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The Best Bitcoin Wallets In 2021- Secure Wallet To Store Bitcoins Is Especially Important

If you are going to Bitcoin Invest or make a bitcoin transaction, you need a wallet or wallet first. 

Secure Wallet, Bitcoin transfers assets to individuals using the wallet tool, which is why finding a safe and secure wallet to store bitcoins is especially important.

The good news is that Bitcoin is the first and foremost digital currency on the market, and there is more to it than any other digital currency, so it will not be too difficult for you to choose a secure wallet. The next good news is that Bitcoin wallet software is completely free and you can easily install it on your phone or computer.

There is no shortage of secure and reliable software wallets for Bitcoin, but if you want more security you can get a (physical) hardware wallet by paying. If you are lost in a pile of bitcoin wallets and still do not know which name and brand to use, by reading the rest of this article, you will get acquainted with the best and most reputable bitcoin wallets.

What is the best bitcoin wallet?

Which wallet is “best” depends entirely on the circumstances, and the answer to this question can vary from person to person depending on the level of knowledge, facilities required and the amount of capital.

For example, for beginners it is usually convenient to have a wallet that is easy to work with and supports a variety of digital currencies, but for someone who is a professional and needs more bitcoin management, user interface or support for other digital currencies. It does not matter much.

Also, the features (internet access, computer or mobile phone) are influential in discussing the suitability of a wallet. There are different types of bitcoin wallets and they run on different operating systems, so everyone is one of the conditions and features.Types of Bitcoin walletsSelects.

For example, a person who does not have a personal computer uses mobile wallets, or a person who does not have a smartphone uses wallets other than mobile.

As a general rule, the best bitcoin wallet is a wallet that is easier for the user to work with and can secure bitcoins well. Due to the decentralized nature of digital currencies, where everyone is solely responsible for their own assets, the main criterion in choosing a wallet should be its credibility and security, and then other criteria such as appearance and features should be considered.

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

Although there are more than a hundred wallets with different names for Bitcoin, here are 10 items that are the best options for storing bitcoins in 2021 according to the content team of the Digital Currency Website.

The following wallets store private keys (assets) on the device or physical environment, and no one other than the user has access to the assets. For this reason, there is no risk of sanctions or blocking of funds in these wallets. The list includes criteria such as security, number of installations, various features and user feedback.

Don’t forget that wallets on exchanges hold assets in custody and control of assets is not really in the hands of the users themselves. Among the activists in this field, safe storage space is not considered a wallet, and in this article, we mean wallets are those who leave full control of assets to the user. Also, for Iranian users, storing digital currencies on exchange offices can pose a risk of sanctions and blocking of capital.

The following wallets are currently the best options available for storing bitcoins:

  • Trust Wallet (Mobile) Software Wallet
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • Trezor Hardware Wallet
  • Mycelium Software Wallet (Mobile)
  • BlueWallet Software Wallet (Mobile)
  • Electrum software wallet (desktop and mobile)
  • Exodus software wallet (desktop and mobile)
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Mobile) software wallet
  • software wallet (web)
  • Bitcoin Paper Wallet with (Cold Storage)
The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

1. Trust Wallet

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

Without exaggeration, Mobile Trust Wallet is one of the best Bitcoin wallets (especially for novice users). This completely free wallet, which is offered on Android and iOS, belongs to the largest digital currency exchange in the world, namelyBainance ExchangeIs. However, this software stores private keys on the user’s device so that neither Bainance nor anyone other than the owner will have access to the assets.

Trust Walt, which supports thousands of other coins and tokens in addition to Bitcoin, has earned the title of the most popular digital currency wallet with more than 1 million installations and a score of 4.5 on Google Play.

This wallet supports all important security features for a wallet such as password, PIN, backup, fingerprint lock, face lock (if supported by phone).

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Easy user interface
  • Supports thousands of coins and tokens

Weaknesses :

  • Available for mobile only.

Download Trust Wallet

2. Ledger Hardware Wallet

Ledger Hardware Wallet

One of the safest options for storing bitcoins, Hardware wallet And the French company Ledger, is currently the largest manufacturer of this type of wallet.

Ledger hardware wallets keep private keys completely secure and offline, and if the box is not unlocked before purchase, you should rest assured that hacking them is almost impossible.

Model Ledger Nano SIt is the most famous product of this company, which has passed its security test for many years. Priced at around $ 60, this wallet is one of the most economical options among all hardware wallets and can be purchased from reputable Iranian stores.

