Techniques To Calm The Mind And Increase Concentration During Stress

Do you sometimes feel that living conditions have put you under so much pressure that you have no ability to breathe and calm your mind

That the list of problems you are facing, such as your weeds, is growing and expanding so fast that the number of completed tasks is always greater than the number of problems that have not yet reached the desired end?

If you are experiencing such a situation in your life, you are certainly aware that the above can easily cause a wave of tension and anxiety and make life so difficult for you that the ability to concentrate and calm requires breathtaking struggles.

Many people involved in this problem or those who hear from others about these issues may simply shrug their shoulders and say that this is life and there is no choice but to accept it; That there is no other way to deal with tension and stress and we must accept it as an integral part of life!

Of course, some of their statements and opinions are true and can not be ignored, but the fact is that some effective solutions and approaches allow you to cope with the most severe stress and manage the situation.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

The more you practice, the more you will be able to incorporate some of these basic skills into your life.

You may know that some of the skills that we will discuss in the following are the same strategies that are used in the PJs section of the Air Force and are used to help maintain calm. Solutions that will undoubtedly be fruitful for us as well.

If you are not familiar with this section, we should mention that this section is responsible for rescuing other members of the army who are trapped behind enemy lines; Those at risk of being killed or captured and unable to seek support usually require PJs intervention.

This simply shows how important it is to stay calm and control the stress that these people are dealing with, and therefore they need to be able to manage and calm their minds. The method used to train these people is called stress inoculation training or SIT, which we will learn more about in the following.

Keep calm when you are under pressure

Stress insemination training is a term that describes itself in much the same way as medical insemination is used to prevent health threats such as malaria, the flu, or hepatitis. Stress inoculation is a way to prevent the effects of severe or long-term stress.

The main components of SIT include the following:

  1. First, one must identify the conditions under which one experiences stress and anxiety, and then identify the reaction that usually occurs in those conditions.
  2. Now he must become acquainted with special techniques of calming the mind and after learning them, he will be able to control the mind and calm it down.
  3. In the next step, it is better to make a short and useful list of sentences that make you feel calm.
  4. Now it is time to review the effectiveness of this technique. To this end, the person must be exposed to increasing stress and tension and use the methods he has learned to be able to stay calm under stress.

The rest is simple, you have to put yourself in this situation regularly and practice the taught techniques to finally get to the point where you can control stressful situations without thinking. Now let’s look at the above one by one.

Get to know yourself better

The best car mechanic is someone who knows every system and part of the car, both internal and external. With such mastery, a person will be able to easily diagnose existing problems and repair the car based on his specialized knowledge and skills.

The same is true of the best physicians or surgeons, people who are well acquainted with the mechanisms and organs of the body and the mechanism of each of them, and through this insight can understand the most difficult problems that occur in a person’s health and to improve And treat it.

So it is not so far from the mind that if you want to keep your mind calm under stress, then in the first place it is important to have thorough knowledge about stress. The way to gain this insight is to have a good understanding of the situations in which you are facing tension and stress.

You also need to better understand your reaction to this situation.

Do you immediately start to have negative mental imagery when you are in this situation? Do you already anticipate catastrophic endings and feel humiliated? And Do you think these temporary failures will eventually lead to a permanent failure experience?

To begin with, it is best to identify and write down the five stressors that put you to the above questions. Also, identify the thoughts that come to your mind in these situations or the reactions you express. This method is common, but if you want to take this first step, the so-called stronger, you should not think of methods that have helped you in the past and by using them to some extent cope with the above stressful situations.

There must have been times in the past when you achieved this success. See what calmed you down? Have you taken a step back in the above circumstances and examined the future perspective more carefully? Maybe you took the time to consult with a friend or colleague about the situation? Or maybe just a few deep breaths will bring you back to peace.

Teach techniques to calm the mind

There are many different and useful ways to calm the mind, and you can choose one of them according to your taste and ability.

Abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing

For a start, try diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing. That is, breathe as if your focus is on the diaphragm or the muscle under the lungs. This type of breathing is sometimes referred to as abdominal breathing, which is a kind of the opposite point of breathing through the chest. If you are a practitioner of yoga, you must be familiar with this type of breathing.

During abdominal breathing, you focus on the diaphragm instead of your chest, and by squeezing it, you create more space for the lungs. On the other hand, this type of breathing causes your stomach to be pulled slightly outwards, and for this reason, this type of breathing takes on a dome-shaped abdomen.

But the main reason for the importance of this type of breathing is the effect it has on the vagus or vagus nerve (the longest nerve in the brain) and so-called stimulates it.

Stimulation of this nerve, in turn, sends signals to the brain that cause it to feel relaxed.

