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Sights Of Kelardasht; Excursion In The Mountainous Paradise Of Mazandaran

One of these dream areas is the mountainous region of Kelardasht, which attracts the attention of travelers from the northern lands of Iran while driving on the road.

To travel to the cool regions of Iran in the summer, we will have amazing upcoming choices.

 The lush simplicity of this heavenly plain and its proximity to the clouds and the blue sky show travelers one of the most fascinating images of northern Iran. 

This time in this tour of Iran, we intend not to just watch the perspective of this green frame on the road and take a closer look at it. For this reason, in this article, we are going to the north of Iran for the purpose of adventure in the sights of Kelardasht. 

Travel with us to this tourist area and experience a cool summer.

Sights of Kelardasht from a geographical point of view

Kelardasht scenic area is part of Mazandaran province and is one of the most touristic areas in northern Iran. In the north of this region, Abbasabad is located with a distance of 40 km and in its northeast, Chalous is located with a distance of 48 km. Tonekabon is located in the northwest. 

To reach Tonekabon, you have to drive another 25 kilometers after leaving Abbasabad behind. In total, you have a leading road of approximately 65 km from Kelardasht to Tonekabon.

 Also in the east of Kelardasht, Marzneabad is located with a distance of 24 km. South of Kelardasht reaches Alborz province and west of it reaches Qazvin province .

If you are going north from Tehran to travel to the sights of Kelardasht, after passing the Tehran-Karaj route and entering Chalous road, you should go to Marzanehabad intersection and finally turn left to enter the road leading to Kelardasht. 

On this trip you have to drive about 195 km, which takes about 4 hours. If you spend more time and go from the forest road of Abbasabad to Kelardasht, despite the longer distance, you will enjoy the heavenly path of your destination more.

Abbasabad dream road, one of the sights of Kelardasht

Abbas Abad forest road is one of the sights of Kelardasht
Abbas Abad Forest Road – Seyed Mohammad Akbar Mousavi – IRNA

One of the sights of Kelardasht is pleasant on the way to it and is one of the most spectacular parts of this exciting trip. Abbasabad forest road is located in the heart of a land full of trees and is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. 

Driving on this road will take the fatigue of the whole route away from you. 25 km of road in a fence of trees with a roof of soft forest fog, will accompany you to reach Kelardasht. Before reaching Kelardasht, you can go to the forest areas of Abbasabad Road and breathe new life into its pristine greenery.

Cool land under the protection of Alborz mountains

Sights of Kelardasht - Photo by Alireza Barazesh
Sights of Kelardasht – Photo by Alireza Barazesh

When the heat of the sun and the sultry weather of the sea bring an unbearable summer to the coastal cities of northern Iran, the people of Kelardasht spend a cool summer under the shelter of the Alborz mountains, among the wide and green valleys. 

The remoteness of this region from the sultry climate of the Caspian Sea has caused travel to the sights of Kelardasht to flourish in summer.

 This cool summer of Mazandaran is located in a green valley with a climate without humidity, with an area of ​​about 1500 square kilometers. The fence of the majestic Alborz mountain range separates this region from the sultry climate of the sea. 

The climate of this region is mountainous and it has cool summers and cold winters. Usually a gentle and spectacular fog penetrates in this area. The combination of this fog with the green and wide plain shows a dreamy image of Kelardasht to tourists.

Mazichal summer village

Sights of Kelardasht - Mazichal village
Sights of Kelardasht – Mazichal village

Summer villages are prominent among the sights of Kelardasht. The most beautiful tourist villages in this area should be considered Mazichal. Mazichal village is a land whose carpet makes the green of nature and its roof makes it cream clouds. 

The rays of the sun, stubbornly, find a hole in the clouds and reach the green land of Mazichal to show everyone the most dreamy image of this tourist village. Forests with tall trees nestled in the clouds make this summer village spectacular.

2600 meters above sea level is a feature of this high village. In this area you can see the extraordinary view of the nature of Ramsar and the Caspian Sea. 

The clouds are roaring in this village: watching the cloudy ocean is one of the pleasures of traveling to Mazichal. Spending a few days of summer in the small and cozy cottages of this summer area will be an unforgettable experience. 

The coolness of the foggy weather and the tranquility of rural life take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its hot summer weather. “Tovidreh” and “Makarud” are other summer villages in Kelardasht; Before reaching Mazichal, you will see their signpost.

Address: Kelardasht, Kelardasht Grand Square, Abbasabad Road, after Kordmahleh, Road leading to Mazichal

The village and the palace of Ajabit

Sights of Kelardasht - Ajabit Palace
Sights of Kelardasht – Ajabit Palace

The pleasant village of Ojabit is another place of interest in Kelardasht. The Pahlavi dynasty built a beautiful palace in this area for summer days. Ajabit Palace is now one of the most spectacular buildings in Kelardasht, with a white view of the lush rural nature. This palace is built with beautiful decorations such as plaster and ceiling and column paintings on 2 floors in the style of Western architecture.

Address: Kelardasht, Pasdaran St., Ajabit St.