Ledger has another model called Nano X, which has more features such as better screen, Bluetooth and battery. It is worth noting that both wallets are almost the same in terms of security. The Model X costs twice as much, about $ 120.

Ledger wallets from almost all valid digital currencies plus thousands of tokens (tokens based on اتریوم, IAS, damp and…) support. Hence, one wallet is enough to hold most digital currencies. To view the supported digital currencies in each Ledger model, go toThis link See.

Strengths :

  • Holds CSPN (First Level Security Certification) certification from ANSSI
  • Very high security
  • Support for a wide range of digital currencies (more than any other hardware wallet)
  • Very strong development team and support

Weaknesses :

  • Not suitable for everyday use.

3. Trezor hardware wallet

Treasury hardware wallet

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Treasury is the first maker of Bitcoin hardware wallets for the public. The company, like Ledger, makes very secure hardware wallets, but sells and is less popular than Ledger.

The most famous product of this company, Trezor One walletOf course, now a newer product called Trezor Model T has been released. The two products are not much different in terms of security, but the Model T has more peripherals. The One model also does not support Ripple and several other digital currencies , but the T model covers those currencies as well. The One Treasure model is priced at around $ 59 and the T model is priced at around $ 192.

Treasury hardware wallets, such as ledgers, keep private keys completely secure and offline, and it is almost impossible to hack them if the user observes certain aspects. To view the supported digital currencies in different Terror modelsThis link See.

Strengths :

  • Very high security
  • Support for more than a thousand digital currencies and tokens (One model no longer supports Ripple and several digital currencies).
  • Ability to sync with a large number of wallet software
  • Appropriate size and weight

Weaknesses :

  • Not suitable for everyday use.
  • Weak body in the bathtub model

4. Mycelium wallet

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

Mycelium walletOne of the best mobile wallets for bitcoin storage. You can install this software on your smartphone in both Android and iOS operating systems.

Although the appearance of Mycelium is not as beautiful and comfortable as newer wallets, we can without exaggeration consider it one of the safest bitcoin wallets. This software is recently Atrium andAtrium-based tokens Has also been added to its list of currencies.

Mycelium can also be used to connect to hardware wallets, and Mycelium is a common tool for spending and transferring money inside paper wallets.

In this wallet, the user has complete control over his private keys and assets and has a variety of security options, including a PIN.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Lots of side features
  • Ability to connect to hardware wallets
  • Ability to spend paper wallets

Weaknesses :

  • Only mobile version available.
  • Poor user interface

Download MyCelium

5. BlueWallet Wallet

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

The rapid growth of Bluetooth mobile wallets in 2020 brought this software to our list.

Bluetooth is a mobile application for both Android and iOS that only supports Bitcoin. Although support for only one currency may be a disadvantage, Bluetooth has features for managing bitcoin that we do not see in multi-valued wallets. The most important feature of this wallet is the supportLightning Network Cited.

This wallet is completely open source and gives the user control over the private keys.

Unlike most professional wallets that do not have a good user interface, Bluetooth is easy for novice users to use. So if you are looking for a professional bitcoin wallet with a not-so-difficult user interface, Bluewalt could be your choice.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Professional facilities for bitcoin management
  • Easy user interface
  • It is open source.

Weaknesses :

  • Only supports bitcoin.
  • Only mobile version available.

Download BlueWallet

6. Wallet electrum ( Electrum )

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

If you are not new and have a little bit of technical knowledge about Bitcoin, Electrum may be the best choice for you. Electrom walletIt is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets and is one of the most popular options among bitcoins (bitcoin lovers). This fully open source wallet was developed in 2011 and is constantly updated by the developer community.

Electrom is available for both desktop and Android, but only the desktop version has special features.

We reiterate that if you are new, the use of the Electrum wallet is not recommended, as it is not suitable for novice users in terms of user interface.

In Electrom, there are many options available to the user, including transaction signatures, offline transactions, and custom fees. Although this wallet is like aBitcoin currencyIt has features, it takes up very little space on the computer and you do not need to download the entire blockchain to use it. The wallet also has full access to the private key.

The desktop version of Electrom has been developed for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • It is open source.
  • Abundant facilities for capital and transaction management

Weaknesses :

  • Not suitable for novice users.

Download Electrum

7. Exodus Wallet


Security along with attractive user interface; This was the definition of Exodus in a few words.

Exodus is one of the oldest wallets available for digital currencies and has been serving digital currency users since 2015. The wallet was initially only available for PCs, but can now be installed on two popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. In addition to supporting more than 100 digital currencies and tokens, the beautiful Exodus user interface is unparalleled.

