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Tehran Water and Fire Park, a suitable destination for a half-day entertainment

Do you know why Tehran Water and Fire Park can be a suitable destination for a full-fledged entertainment program? Because the facilities of the water and fire park are so diverse that even after spending several hours in it, you will not get bored and even if you have a child with you, you can find good entertainment for your beloved child. 

In this article, we want to take a brief look at the water and fire park

Let’s get acquainted with the water and fire park

One of the good features of the Water and Fire Park is that it was built in the Abbasabad area of ​​Tehran. For friends who are not very familiar with the areas of Tehran, it is necessary to say that this area is almost in the central area of ​​Tehran and therefore easy to access.

Water and Fire Park was opened by the then mayor of Tehran in 2009 and over time, more sections and facilities have been added to it. Today, the water and fire park has become one of the natural attractions of Iran due to having all these facilities and space.

What amusements can be had in the water and fire park?

Water and fire park

As we said at the beginning of this article, Water and Fire Park is one of the most diverse parks in Tehran and you can spend half a day sightseeing and having fun in this park. Now let’s see exactly what the facilities are in this park.

One of the first things that will catch your eye in the water and fire park is the amphitheater hall of the water and fire park. In addition to the large space and platforms that have been installed for this hall, a large canopy has been built on it so that it can still be used in case of sunny or rainy weather. 

It is usually used for sitting or group games when there is no special ceremony or celebration in this section.
If you plan to reach the water and fire park after sunset, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the fire towers.

 There are four of these towers, which are built in the eastern part of the water and fire park, and watching the view of the eruption from their heads at night, it is a pleasant and special feeling.

Another great feature of the water and fire park is that it is next to the Nature Bridge . 

This is perhaps the most important feature of this park; Because the Nature Bridge itself is one of the architectural masterpieces not only in Iran, but also in the world, and you will actually show a few with one arrow.

 Apart from recreation and excursions, the nature bridge and around the water and fire park are also great places for photography.
In another part of the water and fire park, a large white lighthouse has been built, which has created a strange view in the heart of Tehran. 

If you are in this park at night, you can see how beautiful the lighting can be combined with the white color of the lantern.

Of course, it is better to know that at one time, it was possible to go to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the view, but now, for some reason, the entrance of the lighthouse has been closed by the park officials. In the not-too-distant future, it may be possible to re-use the lighthouse view of the Water and Fire Park.

As we have said before, water and fire park amusements are plentiful. For example, water fountains, steel curtains, flower market and… are all other amusement facilities of water and fire park that you can use.

Know water and fire, then go

We think it is better to get the right information about your destination before you go, you can save your time and have more fun