The Best Applications For Learning English From Beginners To Professionals

The Best Applications For Learning English From Beginners To Professionals

It Is Very Important To Choose The Best English Language Learning Application According To Its Features. 

In this article, we introduce the best English language teaching applications.

Today, language knowledge, especially English, is considered one of the essential tools for success in work and academic competitions due to its international aspect. Finding someone around you who is fluent in English and cannot do a good job for himself is impossible.

One of the reasons for the importance of learning English is the expansion of cross-border communication on a small scale between ordinary people.

Suppose you are on Instagram; you are just a few clicks away from someone on the other side of the world to communicate, and you can talk to them about any topic; You need to have the necessary language structure to start a conversation.

The best English language learning apps on different platforms depending on your criteria and needs. In this article, we will introduce the features and facilities of the best English language teaching apps in general so that you can choose the right app from them and start learning English immediately.

The best English language learning apps for Android and iPhone

1- Duolingo English language learning application

Create another language. One of the best English language learning applications is Duolingo, which has nearly 10 million users only on the Android platform, and the number of users of this program, in general, reaches 300 million people! This application is an extensive language training program; people can access the training in more than 35 languages ​​with its help. The Duolingo language training program helps the user to strengthen speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills with various exercises to develop the vocabulary and grammatical structure necessary to communicate in English or any other language.

Screenshot of Doulingo English language learning application

The English language learning application Duolingo is a language learning program through games and effectively provides lessons to the user with the help of various competitions. Also, this program will monitor your language progress to reach your short-term and long-term goals and make the daily practice of language learning a habit. Another feature that makes us introduce the Duolingo app as one of the best apps for teaching English is that it is free.

With the help of this program, the user can learn any language he wants out of the 28 languages ​​offered for free. This program also has another version, Duolingo Plus, which can be used for a fee. The difference between this program and the free version is that it does not display ads.

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2- English language learning application Learn Languages ​​with Memrise

The English language learning application Learn Languages ​​with Memrise has 45 million active users, which shows that this program is one of the best English language learning applications. This program teaches the language with the help of video, and people who are fluent in the language will teach other new language learners through video.

The Memrise language learning application practically teaches the language with the help of native people in a region. For example, a native English speaker shares a video with language learners so that they can improve their speaking skills and learn new idioms.

Screenshot of the English language learning application Learn Languages ​​with Memrise

Memrise language learning application uses the Direct Method language teaching approach to teach language. In this method, language learners are directly in the conditions of the target language, and the concepts will be explained and interpreted only by the target language. In other words, in this method, the learner learns the second language in the same way as his mother tongue.

Suppose a baby is just born and has no coherent language structure. Gradually by being placed in linguistic situations and listening to the parents’ conversations with him or with each other, he expands his linguistic structure and, over the years, fixes the defects of that structure; Therefore, in this method, no translation is done, and concepts will be taught through the target language and objects, images, etc., and the learner will develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with the help of oral exercises.

The mentioned application has made part of its training available for free, and to use other features, you need to purchase a subscription.

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3- Babbel English language learning application

Babbel’s English language learning application, designed by language learning experts, has millions of users worldwide. This program is one of the best English language teaching applications for conversation, which improves conversational skills in users with interactive lessons.

Screenshot of Babbel English language learning application

The lessons in this program were designed interactively, and users only needed 10 to 15 minutes during the day to learn the language. Also, studies in this application are classified based on separate topics for different situations.

It offers more than 6,000 courses with more than 60,000 lessons for teaching 14 different languages, and people can develop their skills by relying on its written program. This program is available for Android and iOS platforms with in-app payment and through the links below.

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4- English language learning application Basuu: Language Learning

Another of the best applications for teaching English or language, in general, is the Busuu language teaching application, among Google’s selected applications. This application has more than 100 million users around the world and on different platforms. In addition to being on the list of Google’s selected applications, it also received an excellent score from critics in PC MAG. It was named the best language learning application in 2018 by DtGV.

