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Sights Of Kurdistan; Adventure In The Treasures Of The West Of The Country

In this article, we intend to go to the sights of Kurdistan and the beauties of this vast province. This land has a special and mountainous climate that is completely white with winter snow and wears green robes with the spring sun. 

This region has kind people whose colorful cover is reminiscent of the freshness of Kurdistan’s nature. Men’s special clothes and handicrafts, as well as flashy shirts and well-designed women’s headbands, are a rich image of the tradition and culture of this land.

Adventure in the sights of Kurdistan and acquaintance with its history and culture, has its own special charms.

Join us to explore the natural and historical attractions of this region from the west of the country and learn more about this beautiful and glazed land.

A look at the sights of Kurdistan from a geographical point of view

If you look at the western part of the map of Iran, you will see the province of Kurdistan, which is nestled in the plains of the majestic mountains of the Zagros. The capital of this province is Sanandaj.

Kurdistan province with 10 cities is located at the border point of Iran. The western direction of this province is about 200 km with the province of Sulaimaniyah in Iraq.

If you look to the east of this province, you will see the provinces of Hamedan and Zanjan. Part of Zanjan, along with West Azerbaijan, is located in the northern part of Kurdistan. The south of Kurdistan province is also neighboring Kermanshah province.

This sharing of geographical location has promoted many cultures of Kurdistan in Kermanshah. The area of ​​this mountainous province in Iran is about 28 square kilometers.

The largest city in Kurdistan Province is Bijar and the smallest is Sarvabad. Next, join us for a tour of the sights of Kurdistan.

1. Asef Vaziri Mansion in Sanandaj is a museum of Kurdish origin

Asef Vaziri Mansion - Sights of Kurdistan
Asef Vaziri Mansion – Photo by Payam Naderi

For an adventure in the sights of Iranian Kurdistan, we start from a trip to the sights of Sanandaj and go to an old mansion in this city. One of the most historical places of Kurdistan, which is located in the city of Sanandaj, is the mansion of Asef Vaziri.

This house is located in the old neighborhood of Sartpuleh, Sanandaj, which has good access to other places of interest in Sanandaj, including its bazaar. The magnificent Vaziri mansion has one of the most beautiful Iranian and Islamic architectures.

This mansion has been completed during three periods of the history of Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi kingdoms and the architectural traces of these three eras can be seen in the house.

Also, this house has been renovated once in recent decades. As the name implies, the owner of the house was a person named “Asif Divankhan”, nicknamed “Mirza Taghikhan Lashkarnavis”.

Today, the house is an anthropological museum and displays figures of Kurdish origin. This museum is also known as the “Kurdish House”.

Architectural features of Asifkhan mansion

Sanandaj Kurdish House - Sights of Kurdistan
Sanandaj Kurdish House – Photo by Vahid Saberi

The design of this old building includes the entrances, corridors, the oldest historical baths in the city, as well as the four main courtyards, the inner courtyard, the kitchen and the staff. The historic bath of this mansion, with its artistic tiles and rope stone columns, is famous in Sanandaj and is one of the most spectacular parts of Asif House.

The bride of this house is its main or outer courtyard.

This section, with its beautiful basins, gardens and open porches, has taken on the identity of original Iranian houses.

In this 4,000-square-meter mansion, symbols of Iranian and Islamic architectural art such as moccasins, plasterwork, colored glass, knotting, sash and tall columns can be seen.

Therefore, if you are planning to travel to the sights of Kurdistan and Sanandaj, make Asef Khan Mansion a priority in your list. For this purpose, after reaching the city of Sanandaj, go to Kurdistan Boulevard and the old neighborhood of Sartpuleh.

The Kurdish House in Sanandaj is located at the beginning of Imam Khomeini Street.

