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Sights Of France; Virtual Trip To 10 Spectacular French Attractions, From Paris To Alsace

French attractions are in high demand among tourists from all over the world. Sights of France in English has one of the highest statistics in Google search engine. 

In this article, how are we going to have a virtual trip to France?

In addition, we will introduce 10 famous French attractions, including the sights of Paris, the historical sights of France and the natural attractions of this country.

Stay with us until the end of this article to tell you about the beauties of France and how to travel to this country virtually.

France is one of the most colorful countries in the tourism industry. You can see the best and most diverse tourist attractions in different parts of this country. From the splendid streets of Paris to the golden shores of the Azores and the animated villages of Alsace, you must progress in France and enjoy this adventurous journey. Legendary castles, cathedrals with extraordinary architecture, dream villages, museums and more are all on the list of French sights.

In the following, we will review 10 important attractions of France in three sections:

  • natural attractions;
  • Historical attractions;
  • Urban attractions.

Natural Attractions of France

1. Azores, tranquility on the shores of the Mediterranean

The beaches of the Azores are one of the sights of France

The Azores coastline is one of the sights of France, which includes different parts of the country and continues to Italy. These beaches are located on the shores of the Mediterranean. They start in the southeast of France and include cities such as Nice and Antibes. These two cities have the most beautiful beaches in the Azores in France.

The Azores coastline is a summer resort for many sun and sea lovers. In addition, it is one of the natural attractions in the list of sights of France. The beaches of this region, with their extraordinary amenities, are the choice of more rich and famous people to spend the summer. In summer, these beaches are welcomed by tourists with luxury villas and luxury yachts in the Mediterranean waters.


Why should we see the Azores?

The most beautiful beaches in the world are located in this region. In addition to the spectacular nature, the luxury amenities and recreational attractions of this area make the tourist experience different and enjoyable summer.

Best time to travel: Undoubtedly summer is the best time to travel to the French Azores. This season is a golden opportunity to enjoy the warm sun and relax on the quiet beach of this region.
Address: The southeastern blue border of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

2. The island of Mont Saint Michel, a legendary attraction in France

The island of Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the sights of France

The island of Mont Saint Michel is one of the sights of France. And The island is located in the “Normandy” region of the country. The beauty of this island with the stone wall around it has become much more. The area around this stone fence is submerged in water or dried by continuous tides. This natural thing makes the beauty of this island even more prominent.

The medieval architecture of the church, the impressive height of the ancient stone structures on the island and their geographical location have made it one of the most mysterious sights in France. The island looks like a pyramid in the water. It also has a mythical appearance similar to fiction and classic tales. The island is located at the bottom of the Quinn River.


Why should we see the island of Mont Saint Michel?

The island is a natural attraction, and its stone buildings are one of France’s historic landmarks. This rocky island is also on the UNESCO list and is one of the most important sights in France. Adventure in the mysterious atmosphere of the castle and the church, in the strange geography of the island, will be very exciting and attractive for tourists. In this part of the virtual trip to France, we suggest the island of Mont Saint Michel. Prepare yourself for an exciting and adventurous journey, and this time join the pictures and videos of the island of Mont Saint Michel on a virtual tour of the sights of France.

Best time to visit: May and September are the best time to visit this area. The mild climate and blooming flowers in the Normandy region is one of the reasons to visit this attraction in May.
Address: The City of Manche, Normandy District, Gate Bridge, end of the Quenon River.
Ticket price: 11 euros (free for children under 18 and for EU citizens and permanent residents of France in the age group of 18 to 25).

3. Provence is a purple land in France

The purple fields of Provence are one of the sights of France

Usually the images of the fields in our minds are associated with the green or gold color of the wheat ears. However, in many parts of the world, the nature of this law has shattered stereotypes and presented farms with dreamy colors; Farms like you have seen in animations or pictures in children’s books.

The region of Provence in France is one of these dream farms. Provence is a beautiful land of purple lavender fields, whose beauty reaches its peak in late spring and early summer.

The fragrant aroma of these fields wafts through the air of the villages of the region and turns it into a paradise. The olive groves , the golden sun, the pleasant climate, the picturesque villages and the natural beauty of these villages are characteristic of the Provence region of France. In addition to natural attractions, this area is also historically significant. The ruins left over from the Middle Ages have made Provence a historical attraction.

Why should we travel to Provence?

Staying in the villages of this region will be a pure experience for tourists. In Provence, France, you can see a special nature with a unique color and image, and visit the remains of historical monuments. Walking through the cobbled streets and going to restaurants with delicious food is another relaxing and sweet experience of a trip to Provence.

The region is known for the delicacy of its local cuisine, of which olive oil , vegetables and aromatic plants are the most common.

Best time to travel: Late spring and early summer are the best time to visit Provence. At this time you can witness the most beautiful masterpieces of nature and enjoy the air conditioning of the region.
Address: Provence-Alpes-C کوتte d’Azur.