Screenshot of Basuu: Language Learning English language learning application

One of the best language-learning apps, Busuu can learn 12 languages, ​​including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic. One of the valuable features of this application is the social network consisting of language learners from all over the world; users can connect with other people, improve their language skills, and make international friends.

The Busuu language learning app will also, in cooperation with the McGraw Hill educational organization, give an official certificate to those who can get a good score on the test, which is not seen in other language learning apps. You can install this language-learning application on your smartphone using the links below.

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5- English linguist training application (Zabanshenas)

The linguist application can be considered one of the English language teaching applications, the most significant advantage of which is having a comprehensive archive with entertaining and educational content. The linguist uses a method based on gamification and is designed to make learning English interesting for learners. For example, by calculating the number of days the learner reads English in a row, this application encourages him to stay on the path of learning English.

Among the advantages of the Linguist application compared to other applications, it can be considered the support of the Persian language and the production of exclusive content for teaching English. English language training in the Linguist application has been localized for Iranian users, and features based on the needs of Iranian language learners have been included.

Linguist application

This application has also included valuable tools such as interactive Lightner, authentic dictionaries, statistics and progress charts, etc., which can be helpful for language learners.

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6- Learnit English language teaching application

Learn English language learning application is one of the best English language learning applications designed by Iranian experts. This application’s English language teaching method is Grammar Translation Method, called GTM for short. This application has more than 200 thousand users and is one of Iran’s most popular English language teaching applications.

This language teaching method is one of the best methods for teaching a second language, especially for adults. In this method, the concepts and definitions of the second language are taught by translating them into the native language of the learner. For example, the meanings of English words will be conducted in Farsi, and grammar will be explained using Farsi.

Screenshot of Learnit English language learning application

Leaving aside the features of the application approach, we come to the critical applications’ key features. These features include codified educational content categorized into different lessons; Also, grammar teaching is done in audio and text form to partially compensate for a teacher’s absence. In addition, the playful way of teaching English in this application makes it one of the best language-teaching applications for children. This application is currently only available for the Android operating system. Unfortunately, iOS users do not have access to it.

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7- English language learning application B-amooz

Another application among the best English language teaching applications is the “Learn Language” or B-amooz application, which Iranian developers designed.

In addition to English, this language-learning application requires users to learn German, French, and Turkish. Like other Iranian language teaching applications, the language teaching method in this program is the GTM method to be more effective for different ages.

The B-Amoz language learning application has different sections, each of which has its classification. These include a vocabulary section, grammar section, eating and listening section, and fie alphabet and pronunciation section.

The word learning section presents thousands of words, examples, explanations, pronunciation, and essential grammar knowledge. In this section, the learner can study subject-classified words or specific books such as “504” or “1100” using Lightner and flashcards.

Currently, the Learn Language application is only provided for the Android operating system, and iOS users do not have access.

Download for Android

The best site for learning English

1- BBC Learning English website

BBC Learning English website

One of the reference websites for learning English is BBC Learning English, which has unique content and visual quality. Although the content of the mentioned website is more beneficial for intermediate and advanced users, courses for beginners have recently been included in it, and it is possible to determine the level.

On the BBC Learning English website, you can learn English using videos and radio news, which includes vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. This website contains several sections for learning different language skills, quizzes, special courses, and stories for children with engaging visual content. Fortunately, there are also apps available for Android and iOS.

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2- British Council website

British Council website

The British Council’s LearnEnglish website has many features for learning English, including interactive courses, videos, games, and podcasts, and can be used for different levels. The website has various sections designed for different language needs, including online courses, four language skills, grammar, vocabulary, business English, general English, different levels of English, and social events. Each of these sections has other subcategories that contain hundreds and maybe thousands of valuable and exciting content for learning English, and you can use them according to your needs.

