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Tehran Forest Parks; Nature Tourism In The Heart Of The Capital

One of the weekend pleasures of many capitals is going to parks and forest parks in different parts of the city. To escape the smoky air of Tehran, the best option is to take refuge in the heart of medicine and nature, which gives oxygen to its fellow citizens.

Tehran’s forest parks are an attractive hangout for the people of the city and sightseeing in them is one of the most popular pastimes in Tehran.

If you are thinking of going to the most pleasant parts of the capital during the spring holidays, we suggest that you travel with us until the end of this article to visit the greenest forest parks of Tehran together.

A tour of the greenery of Tehran’s forest parks

Shopping in flashy shops, watching movies and theater in the best campuses of the city, seeing attractive historical museums, pleasant cafes and having fun in game clubs are just some of the tourist attractions of Tehran. The most enjoyable part of traveling to Tehran is going to its green nature in many parts of the city.

Tehran and its hustle and bustle should be forgotten by exploring nature and swallowing the oxygen of these green spaces with all your heart. Tehran’s forest parks are the best option for nature walks in the capital, which have a wonderful climate.

The air is clean in these areas during the Nowruz holidays more than ever and you can enjoy watching the blue sky and inhaling the clean spring breeze.

Patrol in the twist of Chitgar forest road

Chitgar Forest Park - Tehran Forest Parks
Chitgar Forest Park – Photo by Alireza Akhlaghi

One of the most popular forest parks in Tehran should be considered Chitgar Park, which is located in the western part of Tehran, on the Tehran-Karaj highway. Driving in the winding forest road of this park reminds the feeling of traveling to the mountain forests of Gilan. This forest park, with its tall and ancient trees, is the hangout of many capitals and is also a pleasant natural attraction for city travelers. There is a bicycle track, a pavilion, a buffet and 2 facilities of this park.

Chitgar Lake - Tehran Forest Parks
Chitgar Lake – Photo by Zeinab Shirazi

For several years, artificial lakes of the same name have been established near Chitgar Forest Park and have multiplied the beauty of this area in the west of Tehran. This beauty has a wonderful night view and the reflection of the surrounding lights in the water creates a spectacular image. The existence of this lake became an excuse to increase the attractions of the Chitgar forest complex by building shopping centers, cafes and restaurants around it. Take a stroll through the capital’s jungle nature, experience boating, go shopping and enjoy the deliciousness of its restaurants and cafes.

Pardisan Forest Park, another nature in the heart of the capital

Pardisan Park - Tehran Forest Parks
Pardisan Park – Photo by Rose Abedi

Another pleasant park in the capital is Pardisan Forest Park, which is located in the northwestern part of Tehran and with its green and relaxing space, creates exciting moments for tourists. If you want to walk in the park without tobacco and enjoy its clean air, you should move east on Hemmat Highway to reach your destination after Yadegar Imam Highway. This park in Tehran’s District 2 is an attractive hangout for cyclists, and many days of the year, the sky sees many colorful kites. If you are a museum fan, there are two museums of water and biodiversity in Pardisan that will entertain you.

Lavizan Forest Park, a frame of delightful greenery

Lavizan from Tehran Forest Parks - Photo by Keyvan Golestan
Lavizan from Tehran Forest Parks – Photo by Keyvan Golestan

The Lavizan Park is one of the most beautiful forest parks in Tehran, which has a unique beauty. The gathering of greenery in Lavizan is a good opportunity for recreation and nature tourism in the capital. The forest’s winding paths are lined with trees from which sunlight can hardly find its way. Passing on this heavenly path reminds us of a green and lively life in the busy capitals. One of the attractions of Lavizan Forest Park is its view of the city. In the high places of this park, you can see a beautiful frame from Tehran with the light of small and large lights. This spectacular paradise is located on Imam Ali Highway after the exit of Shahid Zainuddin Highway.

Taleghani Forest Park, spectacular nature of Abbas Abad hills

Taleghani Forest Park - Tehran Forest Parks
Taleghani Forest Park – Photo by Mehrdad Tajdini

Went to Taleghani Park After the construction of the popular water and fire park flourished and after the construction of the beautiful bridge of nature, Taleghani popularity and fame increased more than before. Crossing the bridge and going back and forth between the two green and scenic areas of Tehran is one of the popular tourist attractions of the capital. This forest park is located in the hills of Abbasabad and has a beautiful view of Tehran. The existence of a nature bridge between Taleghani and water and fire is one of the differences between this park and other forest parks in Tehran. Water and fire tourists cross Taleghani Park through a well-designed bridge and enjoy forest nature walks in the capital. This forest park is located on the Haqqani Highway after the Modares Highway.

Telo Forest Park, a beautiful al-Ghazali in the city

Telo Forest Park - Tehran Forest Parks

Telo is one of the forest parks in Tehran, which is located in the northeastern part of the city and its access route is through Shahid Babaei Highway. The Telo Forest Park is also known as Ghazal and has a significant area among the parks of Tehran. You can experience a group walk in its beautiful pavilions and enjoy being in the green nature of the capital. Tello sports and recreational facilities in the park for entertainment there.

Sorkheh Hesar National Park, a green resort in Tehran

Sorkheh Hesar - Tehran Forest Parks
Sorkheh Hesar – Photo by Amir Lavai

The Sorkheh Hesar is one of the popular hunting grounds of Ghajri and has seen adventurous times until it became its present form. In the late 1950s, the area came under the control of the Environmental Protection Agency. Part of this park is a national park and the other part is a protected area in the east of Tehran. Tall and beautiful trees such as pine, acacia, cypress, maple and… inhabit the park and cover the greenery of the park. Sorkheh Hesar National Park at the end of Damavand Street in Tehran is waiting for tasty tourists who have not missed this pleasant area in their list of Tehran tours.

The refreshing nature of Sohanak Forest Park

Sohanak - Tehran Forest Parks

Sohanak Forest Park is a paradise of diverse and lush trees located in the Sohanak neighborhood. The diversity of plant species in this forest is exemplary. Silver cypress, acacia, almond, berry, purple and pine are examples of the diversity of Sohanak plants. In some cases, the mountainous nature of Sohanak is also a habitat for several species of animals, which give pristine features to this natural environment and double its value. This area is a hangout for motorcycling and cycling lovers, and you can experience the fun of recreation under the towering trees on the winding slopes of this forest road. To go to this park, you must reach the Sohanak neighborhood of Tehran, north of Lashgarak Road.

Alder, beautiful nature in the south of Tehran

Alder Forest Park - Tehran Forest Parks
Alder Forest Park – Photo by Mehran Dashti

Another forest park in Tehran is Tosca Park, which is located in the southern part of the capital. Desirable plant diversity such as spruce, pine, sycamore and has beautified this park and has created a green and beautiful land for the tourists and travelers of this city. To go to this beautiful park, you must enter the Azadegan Highway in Tehran. This park is located at the intersection of Shahrzad Boulevard and Salehi Street.

Touring Tehran is one of the desirable pastimes of spring holidays and the solitude of the city is a good opportunity to visit the beautiful sights of Tehran through Nowruz holidays and enjoy the nature of this historical capital in the days when smoke and pollution have less opportunity to express themselves.

Write to us about your trip to Tehran and sightseeing in its lush and forested parks and inform the travelers of this city about how to go for nature tourism. We look forward to your interesting ideas and opinions.