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Software’s written by Python – Python is a general programming language

Python is a general programming language. This means that unlike HTML, CSS and JavaScript, this language can be used for other types of programming and software development in addition to web development . 

 Python software in the following We will talk more about . Other uses for Python include:

Website development and server-side mobile application

  • Development of software and desktop applications
  • Processing big data and doing mathematical calculations
  • Write system scripts (create instructions that tell a computer system to “do something”)

The widespread use, free use and open source nature of this language has led many large companies in the world to use this language to develop their site. The Python environment is quite dynamic. For this reason, it can be said that Python is the most popular programming language for large and small projects among developers. If you want to know what software is written in Python and what sites and applications are written in Python, stay tuned.

Software written with Python


YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world with more than four million views per day and more than 60 hours of video uploaded per minute. Python software has been used throughout this site for various purposes. The high speed of this language allows the development of features that can be maintained during recording. So every time you watch a video on YouTube, you are actually running a Python code.


Undoubtedly, we consider Google to be the most powerful search engine in the world. Google has used Python software in all the basic parts of its system, as well as in the development of many of its applications. Python is known as the official language in Google, which has been with them since the beginning.

Flexibility, fast development, scalability and excellent performance of Python are some of the reasons why this language is used in system management tools and many applications of the Google App Engines engine. The strong relationship between Google and Python has made this search engine sponsor various Python conferences.


Instagram was launched in 2010 and has become one of the most popular social networks for sharing photos and videos with more than 300 million users. Many languages ​​are used to develop this program, but its application servers are built using Python iterations with Django as the web framework.

Software written with Python


Reddit is a news and social networking site with fun content. This site is one of the largest free and open forums on the web where users, people like you and me, can provide content.

Reddit was originally written with Common Lisp, but was rewritten with Python in 2005 for added development flexibility and mass access to Python code libraries.


If you are interested in music, you must have heard the name Spotify by now. Spotify is a popular online music streaming service and a big fan of Python tablets. This program uses Python in its backend services and data analysis.

Software written with Python

A Python module called Luigi is used to power Discover and radio features, as well as tips for Spotify followers. One of the most important needs of Spotify is speed, and Python provides this. This service, like Google, is active in Python conferences and sponsors it.


Dropbox is a powerful cloud storage service. It also offers services such as data management, file sharing and user software. From the beginning, both the Dropbox server (running on the cloud) and the user’s desktop software were written in Python. Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston chose the language because of his interest in Python. He attributes the popularity of Python’s simplicity, flexibility and elegance.


You can ask any question you have in Quora. This site extracts, compiles and categorizes a list of questions and answers from different groups and networks. When you ask a question on this site, Quora lists the closest and most similar questions and answers.

The creators of Quora, who previously worked on Facebook, used Python to develop the site. Because it is very fast and easy with Python. Part of LiveNode, one of the site’s internal systems that manages the display of content on web pages, is written in Python.

Software written with Python


BitTorrent is one of the oldest tools for sharing information (such as text, audio, video, etc.) that we have seen great advances in recent years. With the help of Python, BitTorrent became the largest database of knowledge, media and content. In fact, if it weren’t for Python, you wouldn’t be able to access any of the lectures or other legal stuff you download from BitTorrent.

Yahoo Maps

Like Google, Yahoo uses Python to diversify its resources. Yahoo! Maps can be considered its most valuable tool. Python-enabled APIs and back-end programming allow users to find, navigate, and even read visitors’ comments about local locations.


If you love to travel, you are probably familiar with hip hop. This site allows you to save money by registering your itinerary through Hypomank. In fact, it is the python that organizes and keeps everything organized.

Python also helps sort out the best discounts and rates. So you can get the best packages available.

last word

Python is a powerful programming language used to develop many popular sites and applications. The dynamism, openness, and speed of Python software make it the world’s largest company. In this article, we looked at ten software written in Python. What other popular apps and sites do you know? Write to us in the comments section.