Fortunately, most of the functions of the British Council website are free and Iranian users can use them. Also, British Council has designed various applications for learning English language skills that you can download and install:

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge English grammar and spelling quiz application

Download for Android

Download for iOS

English Grammar learning application LearnEnglish Grammar

Download for Android

Download for iOS

English language learning application for children LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

Download for Android

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English language learning application with LearnEnglish Podcasts

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Learn English Sounds Right learning application

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English language learning application with LearnEnglish Videos

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3- Cambridge English website

Cambridge English website

The Cambridge English website is one of the most popular reference sources for learners planning to take Cambridge exams or learn a general language. The mentioned website has many options, including 176 different activities for learning English, and allows users to strengthen their reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Each activity takes up to 10 minutes and gradually strengthens individual English skills.

The mentioned activities are classified into different topics and levels, and you can choose and perform the desired action based on your needs. Unlike the BBC Learning English website introduced earlier, Cambridge English focuses on academic and formal English and will be more suitable for taking English language tests.

Other features of Cambridge English include free English language tests, numerous courses, content to learn the language, and sample content to prepare for Cambridge exams.

4- TED website

TED website

TED is one of the world’s largest and perhaps most famous online educational video websites. On this website, various educational lectures from around the world, known as TED Talks (TED Talk), are placed on multiple topics such as science and knowledge, nature, psychology, and other cases.

Most of the talks and presentations on the TED website are recorded by native speakers and use a wide range of English vocabulary. When using this website, it is better first to find your favorite movies and topics, watch each film several times, note down new words, and find their meanings. Also, you can watch movies with Farsi and English subtitles at first and gradually remove the subtitles.

Fortunately, for some time, the TED website has also prepared applications for Android and iOS that you can use:

Download for Android

Download for iOS

5- News in Levels website

News in Levels website

The News in Levels website is a unique resource for accessing English journalistic news at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. To use this website, select your favorite information and choose one of levels 1 to 3. If you are unsure about your language level, it is better to start with level 1 and then try other levels.

News in Levels allows one to read text news, watch news videos, and mark essential and challenging words in the texts. Also, it is possible to check understanding by answering the questions about each news item. The news on this website is updated daily and can be a good source for learning English.

6- YouTube website

Learning English on YouTube

The YouTube website, the world’s largest video-sharing service, is used for entertainment and learning various sciences and as a unique reference for learning English. YouTube is full of videos to learn about different scientific topics, and you can access thousands of long and short educational videos.

You can improve your English language skills by regularly using the content of this website. By using YouTube and its various channels, you can not only learn English vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, history, and culture directly; Moreover, watching your favorite entertainment and scientific films makes it possible to get to know more and learn the language indirectly. In addition, it is possible to use YouTube through its Android and iOS applications on smartphones:

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7- VOA Learning English website

English language learning website lyrics training

The VOA Learning English website is another media site that allows learning English by listening to the news content of this network. This website has always been considered one of the leading Internet sources for improving listening skills by listening and watching the news. Besides, it provides textual content and various exercises for its users.

The educational content of VOA Learning English is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and it is possible to determine the level by participating in its online exam.

8- Lyrics Training website

English language learning website lyrics training

The Lyrics training website is the best option if you like combining language learning with fun and music. By using the mentioned website, you can learn English and the correct pronunciation of words by listening to music and listening to music and reading the text of the music. However, this is not the whole story; You can sing in English by choosing the theme you want and improving your speaking and pronunciation skills.

Also, this website has prepared an exercise for its users, where while playing each piece of music, the learner must type the words from its text and challenge his skills. Fortunately, it is possible to use this service on iPhone and Android phones through special applications that you can install:

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9- Collins Dictionary website

Collins online dictionary website

The essential tool for learning English is a comprehensive and complete dictionary with up-to-date and correct information. Collins Dictionary is one of the most famous online dictionaries of the English language in the world, which publishes articles and news about the English language in addition to the meanings and definitions of words. Searching for any word in Collins Dictionary includes information such as word definition, history, pronunciation, thesaurus, synonyms, and grammatical roles, along with an example with the original audio pronunciation.

