Spectacular pictures of lovely Antarctic penguins

Spectacular pictures of lovely Antarctic penguins

Albert Druss Traveled To Antarctica A Few Years Ago To Photograph The Scenery There, But When He Saw The Cute Movements Of The Penguins In That Area, His Heart Started Beating For Them.

Albert Druss, a Dutch landscape photographer and nature lover who traveled to Antarctica a few years ago, says everything about penguins is interesting. You can’t watch them interact with their chicks or walk cutely and not smile.

Duros says:

My whole experience in Antarctica was excellent and unbelievable. I could sit there for hours just watching the penguins. Being on the Antarctic islands with penguins and other wild animals like walruses, especially whales, was magical for me. When I traveled to Antarctica, there were a lot of penguin chicks on the island, so I was lucky to be able to photograph many penguins with their chicks.

Gentoo penguin chick on the dark background of a peak

A Gentoo penguin chick against the dark background of a peak. Most of the landscapes in Antarctica are frozen and white, But some places like this photo have rugged mountains and volcanic rocks.

Gentoo penguins on the snow You can watch the penguins walk for hours without getting tired or smiling.

Magdalena penguin and her chick Magdalena penguin and her chick

Penguin swimming and jumping

Duros says:

During this trip, I always saw penguins jumping out of the water. It was not easy to photograph these penguins; Because their movement is swift. I must say that penguins cannot fly, But if you see this picture, you will think that this penguin is flying.

Gentoo penguin feeding his two chicks A gentoo penguin feeds its two chicks.

Audley penguin chick Audrey penguin chicks are very fluffy.

Mother gentoo penguin watching her two chicks play A mother gentoo penguin is watching her two chicks play; Chickens try to catch snowflakes with their beaks.

Little Adele penguin chick

A portrait of an Adelie penguin chick

A bunch of bearded penguins A bunch of bearded penguins that look like a criminal gang.

Adele penguin posing Adele penguin posing

A bunch of penguins Can you spot the different penguins?

Penguins swimming and jumping Penguins swimming and jumping on an iceberg

  Audrey penguins arguing  Audrey penguins arguing

Gentoo penguin calling Gentoo penguins in front of the enormous peaks of Antarctica

Two Audrey penguins with a huge piece of ice in the background Two Adele penguins with a massive piece of ice in their background.

Gentoo penguin feeding his chick A gentoo penguin feeding its chick

Audrey penguin next to her chick An Adelie penguin is next to her chick; The chick looks older than the mother.

Adele penguins jumping into the water in a row The cute ceremony of Adele penguins jumping into the water in a row.

A portrait of a Magdalena penguin A portrait of a Magdalena penguin. These penguins also exist on Magdalena Island in Chile.

Navigation of penguins Penguin highways; Penguins use specific routes to get to the water and back home. They move behind each other and follow the group leader!

Gentoo penguin having fun A gentoo penguin having fun in the snow

Magdalena penguin posing A posing Magdalena penguin. All the white dots in the background are penguins.

Bearded penguin against Antarctic glaciers A bearded penguin against the Antarctic glaciers

Playful bearded penguin  A playful penguin

Magdalena penguin chick Magdalena penguin chick

Two Magdalena penguins talking Two Magdalena penguins are talking about the issues of the day!

Nguyen Magdalena calling her friends A Magdalena penguin calling her friends

Albert says that a week after he returned home, the temperature in Antarctica reached the highest temperature ever, 18.3 degrees Celsius, While the average temperature for summer is around 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

I hope that climate change will have little effect on Antarctica and its wildlife so that future generations can travel there and see this magical part of the planet.