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Telegram Update; Ability to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

Telegram paved the way for WhatsApp users to transfer to this social network. An up-to-date version of Telegram will allow users to transfer their WhatsApp memories to Telegram without deleting them.

Some time ago, WhatsApp’s new privacy policies changed, and many users around the world decided to migrate from this social network to other messengers. After this incident, Telegram attracted the attention of many users.

Telegram, which always has an optimistic team, has introduced a very clever and extraordinary way to persuade many users to use its messengers by presenting a new version. 

In a recent update, the app will allow users to transfer their chat history from other messaging platforms, especially WhatsApp, to Telegram. 

This feature means that if you delete your WhatsApp account, you can save your messages and chats and transfer them to Telegram. This feature is provided on the iOS operating system with the update of version 7.4 of Telegram.

Telegram has announced that the next update will introduce this feature for Android phones as well. 

According to the explanations given above, in addition to WhatsApp, users can also transfer their chats from Line and KakaoTalk messaging services to Telegram. 

Users have reported in various reports that by testing this feature in the iOS operating system now in version 7.4.1 of this application, this feature has been provided to transfer WhatsApp chips.

 Of course, it is said that there is a precondition for this, that if you want to continue chatting with the same user you were chatting on WhatsApp, both of them must already have Telegram messengers and have used it, and put each other’s phone number in their contact list. Save.

This interesting feature was released while the users of this social network, ie Telegram, are half a billion worldwide, and in response to the decline of active WhatsApp users, the company announced that the implementation of the new privacy laws will be delayed for three months and emphasized that The new privacy policies of this platform do not endanger the security of chats and personal information of users.

 However, many users around the world will be tempted to move to Telegram and use it.

Learn how to transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

WhatsApp chats will be transferred to Telegram separately; But it seems that in WhatsApp, in addition to individual chats, group chats can also be transferred to Telegram.

To enter all the conversations in the Facebook services of the company, which of course is available to users with the IOS operating system, they must follow the following method.

Move your message history from apps like WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram.— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) January 28, 2021

To start a conversation, open a conversation on WhatsApp and tap on the chat page or the group name or contact name at the top to be taken to the user profile information page. In the next step, click on the Export Chat option to display the sharing tab in iOS and select Telegram. Then you have to select one of the Telegram or user chats of this social network to transfer the messages from WhatsApp to the desired chat.

For Android users, you also have to tap the three-dot button on the top right of the chat screen bar and touch More from the displayed options to find the Export Chat option. 

Of course, this feature is not yet available for Android.

A statement from Telegram said that messages transmitted from other platforms to Telegram would have an Imported label indicating when they were sent and when they were transmitted to Telegram.

 Of course, these messages that are transmitted will be shown to everyone present in the conversation. Other features of this feature are the settings for transferring chats with or without images and multimedia files that have been transferred between users in the past. 

It should also be noted that transfer flights are shown based on the time of their transfer, not from the time they were originally sent.