Sports site design

Sports site design, a site suitable for athletes and sports friends

Designing a sports website is a topic that we intend to address in this article. The sports site is among the sites that are very popular among athletes and sports friends. Such websites have a very wide scope of activity. Such websites always contain top-notch sports news.

If you want to design a sports website, it is good to know that sports websites have many categories. For example, you can choose the activity field of the website according to a specific category of sports. Aerobic sports, water sports, ball sports, combat sports, etc., are among these categories. Keep in mind that you can cover all subcategories of sports, in which case you will have a comprehensive website that will become a reference. But of course, managing and updating such websites will not be an easy task.

Principles of designing sports websites

The principles observed in the design of other sites should also be considered in the design of the sports site. The website’s visual appeal and warm colors can make your website look different in the eyes of the audience. Try to find an exclusive design for your website. Your sports website should be responsive like other sites, and the principles related to technical SEO should be well respected in it. Also, the content that is placed on the website should be SEO and unique.

Try to show the results of live games to attract more fans. Try to adjust the website layout according to each sport’s popularity. It is also necessary to prioritize popular sports in each period. You can use the features available in HTML5 and CSS3 to insert animated image elements and gifs.

One of the most important sections to consider in designing a sports website is the section for selling sports goods. The design of store websites has special features that, if not followed, can cause irreparable damage to the site’s status and audience opinion. In the design of a sports website, a section for product introduction should be considered, and the price of each product should be included in this section. In addition, complete information for learning how to buy from the site and send goods should also be included in such sites so that the site’s audience does not get confused. Another important aspect of sports website design is the ability to search and categorize products.

If a suitable category is considered for the site’s products, people can easily find the product they want. Finally, a section should be placed on the site for the possibility of online payments or card-to-card payments by the audience. There are many modules for different banks to connect the site with banking portals, which can be easily connected to the site and provide the possibility of paying for the customers and audience of the site.

Principles of sports site design for news sites

According to the principles of sports website design for news websites, the most important and main part of the website is the information section. On these sites, you can display real-time news related to the results of important games and provide other news in different sports fields to the audience. In addition, since the purpose of designing a sports website in the form of news is to inform people, sections such as articles or technical information and training can be considered. This section can be useful for the site in two ways.

The first issue is related to attracting the attention of the audience to read this information and to check the news and articles more closely, which causes the time people stay on the site to increase, which will have a positive effect on the SEO status of the site. In addition, the creation of articles and specialized content for the site can be done by emphasizing important keywords; this work also helps to a large extent to display the site on the first pages of Google search results. Since the design of a sports website in this style usually has a large audience and visits, parts of the site can be considered for placing ads and advertisements and earning income from site visits.

In addition, the creation of articles and specialized content for the site can be done by emphasizing important keywords; this work also helps to a large extent to display the site on the first pages of Google search results. Since the design of a sports website in this style usually has a large audience and visits, parts of the site can be considered for placing ads and advertisements and earning income from site visits.

How to design and make facilities available on the sports site

What facilities should be included in the design of a sports website? Sports sites can include different sections. Generally, the most important parts of a sports site are the content. You can create a calendar for important events and competitions on a sports website. With this work, sports friends can find out about the date and times of sports events by visiting your website. In situations such as the World Cup or League of Nations, sports websites attract users who are not looking for sports content at other times. Sections such as the fan page expressing the advantages and achievements of popular teams can also be a good idea for sports sites.

You can also introduce team members with biographies and create special profiles for all players. The history of different teams and sports, the introduction of record holders of each division, the history of the presence of sports in Iran, the rules of the game, etc., are things that you can create content about.

Unfortunately or fortunately, due to the lack of a complete and up-to-date website in sports, if a sports website is designed according to the ideas presented in this section, one can hope for its success to a large extent. Note that if the website has a lot of visitors, you can make money by selling sports products and tournament tickets or placing advertisements on the site.

Compliance with the principle of simplicity

It is very important to follow the principle of simplicity in designing a sports website. Of course, this simplicity should not bother the audience in reaching the desired content or purpose. Placing the search section, accurate and professional categorization, and using the mega menu are solutions to keep the website simple. Fans of sports websites exist in all age groups, so a simple design can promise that the site suits the taste of all sports fans.

Use the right font

Using the right font is very important in designing a sports website. The font of such sites should be simple and follow conventional fonts as much as possible. Because users will probably spend a long time on the website and read many articles, in this case, the font’s unusualness may be annoying.

Having a special brand

A special brand becomes important if your sports website becomes popular and visited.

Providing reports and information about matches

In the design of the sports website, you can consider a section for reporting live matches. It is also better to provide offline viewing for important matches. In this case, users who did not manage to watch the matches will be able to watch the game in their spare time.

Placing video parts of important and sensitive game moments, criticizing matches, and providing interesting information and details about the match are other activities you can consider as a web admin of sports websites.

Use social media icons.

Almost all websites have a section for placing social network icons. Using social networks. You can select interested users using these icons and inform them of news and important information about the site.

Adding social network icons in website design is not a complicated task. You can download the relevant icons from websites like or add them to your website using page builder plugins like Elementor.

To the trends of the day

In the design of the sports website, note that the page should not be old in any way, but it should be in line with the current website design trend. You can get ideas from ready-made templates that are considered for sports website design.


The newsletter is one of the most important things you should remember when designing a sports website. Sports websites should provide the fans with the latest news. Note that the newsletter must be updated quickly.

Insert contact information

The Contact Us section is one of the sections on all websites. This issue shows the importance of this section. Communication with us should show the communication bridges to the users. Contact number, approximate address, e-mail, and address of social networks are the things that will be placed in the contact section. Of course, it is necessary to consider a box to simplify communication or to design sections for recording users’ comments on the website.

Is it true to build a free sports website?

Building and designing a sports website is a science. Certainly, those who know this work will not be willing to provide services for free. Website design can be done in different ways, but the important thing is that even setting up the simplest sites using cms and simple templates is time-consuming and costly. We recommend that you compare different service providers before taking any action to outsource website design.

Last word

It is said that about 70% of people follow the sports news of their favorite team. This shows the importance of sports websites.