Collins Dictionary has also released its Android and iOS apps for use on smartphones:

Download for Android

Download for iOS

10- Grammarly website

Editing and proofreading text with Grammarly

The Grammarly website is one of the new, intelligent, and successful online English language tools that ease the imagination of beginners to advanced learners about the accuracy of their written texts. Using Grammarly, you can find most of the spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing and even get suggestions for correcting them.

Grammarly helps you find mistakes in your text and correct them. Indeed, writing texts and emails is one of the main exercises and needs of every language learner. You may be practicing writing text as a beginner learner or as an advanced learner you need to correspond with abroad; In any case, it is necessary to write the text correctly and without typos.

Fortunately, it is possible to use Grammarly’s leading services for free. Still, if you want more professional and advanced editing on your texts and to analyze them thoroughly, you can buy a subscription to this website. Another advantage of Grammarly is the possibility of using it on different platforms, including Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Office, Android, and iOS browsers. Use the following links to download Grammarly’s Android and iPhone applications:

Download for Android

Download for iOS

The best free English language learning app for children

1- Lingokids application

Lingokids English language learning program

Lingokids is one of the best and most popular apps for learning elementary and preschool lessons, making language learning sweeter for children by providing more than 1200 fun and interactive activities. In this application, it is possible to learn various subjects such as math, science, literature, technology, art, and music, which indirectly and in the language learning method by learning the content of children also strengthens the English language.

One of the essential advantages of Lingokids is the combination of play and learning, which makes your child follow the lessons without fatigue and pressure and strengthens his language and other school subjects.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

2- Learn to Read application – Duolingo ABC

English language learning program Learn to Read - Duolingo ABC

Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC app is a product of Duolingo, the creator of the world’s most popular educational app, specially designed for children. Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC makes it easy for preschool and elementary school children to learn to read and write English with engaging lessons and fun, hands-on activities.

This application helps your child learn English by using more than 700 reading lessons and various educational games. The graphic images in Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC create an attractive environment for children and enable them to learn at will.

Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC features:

  • Having particular games for reading English texts
  • Adding new courses regularly
  • Teaching children how to pronounce words
  • Combining play and learning to prevent child fatigue
  • It can be used for preschool and first to third-grade children
  • No ads and content suitable for children
  • Ability to use offline and without internet

Download for Android

Download for iOS

3- English for Kids application

English language learning program English for Kids

The English for Kids application is one of the popular Android learning apps for children that strengthens vocabulary, listening, and reading skills. This application helps to improve your child’s language through educational games and a wide range of words and is suitable for preschool and elementary school students and beginner language learners.

Features of the English for Kids application:

  • Includes special lessons for learning the English alphabet
  • Includes special lessons for learning words with games
  • Support for different languages, including English, French, German, and…

Download for Android

4- Monkey Junior application

Monkey Junior English language learning program

Monkey Junior is an application for learning English made by experts in this language, specially designed for children. The application can be used with more than 670 different lessons at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and even children with little English knowledge can use it.

Monkey Junior enables children to learn the spelling, meaning, and correct pronunciation of American words and teaches the language based on proven scientific methods and standard content.

One of the strong points of this program is the possibility of personalizing the content according to the interests and ages of the children, which increases learning efficiency. Children ten years old and younger can learn more than 2,000 English words with correct pronunciation using the Monkey Junior application.

Features of Monkey Junior application:

  • Intelligent voice recognition to evaluate children’s pronunciation
  • Interesting interactive activities
  • Ability to download courses and work offline
  • Leveling of classes in three introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • The possibility of viewing the report of studied lessons for parents
  • Using the gamification method of education to make learning more attractive
  • No ads

Download for Android

Download for iOS

5- English with Lingualeo application

English language learning program English with Lingualeo

The Lingualeo application is one of the professional and user-friendly language learning programs for elementary school children and older, which supports English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, and Polish and is used by more than 23 million Android and iPhone users worldwide. Use.

