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Download 50 Free Exercises To Better Learn Solidworks Software

In the continuation of Solidox application tutorials, in this article, we will put more than 50 2D and 3D Solidox application exercises to strengthen your learning process in a PDF file for download. 

Solidworks Software is a very useful software and if you remember, we explained in the previous article that  SolidWorks is better or Katia?

Download PDF file of 50 SolidWorks exercises

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The pictures below are also good examples of Solidox training:


Again, if you have any questions about learning the powerful and useful software of SolidWorks, ask us in the comments section so that we can answer them.

SolidOx was the brand name for welding equipment produced by Cleanweld Products for Do-it-yourself[1][2] welding enthusiasts from 1965 until at least the early 1980s; the SOLIDOX name was registered as a trademark in 1968.

SolidOx commonly refers to SolidOx Pellets or SolidOx Sticks used to supply the oxygen for the welding equipment. The SolidOx Pellets were made of sodium chlorate and were burned to produce oxygen.[3][4][5][6]

SolidOx products are no longer produced.[7][unreliable source?] They apparently continued production until at least 1983.[8] In 1984, Cleanweld Products (or at least a portion of the company) was sold[9] to Cooper Industries[10] to be part of their tool division,[11] including the SolidOx product line.[12]


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