Historical attractions of France

4. Eiffel Tower, Iron Lady of Paris

The Eiffel Tower is one of the sights of France

When we hear the name Paris, the Eiffel Tower comes to mind. This beautiful structure is a symbol of Paris. The builder of this metal tower, Gustav Eiffel, is an engineer specializing in steel structures. The Eiffel Tower inherited its name from this tasteful engineer. 8,000 pieces have been used in the construction of this structure and it is considered a complete masterpiece.

The construction of the Eiffel Tower lasted from 1887 to 1889. This structure was built to hold a world exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

One of the highlights of the Eiffel Tower’s history was the unpleasant feeling that many of the familiar figures of the time, including Emile Zola and Alexandre Dumas, felt about building the tower. However, now the 320-meter tower is one of the most popular attractions in Paris and is considered a masterpiece of architectural art.

Why should we see the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is known as the Iron Lady. In addition to Paris, it is also a symbol of France. The design of the Eiffel Tower is very beautiful and unique and is a very enjoyable experience for tourists. This tower is one of the most famous sights of Paris. A trip to France would not be complete without seeing it and immersing yourself in its magnificent geometric design.

Address: Paris, Seine, Seine du Mars.


5. Louvre Museum, viewing fragments of world history

Louvre Museum of France

The Louvre is one of the most famous and important museums in the world in the list of Paris sights. This museum is a complete collection of historical and artistic sights of many lands of the world. The Louvre is housed in the Royal Palace of the same name. Many famous works of Western civilization are kept in the Louvre.

This museum is one of the most attractive sights in France and Paris. Da Vinci’s painting the Mona Lisa, Veronese’s Canadian wedding party, the statue of Vanessa Milo, and two other examples of the museum’s works.

Why should we visit the Louvre?

Art and civilization represent the identity of history and culture of countries , and an adventure in a place where a collection of these works is famous is a great chance that you will have by traveling to France and Paris. More than 35,000 works of art are on display in this museum, and each of these masterpieces represents the rich civilization and culture of a piece of the world.

An important part of the Louvre is dedicated to the history of Iranian civilization. Valuable works from the ancient history of our country such as the inscription of Darius, parts of the Apadana palace in Susa and… are kept in this museum. It is impossible to watch this number of outstanding works in a day or even a week.

We offer you a virtual trip to France to visit this museum so that in addition to managing your time to visit, you can have an exciting visit to the most famous museum in the world when traveling to France is not possible for you.

Address: District 1 of Paris, between the Seine and Rivoli.
Visiting hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 6 pm.
Ticket price: 17 euros.

6. The Palace of Versailles, a symbol of the glory of the royal history of France

Palace of Versailles is one of the sights of France

The Palace of Versailles near Paris is one of the most beautiful surviving buildings in the history of the Kingdom of France, dating back to the time of Louis XIV. This is a collection of historical sights of France. The amazing and artistic architecture of these palaces fascinates every tourist.

Versailles was originally home to the royal family; Eventually, however, the family left the palace at the request of the revolutionaries and settled in Paris. The Palace of Versailles is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why should we see the palaces of Versailles?

The architecture of the palaces of Versailles is spectacular and shows the illustrated history of a part of French culture and art. Adventure in this attraction will be very exciting for lovers of visiting historical attractions. There is a part in the design of this complex which is decorated with different mirrors and has been one of the main halls for the courtiers and the king to meet.

With the sun shining, the rays passing through the windows and their reflection from the mirrors, this hall becomes a shining jewel and is very attractive and spectacular. Design in the style of formal French gardens, beautiful swimming pools , lush shrubs and magnificent fountains, are some of the features of the lush grounds of this historic complex.

Address: 22 km southwest of Paris, Versailles, Arm Square.
Visiting time: 9 to 11 in the morning and also from 3 pm to evening is the best time to visit this complex.
Ticket price: 40 to 49 euros.

7. Notre Dame Cathedral, inspired by the story of Victor Hugo

The Church of Notre Dame is one of the sights of France

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and astonishing examples of Gothic architecture. Extraordinary designs, artistic elegance and unparalleled creativity can be seen in the construction of this church. The beautiful glass of this church is decorated with the art of “stained glass” or the same painting on the glass. The windows of this church, despite these glasses, direct the light of day inwards.

The nave of the church also becomes a fascinating work of art with colorful rays of light. The painting on the glass depicts biblical stories in an artistically and delicately acclaimed way, with careful attention to detail.

Why should we see Notre Dame Church?

Notre Dame, like the Holy Goddess, has become the energy center of Paris and has been in the city since the 11th century. This church is one of the cultural treasures and historical sights of France. In the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is also known as one of the best examples of medieval Gothic architecture.

Notre Dame Church caught fire in April 2019, one of the worst incidents of the year. The conical tower and part of the roof of the church collapsed due to fire, and some of the interior decorations of the structure were damaged. Despite the bitter effects of the fire, the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral is still the beating heart of Paris and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in France.

This church is now closed and it is not possible to visit it. However, through a virtual visit, you can enter this medieval attraction and see the glory of Gothic architecture.

Address: Fourth arrondissement, Paris, on the island of Cite in the waters of the Seine.
Visiting time: At present, it is not possible to visit in person and only virtual visit is possible.