2. Mushir Divan mansion, a historical treasure in Sartpuleh, Sanandaj

Mushir Divan Mansion - Photo by Mahmoud Ebrahimian
Mushir Divan Mansion – Photo by Mahmoud Ebrahimian

Another place of interest in Kurdistan is located in the Sartpuleh neighborhood of Sanandaj, where an adventure will surprise you. “Mushir Divan Mansion” is a Qajar building whose beauty of Iranian architecture is famous in the old context of Sanandaj.

Mushir Divan Mansion is one of the most famous sights of Sanandaj, which was built by “Mirza Yousef Mushir Divan”.

The Mushir Diwan was the successor of the ruler of that region at that time.

Discovering the labyrinth architecture of this mansion will entertain you a lot. The architectural features of this building artistically show the taste and intelligence of Sanandaji architects.

The seven large courtyards with spectacular pools and fountains are a porch with huge columns, a porch, a vestibule, a hall and… parts of the architecture of the courtyard.

Traditional decorations of ancient Iranian architecture such as moqarnasakari, plastering, doors and windows decorated with knotting art and stained glass make a fuss in this mansion.

Mushir Divan Sanandaj mansion is located in Shohada Street, between 17 Shahrivar Boulevard and Imam Street.

3. Salar Saeed Mansion, Sanandaj City Museum

Sanandaj Museum - one of the sights of Kurdistan
Sanandaj Museum – one of the sights of Kurdistan

One of the sights of Sanandaj and Kurdistan province is Salar Saeed Mansion. In fact, this Qajar mansion was the outer part of a larger mansion. This mansion belonged to a person named “Mullah Lotfatullah Shaykh al-Islam”.

His heirs sold the two outer and inner parts to two people, Habibi and Abdul Hamid Khan Sanandaji.

The outer part, which is known as “Salar Mansion Saeed”, is now called “Sanandaj Museum” and is one of the sights of Kurdistan.

The architecture of Salar Saeed mansion is in the style of Qajar houses, which is known for its beautiful sash and stained glass. Among the museum’s antiquities are pottery from prehistoric times.

Museum sights in the historical era include women’s jewelry, pottery, glassware, bronze and stone objects. This museum also has works from the Islamic era in its collection, which includes pottery and metal utensils. To go to the Sanandaj Museum, you have to go to Imam Street in this city and enter Habibi Alley.

4. Khosrowabad mansion, a Ghajri building in the sights of Kurdistan

Khosrowabad mansion - one of the sights of Kurdistan
Khosrowabad mansion – one of the sights of Kurdistan

There is another historical monument among the sights of Sanandaj, which is known as Khosrowabad mansion. This mansion was built during the rule of “Amanullah Khan Ardalan Wali” and at his request in Sanandaj.

The royal palace of this house is famous for its entrance with its huge columns. Decorations such as plasterwork, brickwork, colorful sash and غ make a fuss in this mansion.

There are parts such as porch, large cross-shaped pool, bathroom, kitchen, etc. in Khosrowabad mansion, which you will enjoy watching and the thrill of adventure in the corner of this great mansion.

To go to Khosrowabad mansion in Sanandaj, you have to go to “Shebli” boulevard of the city and go to this museum from the alleys leading to the boulevard.

5. Palangan village, the style of Kurdistan

Palangan village is one of the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Mehdi Amirian
Palangan village is one of the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Mehdi Amirian

The architecture of stepped villages can be seen in many mountain ranges of Iran. The most famous of these architectures is in Masouleh village in Gilan province. Among the sights of Kurdistan, there is a village similar to Masouleh architecture, which is known as Palangan village.

Palangan village is located 48 km from Kamyaran and the beginning of Oraman in Kurdistan and has turned Beheshti Tangivar valley into residential areas. The turbulent Tangivar River divides this area into two parts and gives it more beauty. This river, passing through the village, has left greenery and made its view more spectacular.

Most of the houses in this village are built of stone.

The sharing of the roof of each house with another courtyard builds interconnected chains of stepped architecture on the mountain.

The ancient antiquity of this village and the special style of its native houses show the intelligence and ingenuity of its predecessors in architecture. In the past, they built their houses in a way that suited the mountain climate.

