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Smartphones Have Come A Long Way In The Last Few Years. Mobile Phone Cameras Now Convey The Same Feel As Professional Cameras, The Apps And Games Available For These Devices Are About The Size Of A Computer Game, And The Phone Screens Are Small Cinemas Each. The Phone Batteries Are Getting More And More Charged Every Day.


Battery Life, Despite all these exciting developments and developments, the increase in mobile battery consumption has become an unnoticed problem for many users due to hardware and software upgrades. In this guide, we will look at ways to reduce the phone’s battery drain speed and save charge for a longer period of time.

Note, however, that some of these features may not be available on your device for some reason. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to keep these settings permanently; reset them if needed permanently.

Reduce page refresh rate (Android)


Perhaps Apple still prefers to use the 60Hz refresh rate on its iPhones because of the very high battery consumption rates at higher refresh rates. However, many Android phones today have refresh rates of 90 and 120 Hz, which may make the phone’s animations appear smoother but have a huge impact on draining the battery faster.

To reduce the refresh rate of your mobile screen, you should look for this option in your phone settings and depending on its model; But you can usually find this option in the same way as Settings> Display> Advanced> Refresh rate.

Turn off 5G capability (Android and iPhone)

Usually, using a newer, faster data connection – depending on the chip used in the mobile phone – can quickly reduce your mobile phone charge.

To switch from 5G to 4G mode on Android phones, you can go to Settings> Network> [Select SIM]> Preferred Network Type, and on your iPhone, go to Settings> Mobile> Mobile Data Options> Voice & Data.

Turn off the background activity of messenger apps (Android)


Many messaging apps stay active in the background of your phone for better performance, faster delivery, and instant notifications, which can quickly drain your phone’s battery.

To disable these apps on your Android phone, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Optimization / App Battery Management (or a similar route) and disable messaging apps that are not important to you.

Disable up-to-date background apps to extend battery life (iPhone)

In this part of your phone, you can specify which applications are kept open and updated in the background of your phone so that you can use them without interruption when you open them.

To specify these programs – and disable them if necessary – go to Settings> Background App Refresh.

Increase battery life by using dark mode or using a dark background (Android and iPhone – Old screens only)


As you know, old screens turn off the pixels of the problem area completely to show the black color, which can help users increase battery life by using fewer bright pixels on the screen. Note that this method will not significantly affect the battery consumption of these screens because they do not use such a feature in the CD plates, and the pixels in these plates are clear.

You can usually find options for these in the settings screen of your phone display screen.

Reduce screen on time (Android and iPhone)

Keeping the screen brighter will also increase battery consumption. To reduce how long the phone screen stays on, go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto-Lock. Duration of 30 seconds is usually known as the optimal duration.

Check the battery usage chart to find the most popular apps (Android and iPhone)

Many new iPhone and Android phones have a feature that allows you to find different applications using your battery around the clock; with this data, you can plan to reduce your battery consumption.

You can usually find this feature in your phone’s settings by going to Settings> Battery> Phone battery usage (or similar).

Do not use animated background images (Android and iPhone)

 Due to the presence of animated visual effects and activity, these wallpapers can lead to a severe reduction in the battery charge of your phone, so it is better not to use them.

Use auto screen brightness adjustment to save more battery (Android and iPhone)


Almost all phones today have a light detection sensor that can help you automatically adjust to ambient light.

To check if this feature is enabled on your iPhone, you can go to Settings> Accessibility> Display & Text Size, and on Android phones, you can find this feature depending on your phone model in a similar place to the page settings menu.

Check your battery health (iPhone)


In the battery settings and menu section, iPhone has an option to display the health of your phone’s battery, which allows you to find out how much your phone’s battery is healthy. If your device’s battery level is low, you can take action to solve your battery problem.

Turn off your location data (Android iPhone)

Turning off the GPS or the Location option can be easily done through the Android and iPhone Control Center. As you know, with this option turned on, your location-related information is constantly exchanged with GPS satellites around the earth, and this data transfer can drastically reduce your cell phone battery.

If you do not use Siri, turn it off (iPhone)


Many iPhone users are heavily dependent on the phone’s popular voice assistant, Siri. Still, many users may not be interested in using a voice assistant, so you can easily turn it off.

All you have to do is go to Settings> Siri & Search on your iPhone and disable all options.

Keep your operating system and applications up to date (Android and iPhone)

New mobile software updates can make battery life better or worse. In any case, the best option is to always keep your device up to date, as developers usually pay close attention to software battery issues.

Try battery-storage mode (Android and iPhone)

This mode has been around for years on all phones, allowing you to temporarily limit some of your phone activities, reduce the screen’s maximum brightness, and things like that that ultimately increase life expectancy. They charge the battery.

To enable this mode, you can find an option in the battery menu of your mobile settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average optimal amount of phone battery charge?

  • Experts usually recommend that you unplug your phone within the 80% range and charge it when it reaches about 20% charge.

Can I prevent my phone from draining quickly by resetting my phone to factory settings?

  • If your phone’s battery drain is related to software issues, this may solve your problem, but it is better to show your phone to an expert in any case.

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