Using game-based education, this program provides the opportunity to increase vocabulary and improve language skills and uses numerous activities and exercises.

Features of Lingualeo:

  • Benefit from more than 12 vocabulary training courses
  • Ability to practice grammar
  • Possession of thematic courses
  • Has educational videos
  • Has English articles and books
  • Ability to compete with other users
  • Ability to monitor the progress of various skills

Download for Android

Download for iOS

The best English language learning application for computer

1- Rosetta Stone software

Rosetta Stone English language learning software

Rosetta Stone is the best-selling English language learning program for computers worldwide, and its mobile version has been officially released for several years. Rosetta Stone can teach English and more than 34 living languages ​​from very basic to advanced levels.

Rosetta Stone software gradually introduces you to English words and records them in your memory using the dynamic immersion method. Also, thousands of different lessons, exercises, and activities are included in the program, making you unnecessary from any other source.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

2- Rocket Languages ​​software

Rocket Languages ​​English language teaching software

Rocket Languages ​​is another English language learning program focusing more on learning colloquial language and conversation and is less useful for beginner users.
The most important feature of Rocket Languages ​​is the use of language training packages for different situations, which makes it unnecessary to learn the language from zero to one hundred and only teaches conversation in the desired position. Benefiting from audio and video content and pronunciation recognition and evaluation system are other features of this program.

Rocket Languages ​​software is available for Windows, Android, and iPhone, and its online version is also available. However, Rocket Languages ​​may be expensive for Iranian users and difficult to access.

3- Hello, English software

English language learning software Hello English

English language learning program Hello English is one of the attractive and popular software that, according to its creators, has more than 50 million active users. This program allows for learning English vocabulary, grammar, and speech, with more than 450 offline lessons, a dictionary and games, and chatting with English language teachers.

If you want to experience language learning in a more attractive environment, Hello English is a suitable option and can be used on Windows, Android, iPhone, and Internet browsers.

Hello English: Learn English

Hello, English is free, But to use additional features and courses, you have to pay for them.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

4- Duolingo software

Duolingo English language learning software

Duolingo is another top English language learning program with millions of users that we introduced earlier in the Android and iPhone applications section. Still, it is also possible to use it in Windows.

The best Persian English language learning application

In addition to the Iranian English language teaching applications “Zabanshanas, “Learn Language,” and “Learnit” that we introduced in the Android and iPhone applications section, we present several other best Persian English language learning programs:

1- Nusrat educational package


Nusrat is one of the oldest and most well-known Iranian English language learning packages that, according to the creators, can transform your English language level in 3 months. Nusrat’s new educational package includes three books with audio and video files focused on teaching English words and conversation.

If you are at Upper Beginning and Low Intermediate levels, you can use this package to some extent and increase your vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills. However, the claim of complete language training in 3 months is not very reasonable and reliable, and after using this package, you should go to other sources.

It is possible to buy Nusrat’s educational package on its official website and other reputable online stores.

2- Language village application

English language learning application of language village

The language village application is another Persian English language teaching program that has attracted a large audience. Language Village includes various sections such as learning a list of frequently used words, learning grammar using the best-selling books available, multiple training courses, and bilingual audio books supplemented with appropriate visual content.

Language Village is only available for Android devices.

Download for Android

3- Ilingo application

Ailingo English language learning application

Ailing application is one of the new Persian English language learning programs inspired by foreign programs such as Duolingo, which has brought a suitable collection with graphics and a pleasant appearance for language learners. Using the learning game method, Aylingo prevents the learner from getting bored while learning English and encourages him to continue the lessons.