The vagus nerve in the nervous system functions like a brake pedal. That is, when this nerve is stimulated, it sends a message to the brain to slow down, thereby reducing the flow of anxiety, tension, and stress that is gradually increasing. There are a variety of ways to stimulate the vagus nerve, for example, some meditation techniques are used, such as reciting a mantra, which is similar to whispering. This method stimulates the vagus nerve and increases the brain’s relaxing response to existing conditions.


The main focus of this method is on the return of the person to the present, that is, “here and now”, such as when the person, under the influence of stress and anxiety, has lost time and place and is lost in a labyrinth of stress and anxiety and needs that space. Go away and return to the present, so that by changing the focus of the person from stress to the current state of stress, the threats posed by fantasies are reduced and the tensions continue to disappear.

This method is often used to help people with stress, especially problems such as panic or stress attacks, trauma, work pressures, and more. There are dozens of techniques for making this connection that can be explored according to a person’s preferences and circumstances.

To get the most out of this method, you need to focus momentarily on your emotional input from your surroundings. Pay attention to the color, smell, sounds, and texture of the objects around you. For example, if you are in a business meeting and you feel tired, focus on notes that are likely to be in front of you. Notice the noise of people or even the smell coming from your coffee cup or the texture of the fabric of the chair you are sitting on. Just a few seconds of paying attention to your surroundings takes your attention away from stress and helps to calm the mind and refocus on the present. Do not forget to take a few deep breaths along with it, which is helpful.

Guided images

If you have lost your focus while dreaming, then you must be familiar with how guided images work. Your mind consciously focuses on vivid images that continue to create a sense of calm and even self-confidence.

You just have to do more to master this skill. To begin, think of a place where you feel relaxed and in control of your mind. This situation is different for everyone, one person relaxes while watching nature, and the other calm his mind by reading a book.

Next, close your eyes and start visualizing the environment. Add more detail to your mental image, and in this way, you should get help from more sensory inputs. If nature soothes you, pay attention to the smell of pine trees, the caress of a gentle breeze on the skin of the face, the sound of birds or even the passing of the wind through the foliage of the trees and the light shadows of the environment to deepen your mental image. The more you remember the place in detail, the more stress you will see in your being.

Choose soothing phrases

Well, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. At this stage, you should pay more attention to the factors that cause you stress. Don’t forget that stress acts like a snowball, if you don’t stop it, it will accelerate moment by moment and get bigger and bigger until it completely takes control of your mind. So pay attention to them until your worries are small and take control of your mind before reaching the dangerous point.

To do this, you can repeat some soothing sentences with you regularly, which will create peace and clarity in your mind. Consider these expressions as examples:

These simple sentences will basically mark the path ahead and remind you that you have the ability to overcome problems. In addition, you can use deep breathing and mental images to help multiply their effect.

You may not be able to remember these sentences at the moment, so it is best to write them down somewhere in advance. Your list may seem a bit long at first, but then review them and set aside the ones you think are less effective. You can even save five more effective sentences on your phone to easily access them and calm your mind when you are stressed.

Do hard work

Well, we have reached the last and of course difficult part of the story. Where you have to use all the above skills and practice them in your being. The more diligently you do this challenging challenge, the more you will develop your mental skills and perform better and better in the face of stressful situations.

For example, if you have to do something on time but feel confused in the middle and stressed about a possible delay, remind yourself that this may be a marathon, but you have missed at least half of it. You may feel that your feet are made of stone and you can not walk, but remind yourself that you have the ability to cross the finish line. Think of the good feelings you will get when you do it; Feelings that you will be deprived of if you give up.

This pressure may be painful and tedious at first, but if you do not raise the white flag, continue to fight and expand your capabilities against any new challenges and problems in life, you will eventually become a man or a woman who can He has endurance in the face of every problem and worry and can do anything.

Doing hard work creates the mentality in you that you can do anything, this sense of self-confidence keeps your senses calm even under stress.

If you want to become more skilled in this field, challenge yourself.

Exercising may be hard, but commit to doing it or going to the gym. Are you overweight? Have you decided to go on a diet many times but simply skipped it? Do it now, resist temptation, and stick to your diet. Travel to places you are afraid to go to, go to parties that challenge you, meet people whose presence makes you stressed.

The main thing is to force yourself to do difficult things, if you succeed in your task, what is better, but if you fail, do not worry. Because at least you learn that even in the face of failure, you can try and take another step forward. When you are confident in your ability to withstand adversity, stress will gradually disappear and it will become easier and easier to stay calm. Success in this field increases your self-confidence and gives you a sense of freedom. Now nothing can stress you out, and every situation is just a simple challenge that you can easily overcome.

We have reached the end of this article. I hope you enjoy this companionship. What methods do you use to overcome stress?


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