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Take A Look At The Weirdest Apple Car Concepts

Published renderings of Apple car concepts show the strange combination of the company’s products with famous cars.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is known for selling smart products such as mobile phones, tablets and computers; But for some time now, information about the production of electric vehicles by this company has been published. 

Over the years we have seen several images of the Apple car concept with the possible name Apple Car; But recently, a leasing comparison website called Leasefetcher combined well-known cars and various Apple products and published the result in rendered images.

Explaining its hybrid models of a possible future Apple car concept, the website says:

By combining several popular car models with Apple products, we have created these renderings from a possible Apple EV concept. Can you imagine racing one of these cars on the highway?

Below you can see the image that Leasefetcher obtained after combining the Nissan GT-R and the iPhone 12 Pro:

Apple Concept

The description of this concept states:

When we move away from the average family car, we see the Nissan GT-R Sport. This attractive supercar has been tested many times over the years and Nissan has never been satisfied with mediocre performance, design and handling.
On the other hand, Apple has really left behind 12 other products after the production of the iPhone. The standard version of this product comes with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. This device is made of stainless steel and is resistant to water penetration (IP68). The iPhone 12 uses the A14 Bionic chip and this device supports the fifth generation internet. Given the specs of this device, it is clear that Apple’s latest mobile phone is an impressive device that can be used in many cases.
If Apple wants to take a solid step with its first move in the field of electric vehicles, the Nissan GT-R is a great platform to combine with the company’s latest product, and the result can be considered one of the best concepts built in the world of electric vehicles. . Our rendering is designed in Nissan’s Ultimate Silver and has door handles inspired by the iPhone 12 Pro buttons. In addition, three headlights to indicate the triple camera and a windshield in the shape of the top / bottom edges of the iPhone 12 bring the design of this car closer to the desired phone. This concept is basically designed with respect to Apple’s minimalist style, which is considered to be the company’s signature.

Another design released by Leasefetcher is a concept created by combining the Toyota Supra with the iPod Classic, incorporating the beauty of both. You can see the picture of this car below:

Apple Car Concept

The description of this concept states:

Toyota Supra is a very beautiful car and it is not really like other products of this company. Combining this car with Apple products as the company’s first electric car makes sense. The Supra is powered by a fast 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine that can produce 382 horsepower. This feature can be important for Apple car.
Likewise, the iPod Classic was one of Apple’s most powerful iPods , and when it was discontinued in 2014 after seven years, it really ended a special era in the company’s products. This device provided up to 160 GB of storage space to its user and could store up to 40,000 songs.
Our rendering combines the famous Sport Supra and the classic iPod. This concept is also inspired by Apple product components in the design. For example, the shape of the classic iPod buttons is used in part of the design of this silver-colored electric car, and the three-part Supra windshield has been replaced with a sleek and minimalist model, with the Apple logo in the center.

Other rendering images have been released by the website, including combinations of Toyota Ioniq Electric and Apple Mouse, Honda E and iMac G3, and finally Kia Soul EV and iMac Pro. You can see the pictures of these products below:

Apple Car Concept

Apple Car Concept

Apple Car Concept

What do you, the users of  , think  about the rendering of the concepts published by this website? Do you think Apple is inspired by such combinations to build its next product?