There are many springs in Tangivar green valley that fill the river of this valley. Other attractions of Palangan village are waterfalls, gardens and vast greenery that are the result of the flow of life in this mountainous region.

Among the historical attractions of this village, we can mention the remains of an old castle and cemetery, which indicate the high antiquity of the village.

In the favorable climate of spring and summer, head to Palangan village and do not miss its delicacies and souvenirs along with tourist attractions .

Kebab is one of the famous local dishes of Palangan, the delicious taste of which is remembered by every tourist. Among the souvenirs of Palangan, we can name Giove, Jajim, oil, honey and curd, which are very popular among the tourists of this village.

To reach this village, you have to go 48 km northwest of Kamyaran. This village is located in Javroud district, at the beginning of Oraman region.

6. Huyeh village, a stepped land with strawberry aroma

Huyeh village is one of the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Hossein Afkhami
Huyeh village is one of the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Hossein Afkhami

The Huyeh village is one of the sights of Sanandaj and Kurdistan. This village is located between the cities of Sanandaj and Marivan, in the Kalatarzan region of Kurdistan.

The stairs of Huyeh village are built in the western mountains of this province. Staircase architecture has doubled the intimacy of rural families. The houses are lined up at the foot of the mountain and give their roof to the upper neighbor as a yard.

Numerous mountains of Kurdistan have embraced this steppe village.

Mountains such as Zardakhani, Shahneshin, Sohebid and 3 examples of these fences are always strong. Other attractions of Huyeh tourist village are waterfalls and clear springs that have made its soil green.

But the most important attraction is the colorful and tasty strawberries that make your mouth water a lot. The pleasure of watching the vast red fields of strawberries and tasting its delicious taste is one of the pleasant memories of traveling to the village of Huyeh.

Spring and summer If you have the desire for summer, the village of Huyeh with its cool mountain climate will be your best destination. To go to this village, you have to enter Sanandaj road towards Marivan and drive about 58 km. After passing this route, you will see the entrance of Hoyeh side road.

7. Tangisar village, in the embrace of the mountains of Kurdistan

Tangi Sar village is one of the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Atta Ranjbar
Tangisar village is one of the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Atta Ranjbar

Another place of interest in Sanandaj and Kurdistan Province is the steppe village of Tangisar. This village is located 80 km from Sanandaj city and has turned Shahu mountains into a spectacular area to live in.

Although Tangisar is less introduced, but the architectural beauty of this mountain village is not less than Palangan and Hoyeh, and its existence has completed the treasure of special villages of Kurdistan.

On the mountain slope, the houses are lined up one after the other, and the yard of each house is the same as the roof of another.

Staircase architecture is a clever plan to save space allocated to residential units. This plan has been practiced in the soil of Kurdistan since ancient times so that the greenery of the fields is not sacrificed to clay and brick.

One of the attractive features of this village is the existence of Sabat or roofed alleys. Sabatas are a relic of the life of this village in very distant times.

The presence of springs and river flow is another attraction of Tangisar that has given its soil freshness and greenery. The clear water of the springs of this village fills the Sirvan River.

The best time to travel to the mountainous climate of this village is mid-spring to late summer, which welcomes you with a mild and favorable climate. Although in the early spring and the days of Nowruz, it may still be the heat of winter, but if you go to this village in the very first days of the year, you will have the opportunity to watch the traditional Nowruz sweet ceremony in the villages of Kurdistan.

Do not miss the adventure in the steppe village of Tangisar on your trip to the sights of Kurdistan. This village is located in Sanandaj city. To reach it, you have to drive from Sanandaj city about 67 km to the highway to see the entrance of Tangisar route.

8. Horaman, a land of Ahura in the sights of Kurdistan

Oraman village is one of the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Faezeh Mahdavian
Oraman village is one of the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Faezeh Mahdavian

In the stepped land of Kurdistan villages, there is another village called Horaman or Oraman which is located in the eastern part of the province. The history of this village before the advent of Islam was tied to the Zoroastrian religion. The name Horaman is derived from this ritual and means the land of Ahura.

