Symmetric And Asymmetric Encryption Advantages And Disadvantages

Sometimes some messages need to be encrypted for some reason. Using a special function called Key, they convert the message into encrypted text. 

The algorithms used to encrypt messages are divided into symmetric and asymmetric.

In this article, we explain symmetric and asymmetric encryption ; We also learn about the differences and benefits of symmetric and asymmetric encryption .

Topics you will learn about in this article:

  • Different encryption methods
    • Symmetric encryption
      • How secret keys are merged
      • Advantages and disadvantages of symmetric encryption
    • Asymmetric encryption
      • Advantages and disadvantages of asymmetric encryption
    • Comments on symmetric and asymmetric encryption

Different encryption methods

In today’s world, the presence of fraudsters and other cybercriminals who have access to the information and accounts of millions of users has increased. As a result, we must monitor all security channels well. There are three encryption methods: symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and hash functions (keyless).

Symmetric and asymmetric encryption is used for messages because each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both encryption methods use keys to encrypt and decrypt data. It uses symmetric encryption to encrypt and decrypt data that is very easy to work with. But asymmetric encryption uses a public key to encrypt data and a private key to decrypt data.

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Symmetric encryption

Symmetric encryption is the oldest method used to encrypt messages. The Symmetric encryption, or secret key encryption, uses a single key to encrypt and decrypt data. You must share this key with the recipient. Suppose you want to say, “Mom, I love you so much,” write your email, and then set a secret password to encrypt it. When your mother receives the message, she must enter the password key to decrypt the email.

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How secret keys are merged

Some companies offer messages encrypted with a password (so-called PEM) based on symmetric encryption. These solutions allow you to set a password in the password that helps the recipient decrypt the message. The password can be set via text message, phone call or in person.

With PEM you can also specify the expiration date of a message such as email. After the expiration date, the message can no longer be decrypted. In addition, password-encrypted messages are stored in a random environment. These messages are encrypted with your password so that only you and the recipient can access it.

Note: Be careful if you are sending an important message, first make sure that the password is not guessed by unwanted readers.

There are many symmetric encryption algorithms, for example DES, 3DES, AES, IDEA, RC4, RC5,…, and some companies use AES in combination with other encryption algorithms.


Advantages and disadvantages of symmetric encryption

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of symmetric and asymmetric encryption will help you in choosing the encryption method. In the following, we will examine this issue. One of the advantages of symmetric encryption is that it is easy to set up and can be done in the blink of an eye. Symmetric decryption processing takes less than one thousandth of asymmetric decoding.

In addition, all ages and different strata of society can use it. It is more difficult to understand and use asymmetric cryptography.

The downside to symmetric encryption is that the secret key must be shared with the recipient. In the case of PEM, the secret key is encrypted with the user password. Be careful if you use the same secret key to encrypt all your emails and someone gets that secret key in any way, they will have access to all your encrypted emails. Therefore, it is better to make sure that guessing the password is not easy.

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Asymmetric encryption

Asymmetric encryption requires two keys to work. First, a public key must be specified to encrypt the data. Then, a private key that is known only to one person and is used to decrypt the data. This sounds a bit complicated, let’s explain more.

The public key and the private key are two different things, but they are related. First you create your message and then encrypt it with the recipient’s public key. Then, if the recipient wants to decrypt your message, he has to do so with his private key. Always keep the private key, the best way to do this is to store it locally. To do this, you need deeper knowledge.

The email recipient software detects whether the private key matches the public key. The user is then asked to type the password to decrypt the message. Some of the best methods for asymmetric encryption: Use 2048 bit or more keys, creating strong keys is the basis of asymmetric encryption.

It is a good idea to use several encryption methods instead of one. Not everyone knows how to use asymmetric encryption. So there may be times when you have to use hash functions or symmetric encryption.


Advantages and disadvantages of asymmetric encryption

As mentioned earlier, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of symmetric and asymmetric encryption . The advantage of asymmetric encryption is that it does not force the user to keep (hidden) keys with them, as with symmetric encryption. An important advantage of asymmetric passwords over symmetric passwords is that there is no need for a hidden channel to replace the public key. The recipient simply needs to make sure the public key is correct.

Asymmetric encryption also supports digital signatures that authenticate the recipient. Likewise, it ensures that the message does not change during transmission. Asymmetric ciphers also cause fewer key management problems than asymmetric ciphers.

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The downside to asymmetric encryption is that the encryption process takes a long time and requires more effort. Also, you can only send encrypted email if the other person created the key pair, so the other person must be fully aware. Eventually, if you lose your private key, you will lose it forever. Private key cannot be retrieved.

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Comments on symmetric and asymmetric encryption

Symmetric and asymmetric encryption Which encryption to use? The Symmetric encryption is a good option when you want to encrypt and send a message quickly. But if you have your receiver’s approved OpenPGP public key and the encryption time is not important to you, asymmetric encryption may be more appropriate; Also, if you want to reduce your risk and be more confident, encrypt the digital signature with asymmetric encryption.

This article provides an overview of symmetric and asymmetric encryption , and you will become more familiar with these concepts.

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