another cozy cafe in Istanbul that can become one of your hangouts during your trip. The menu of this cafe has a good color and glaze and is one of the best options in the list of the best cafes in Istanbul, especially for eating breakfast . A variety of drinks derived from coffee, latte, tea, muffins, sweets, desserts, sandwiches and other delicious foods… There are many fans in this cafe. The baristas and professional staff of this cafe will create good moments for you and you can taste a quality menu. Before visiting this cafe, it is better to keep in mind that the menu is almost expensive.

Address: Karam Mustafa Pasha neighborhood, Hoja Tahsin St., No. 17

Phone: 02122433426

Working hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Nearby accommodation: Triada Hotel Karakoy

4. Sesame Cafe, a cozy cafe in Istanbul

Sesame Cafe is one of the best cafes in Istanbul

Susam Cafe is located on Susam Street in Istanbul and is one of the cozy hangouts in this neighborhood. This cafe is a great and accessible place to relax and taste delicious delicacies. If you are looking for fancy cafes with a hearty atmosphere, acceptable services and a delicious menu, we suggest Sesame Cafe. The attitude of the staff of this cafe is very warm and friendly and they will create relaxing moments for you.

Address: Biaghloo area, Jahangir neighborhood, 11 Sosam street

Phone: 02122515995

Working hours: 10 am to 2 am

Nearby accommodation: Hotel Villa Zurich

5. Erol Confectionery, a cafe in Kadikoy, Istanbul

Orwell Confectionery بهترین The best cafes in Istanbul

One of the best cafes in Istanbul’s KadIkoy district is Sekerci Cafer Erol. This cafe or in fact sweets زیب beautiful روstanbul’s land of sweets ‌, baklava and delicious chocolates with exciting and colorful decorations. Here you can try any of the delicacies on the menu and buy any kind of sweets and chocolates with special packaging as a souvenir. In fact, this charming hangout is better known as the Confectionery and Chocolate Shop in Istanbul. The design of this cafe, especially with its special Christmas decorations, tempts you to spend your time and try its delicious Turkish drinks, sweets and desserts. The polite behavior of the staff of this cafe is another feature that makes the cafe a pleasant experience.

Address: 19 Yasa St., Kadikoy District

Phone: 02163371103

Working hours: 9 am to 12 pm

Nearby accommodation: Mykent Hotel

6. Rainbow Cafe and Restaurant, a rainbow of delights

Rainbow Cafe and Restaurant is one of the best cafes in Istanbul

The sixth place in the list of the best cafes in Istanbul belongs to Rainbow Cafe & Restaurant. The taste of the food and drinks of this cafe is truly amazing and is recorded in your mind. Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences in Istanbul is going to the Rainbow Cafe and Restaurant. This cafe has a great view and the service is excellent. In addition to the hot and cold drinks of the cafe, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner on the rainbow street of Istanbul’s Çenglویk .y Street.

Address: Eskdar section, Changlokoi street

Phone: 02164229495

Working hours: 9 am to 4 am

Nearby accommodation: Sumahan on the Water

7. Volut Cafe, facing Galata Tower

Volut Cafe, facing Galata Tower, one of the best cafes in Istanbul

One of the best cafes in Istanbul is located near Galata Tower and is a great choice for experiencing delicious flavors, especially breakfast. The warm and intimate design of Velvet Cafe reminds you of home. This crowded café has a friendly staff and if you start your morning with this hearty setting and delicious breakfast menu, you will make an energetic day on your trip to Istanbul.

Address: Galata Tower, Buick Handak St., Kole St. (Opposite Tower Facing St.)

Phone: 05433313339

Working hours: 10 am to 8:30 pm

Nearby accommodation: Anemon Galata

The last word

Today, Istanbul is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey , known for its nightlife and cafes. Therefore, the list of the best cafes in Istanbul is not limited to the number that was listed. 

In this article, we tried to introduce you to some of the best that were able to satisfy tourists. If you have been to this beautiful and glazed city and experienced a cafe tour in it, add your suggestions to this list.