French urban attractions

8. The castles of the Loire Valley, a tour of the magical gardens of France

The castles of the Loire Valley are one of the sights of France

In the list of places of interest in France, this time we want to go to the Loire Valley. This scenic valley is located in the Rh رونne-Alpes region of France.

By exploring this area, you will feel like you are in the middle of a childish and colorful story. In the Loire Valley you will encounter legendary medieval castles on lush hills. The greenery of the forest gardens and the bustle of the river have added to the charm of the historical and mysterious castles of this region.

Luxurious Renaissance palaces stand out in the area, and castles with towering towers and massive walls make the Loire Valley a land of history. This beautiful valley extends from the Soule-sur-Loire region to the Chalon-sur-Loire region , displaying a beautiful combination of nature art and the creativity of medieval structures.

Shannonso Palace, Chambord Castle, Vilandry Castle and Ancient Garden, the well-designed Dambouaz Castle, and two of the Loire Valley’s historic and classic attractions , like a beautiful painting along the river and in the heart of the valley’s lush nature. , Attract tourists.

Why should we go to the Loire Valley?

You have to ride a legendary bike in this area , breathe the fresh air and enjoy its scenic scenery. By traveling to the Loire Valley, you have not only visited one of the most beautiful sights in France, but also become the hero of an adventure novel, with classic and historical locations. You can also visit the most famous historical castles in the world and experience a special journey.

Do not miss visiting the castles of this imaginary region on a virtual tour of France.

Best time to visit: Summer is the best time to visit this area and in July and August, this area hosts more travelers than ever.
Address: Loire Valley, between Sol Loire and Salon Loire.

9. Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe in the Alps

Mont Blanc area of ​​France

Located on the border of Italy and France, the highest peak in the Alps. This peak is known as Mont Blanc. The Mont Blanc Mountains are an unforgettable sight among the sights of France and its highest peak reaches 4810 meters. Mont Blanc is the name giving to it in France and means “White Mountain”.

The two words “White Mountain” in Italian are translated as “Monte Bianco” and this phrase is the name of this region in Italy.

At the foot of Mont Blanc, there is a village called Chamonix, one of the most spectacular traditional Alpine villages. The village is located in the city of “August Suva” and in the mountainous valleys of Khosh Abuhwa. Chamonix hosted the first Olympic Winter Games in 1924. Historic churches, cozy restaurants and charming inns are some of the tourist attractions in this colorful and glazed village.

Why should we travel to Mont Blanc and the village of Chamonix?

Chamonix village is a great choice for enjoying winter skiing. Other activities during the stay in this village include adventurous hiking and exciting rock climbing. If you are looking for a pure mountain stay in a classic fairy tale village, you should visit the Mont Blanc area and the village of Chamonix in France.

In this village, forget about the worries of modern life for a few days and start your morning with the mountain views of the Alps.

Best time to travel: If you plan to go hiking, climbing, mountaineering or cycling in this mountainous area, you should visit this area during the summer months; So June, July, August and September are ideal times for this trip.
During these months, the temperature is mild and the snow and ice have melted enough to make the trails accessible to all activities. However, to enjoy winter sports, January to late March is the best time to visit this area.
Address: Augsburg, Rh رونne-Alpes region on the French-Italian border, Mont Blanc, Chamonix village.

10. Alsace villages, colorful in the style of children’s stories

Alsace villages are one of the sights of France

The most beautiful villages in France are located in the green hills of Alsace, somewhere in the Vouges Mountains on the banks of the Rhine. Wood is one of the main materials in the construction of the cottages of these traditional and beautiful villages. Their wooden facade is paint with happy colors.

The rows of these huts in the streets are like a pencil box, and the alleys of these animated villages have created a spectacular view. Balconies filled with colorful and fresh flowers make these cottages even more beautiful, and walking along the cobbled streets of Alsace villages is one of the most exciting experiences to visit in this mountainous region.

Cabbage pickles, mushrooms, cream, local ham and… are some of the delicious and famous souvenirs of the villages of this region.

Geographically, Alsace belongs to France; But this area is located on the border of Germany and Switzerland and is so close to Germany that if you take the tram , you will be in Germany only after 15 minutes.

Although the official language of the Alsatian villages is French, due to its proximity to Germany, German is also taught in schools in the area.

Why should we go to Alsace?

In this region, there are the most beautiful villages in France, the like of which we have seen only in animations. Delightful villages with traditional village architecture and hearty local cuisine await you in Alsace. Staying in the colorful cottages of these villages will become a pleasant and dreamy memory for tourists.

Best Travel Time: Spring is the best time to visit Alsace’s paradise villages. From April to June, the villages of this region are green and full of flowers. Alsace spring air conditioning can be enjoyed during these months.
Address: Northeast of France, on the German-Swiss border, Alsace region.

Concluding remarks

In this article, we will introduce you to a selection of the most beautiful sights in France and provide you with a virtual tour of them. In the days when travel has become almost impossible, the chance of virtual travel should not be missed. We are going to launch a virtual tour to different parts of the world.

What is your suggestion for the next trip to which part of the world? Which part of the world would you like to travel with?