Telegram Now Has More Than 700 Million Monthly Active Users

Telegram Says It Now Has More Than 700 Million Monthly Active Users. Five Months Ago, These Popular Messengers Announced The Number Of Monthly Active Users At 500 Million.

Telegram announced in a press release yesterday that it now has more than 700 million monthly active users. The popular messenger, which this year became one of the top five downloaded apps worldwide, has attracted 200 million new monthly active users in the last five months. In January 2021 (January and February 1400), Telegram announced the number of monthly active users as 500 million.

Telegram is currently one of the most used messaging services in Iran. This application, which is available for mobile and desktop, offers many valuable capabilities, and because of these capabilities, it has attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Telegram has also introduced its shared service. It is the first time that a messaging service with hundreds of millions of users worldwide has introduced a shared plan.

The shared service, called Telegram Premium, offers additional features such as uploading a 4GB file, a dedicated sticker, and the use of an animated image in the profile and is available for a monthly price of $ 5 to $ 6.

Paul Dörf, CEO of Telegram, says the messengers rely more on their users than advertising companies, and the introduction of the premium service is a result of users’ requests to reduce restrictions. Telegram can now pocket money through a portion of its 700 million monthly active users with a shared service.