In its Windows app, Exodus has blocked users’ access to Iran’s IP, and to use it, the IP must be changed. However, this wallet stores private keys directly on the device, so despite users’ concerns, Exodus does not have access to the assets and cannot block them.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Easy and beautiful user interface
  • Supports hundreds of coins and tokens
  • Can be installed on mobile and desktop

Weaknesses :

  • Not open source.
  • IPI has blocked Iran.

Download Exodus

8. Bitcoin Wallet

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

Bitcoin Wallet is one of the first Bitcoin wallets for mobile phones, which was launched in 2013. This wallet does not have the complexities of some other wallets such as Mycelium and its user interface is designed to be very simple. However, it is currently only available for the Android operating system.

As the name implies, Bitcoin Walt only supports Bitcoin. This wallet does not have many security features, but its open source, support for all types of bitcoin addresses (segway and legacy) as well as the possibility of registering a PIN, makes it one of the best bitcoin wallets.

Backing up this wallet is easy, but unlike most wallets that offer a 12- or 24-word string for backup, the way to backup Bitcoin Walt is a little different, and instead of the backup words, give the user a file. It can be said that if the wallet is deleted, the user can recover his assets with that file.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Easy user interface
  • It is open source.

Weaknesses :

  • Available for Android only.
  • Does not support 12 or 24 word backups (BIP39).

Download Bitcoin Wallet

9. Blockchain Wallet (

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

China Block Wallet .Dotcom ( is one of the most popular and oldest Bitcoin wallets that supports several digital currencies besides Bitcoin, including Atrium, Tetra, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.

Although this wallet is generous and stores private keys on Internet servers, the developer has proven that it does not have access to assets due to the encryption of private keys and passwords.

If we want to talk about the weaknesses of this wallet, we must mention the weak reminder to the user to take a backup. In this wallet, if users forget their password and also do not back up their wallet, they will never be able to access their assets. has a mobile software that makes it easier for users to use.

Strengths :

  • high security
  • Easy access to all devices with just one browser
  • Mobile app

Weaknesses :

  • Private keys are stored on the Internet.
  • Poor backup reminder

Login to China Blockchain

10. Bitcoin Paper Wallet (

The best bitcoin wallets in 2021

Bitcoin paper wallet is the same private key that is printed on paper. This method is one of the best ways to store bitcoins for a long time, as long as you can take good care of the private key (and paper). This way, your private key will literally be in your hands.

To make a paper wallet for any digital currency, you can either print your own private key or retrieval words on paper, and there are websites that make it easy for you. Note that if you are using a website to make a paper wallet, be sure to check their credibility to ensure that there is no risk of assets being accessed by site operators.

To be on the safe side, disconnect from the Internet after the wallet making page is fully loaded, as the paper wallet making software does not require the internet after the page is fully loaded. Then To print a paper wallet, be sure to use a personal printer so that your private key does not fall into the hands of someone else.

To Making Bitcoin Paper WalletsYou can visit This website is open source and does not require the Internet to make a paper wallet.

Each paper wallet has a private key and an address. Note that having a private key means having all the assets and you should not give it to anyone under any circumstances.

To receive bitcoins, all you have to do is give the address to the sender, and to spend the money in the wallet, you need to enter your private key in one of the most reputable bitcoin wallet software, such as Electrom, or use Scan mobile software such as Mycelium, its QR code.

Strengths :

  • Complete security and privacy
  • Suitable for long-term investments

Weaknesses :

  • Risk of paper loss, theft or damage over time
  • Not suitable for everyday use.

Making Bitcoin Paper Wallets

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Wallets

What happens if my Bitcoin wallet is deleted?

After installing the wallet, be sure to make a backup of it so that you can recover the money if the wallet is deleted, the device breaks or any other problem. If you do not have a backup, your property will be lost forever.

Is there a cost to making a Bitcoin wallet?

Almost all Bitcoin software wallets are free and you can easily download them from reputable sites and you do not need to pay any extra money, but you have to pay to buy a physical Bitcoin hardware wallet.

How do I get bitcoins in my wallet?

Each bitcoin wallet has an address that you can think of as an account number. Just give your bitcoin address to the sender to send you bitcoins. The wallet address can be viewed in the “Receive” section.

How to send bitcoin in my wallet?

To send bitcoins, just go to the “Send” section from inside the wallet and enter the recipient’s address and amount in this section.