Kordichal village

Sights of Kelardasht - Kordichal village
Sights of Kelardasht – Kordichal village

One of the coolest places to visit Kelardasht is the village of Kardichal, which has a winter climate. The clean and cold climate of this region has made it a summer style in summer. It is said that this village has witnessed many social changes, including the establishment of the first bank and the second school in Kelardasht; Therefore, in addition to the dream nature, this village also has a historical feature.

Address: Marznabad-Kelardasht road, Kordichal exit

Climb to Alamkooh and enjoy the village of Rudbarak

Sights of Kelardasht - Rudbarak village
Sights of Kelardasht – Rudbarak village

Among the sights of Kelardasht, there are also popular options for climbers. Climbing the peak of Alamkuh is one of the dreams of every professional climber. To realize this dream, climbers must travel to the village of Rudbarak in Kelardasht.

 If you are a professional mountaineer, in your trip to Kelardasht, in addition to enjoying the nature of the foothills, prepare yourself for a great mountaineering on the slopes of this high mountain. Rudbarak village has a fascinating nature that in addition to mountaineers, other tourists will be fascinated by it.

This village is one of the most beautiful places in Kelardasht. Its pleasant attractions include the Sardabroud River, the Acapel Falls, and the village glaciers.

 One of the unique buildings of Rudbarak village is its big mosque which has an interesting architecture. A trip to Kelardasht will not be complete without going to this village; Especially because of the salmon farming in this area, you can enjoy a delicious seafood lunch with fresh fish.

Address: Kelardasht, Pasdaran Street, local access to Rudbarak village

Magnificent forest

Sights of Kelardasht - Magel Forest
Sights of Kelardasht – Majal Forest

A short distance from Rudbarak village, you can see one of the most beautiful forests in northern Iran. The magnificent forest is located in the highlands around the village of the same name, 5 km southwest of Hassanakif district and is close to Rudbarak village.

 The fresh forest climate, the bright leaves of dewdrops and the scent of unspoiled soil are some of the pleasures you will experience in the luxurious forest. Take a tour of the nature of this forest and in its mild weather, host oxygen to your lungs.

Address: Kelardasht, Pasdaran Street, local access to Majl village

Harijan village

Harijan village - Photo by Morteza Namvar
Harijan village – Photo by Morteza Namvar

Another pristine village in Kelardasht is Harijan village. The nature and climate of this village is wonderful. This lush summer is covered with vast plains of colorful flowers and lush meadows and its narrow and pleasant waterfall is one of the beauties of Alborz mountains. 

Harijan is one of the areas that enjoys spring and summer due to its cool climate, and these two seasons are the best time to visit the village.

 Various birds and forest animals live in Harijan; For this reason, this village is considered a protected area and hunting is prohibited; As a result, to go to the nature of Harijan, you must have a permit from the Tehran or Chalous Environment Department .

Address: Tehran to Chalous road, not far from Siahbisheh, Harijan road

Lake Velesht

Velesht Lake - Photo by Hassan Beheshti
Velesht Lake – Photo by Hassan Beheshti

Velesht mountain lake is one of the sights of Kelardasht. This lake is located 22 km northeast of Kelardasht and is in fact one of the attractions of Marznabad; But due to its proximity to Kelardasht, tourists of this green plain do not miss a trip to this lake. This freshwater lake is on the National Heritage List and has an unparalleled view. 

The expanse of water on the fence of the Alborz Mountains puts a spectacular frame of nature in northern Iran in front of your eyes. Lake Velesht, with an area of ​​about 150,000 cubic meters, is located in a wide valley on the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range; This area is known as the mountainous region of Takht-e-Soliman. On your trip to Kelardasht Beheshti, do not miss sightseeing on the shores of this lake.

Address: Tehran to Chalous road, exit of Velesht lake, Velesht road

When should we travel to Kelardasht from next year?

Sights of Kelardasht
Sights of Kelardasht

All four seasons of Kelardasht are enchanting and have their own beauty. Spring with its freshness and fresh air, summer with its pleasant summer coolness, autumn with the colorful magic of the trees and winter with its white clothes all make a different pleasure from traveling. 

But if you can not cope with the cold weather, it is better not to go to this area in autumn and winter. To experience a summer trip to Kelardasht, from mid-spring to late summer, travel to this region of northern Iran to enjoy the cool and favorable climate in this paradise plain.

Where to stay during the trip?

There is no problem at all to stay in Kelardasht. Due to its tourist features, this area has favorable facilities for travelers. In addition to the charming hotels of Kelardasht, you can go for temporary rental of villas and local houses. 

If you want a pristine experience, we suggest you spend the night in a simple country cottage. Camping and group accommodation in the beautiful and green nature of this vast plain will also be an exciting and lovely experience.

At the end

Let go of the smoky air of the city and the bustle of its streets and head for the winding and memorable Chalous Road. Kelardasht sights along this road are waiting for you to make the coolest summer for you. So pack your backpack and get ready for a mountain trip before it’s too late.

To get acquainted with other tourist destinations in Iran in different seasons of the year, we will be with you on the “How” travel and tourism page .