Android and iOS versions of Ilingo have been released for use on smartphones.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

The best English conversation training program

1- Lingo Blabla application

Lingo Blabla English language learning program

Lingo Blabla is one of the famous and user-friendly programs that allows you to find someone from other parts of the world to practice conversation with just one click. In addition to making new friends, you can practice English conversation anywhere and anytime. This application is entirely free and available for iPhone and Android:

Download for Android

Download for iOS

2- Speaky application

Speaky English conversation learning program

The popular Speaky app is one of the best free apps to find an English conversation partner. With millions of users worldwide using Speaky, you can easily find people with shared interests and characteristics to talk to. Using Speaky, you can practice speaking with users from more than 180 countries. This program has an internal environment for chatting with other users. Unfortunately, the possibility of making voice and video calls is not included.

Note that this program is not very suitable for children and teenagers; Because there is a high probability of fraudsters in it. We suggest you avoid sending images and videos in this application.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

3- HiNative application

HiNative English conversation learning program

HiNative is a handy application that allows you to ask and answer questions with other language learners and native English speakers. Using HiNative, you can ask other users of the world your grammatical, lexical, and language questions and even answer other users’ questions about English or Farsi.

This program is beneficial for communicating with English speakers, solving language problems, and establishing communication and conversation. Providing an environment similar to discussion forums creates a friendly and user-friendly atmosphere for learners.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

The best app for learning English words

Memrise and Duolingo applications are two of the best and most powerful programs for learning English words, which allow learning them effectively with a scientific and planned method. Since we introduced both programs in the section of the best English language teaching apps for Android and iPhone, we refrain from repeating them.

WordUp application

Wordup English vocabulary learning application

WordUp is an excellent program for learning English words and expressions that teaches you English words in an attractive and fun way. By introducing new words, this program gradually creates a map of the terms you know and don’t know and teaches you new words. The WordUp application has classified all 25,000 commonly used binding English language terms in order of importance and use, and as each word is learned, the next word is presented.

This program is one of the best options if you learn English words gradually and effectively. By displaying each term, all related information, including definitions, synonyms, images, and examples, are provided, and even parts of real news and movies in which that word is used are also displayed. This method makes learning words easier and significantly delays their forgetting time.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

The best program to teach English grammar

1- English Grammar in Use application

English Grammar in Use application for learning English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use is among the most popular English grammar self-study books that many learners are familiar with. In addition to having comprehensive grammar explanations, this program also includes exercises, a list of frequently used words, and audio pronunciation of examples. Fortunately, its Android and iPhone applications have also been released.

Although the application’s appearance seems simple, its content, like his book, is one of the unique options for learning English grammar.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

2- Grammaropolis application

Grammaropolis Grammar learning app

Grammaropolis is one of the most popular English grammar-learning apps for iPhone. This program includes engaging audio and visual content, including music, games, videos, and short tests, which make learning grammar interesting for learners, especially children. Grammaropolis has managed to make learning English grammar, which is the most tedious part of the language, sweet and exciting for its users.

If you use Android phones, But don’t want to miss this valuable and attractive program, you can use the web version by visiting its website.

Download for iOS

Choosing the best English language teaching applications will be accessible according to the criteria and features we listed. But remember that before you start learning, it is better to evaluate your language level. You can use online level tests to assess your language level. For example, by referring to this link and participating in the standard test to determine the level, you will be able to complete your language structure with a more detailed program.

Installing an English language learning application is not the same as learning English, and you should continuously try to build a coherent structure of your second language. In this way, be sure to take help from experienced teachers and participate in class to increase your ability, especially in speaking and writing skills. Using language learning applications alone and without guidance is not recommended at all.

Common Questions

What is the most popular English language learning application?

The Duolingo application is one of the most popular English language teaching applications, with 300 million users worldwide. With the help of this application, you can access education in more than 35 languages ​​worldwide.

Where can I download English language learning applications?

Most English language teaching applications have been officially released for Android and iOS operating systems; Therefore, you can download them from Google Play Store and Apple App Store through the links given in the article.

Why are English language learning applications considered a suitable tool for language learning?

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our daily life and are always with us, So we all spend a large amount of our day in mobile applications. In addition, applications can provide us with different educational content, such as videos, podcasts, tests, and texts.