The inhabitants of Horaman speak the original language of Horami. They live in houses with stepped architecture and built on a mountain slope. The people of Horaman are very committed to holding their traditional and ritual ceremonies. The old ritual ritual of “Pir Shaliar’s wedding” and the establishment of the “Kumsai” ritual are important and beautiful customs of the villagers.

In this ritual, the Horaman families come together to keep their historical originality alive in this mountainous land.

Among the many beauties and blessings of Horaman, we can mention the roaring flow of Sirvan river and its many clear springs. Most of the greenery in this area is oak trees and its fruit trees are mostly figs, pomegranates and pears.

If you are a fan of medicinal plants, it is good to know that in this area plants such as fennel, borage and licorice are found. To go to Horaman, you have to go to Marivan; Then you have about 65 km ahead to see this stepped village along the mountain slope in front of your eyes.

9. Zarivar Marivan Lake, a diamond in the sights of Kurdistan

Zarivar Lake is one of the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Omid Haghdoost
Zarivar Lake is one of the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Omid Haghdoost

The Zarivar Lake or Zaribar Wetland is one of the most spectacular water bodies in Kurdistan province and one of the largest freshwater lakes.The Zarivar is about 3 km away from Marivan city and in the western part of it, it has spread its water area. A fence of lush mountains surrounds the lake, and on its bed you can see the greenery of some plants and the flight of native and migratory birds.

Large and small Butimar, Gray Heron, Swallows, Swallows, Lollipops and… are examples of birds in this lake. We suggest you do not miss the opportunity to photograph them.

In Zarivar Lake entertainment complex, you can also experience boating and paragliding. Do not forget that the trip to this lake will not be complete without going to the grilled fish stalls around it. Experience freshly caught fish with popular local cuisine on this trip. Do not miss the paradise face of Zarivar in spring and summer and include it in the list of places of interest in Kurdistan.

To reach Zarivar, all you have to do is go to Marivan and walk about 3 km to the west of the city, on Shohada Boulevard, to see this turquoise lake.

10. Kerfto Cave, a long-standing human settlement in Kurdistan

Kerfto Cave from the sights of Kurdistan - Photo by Soheil Fard
Kerfto Cave from the sights of Kurdistan – Photo by Soheil Fard

The Kerfto Cave is one of the sights of Kurdistan. This cave is located 70 km north of Divandarreh city and 74 km east of Saqqez city on the heart of hard rocky cliffs. Kerfto Cave consists of two natural parts and Dastkan. Kerfto is one of the strangest attractions in Kurdistan.

Its size and length are prominent among the caves of Iran. Krafto Dastkan is one of the largest and most amazing carved caves. This stone building with its special architecture, such as a four-story building and fortified, with more than 200 steps, several thousand years ago and during different periods, has been a safe place for human life.

The basic facilities of a residential building have been discovered in this cave. For example, a small oven in a part of this cave reminds of the existence of a kitchen in its architecture. Also, the ponds and canals dug in this building are a sign of the water supply system in Kerfto.

This initiative intelligently directed the water of the cave springs to the whole building. Another mysterious part of the cave is the existence of Greek inscriptions, which from the evidence obtained, it is possible that this part of the cave building was a temple.

To reach this cave, you have to walk from Divandarreh to Saqqez. Drive about 38 km on this road to reach the Takab-Irankhah route. If you walk about 25 km on this route, you will reach this amazing cave.

The last word

If you are planning to travel to Kurdistan, never forget to read this article in full. Kurdistan with its special culture and geography, along with its historical features, is one of the popular provinces in the tourism industry . The sights of Kurdistan are very diverse. In this article, a number of them were mentioned.

During your trip to Kurdistan, share your useful memories and experiences with other tourists. Go to Kurdistan province and start an adventure in this original land.